What Causes Tonsil Stones – Find Out and Learn How to Treat Them


What can lead to the tonsil stones? What can you blame for this irritating problem? Well, there isn’t a single cause to the development of tonsil stones. Several factors contribute to the formation of these awful smelling white globes in your mouth. It is difficult to keep them all under control, but not impossible. With a little effort, you could reduce the chance of their formation and prevent this bothersome problem.

First of all, what are these stones? What are they made of? Tonsilloliths, as tonsil stones are also named, are hardened matter that has build up in the little pockets of the tonsils, called the tonsil crypts. As you might know, tonsils are the lymph nodes in your throat, whose job is to filter the lymph fluid and fight bacteria, viruses and other particles that could enter the body through the nose and mouth. After the atrocious fight between the white cells and the foreign matter, dead cells and other residues are likely to be left behind. All this useless matter accumulates in the tonsil crypts, and, in time, calcifies, turning into tonsilloliths.

But is it normal to have tonsil stones? It is common, but not normal. Many other people deal with similar tonsil stone problems, at that is usually because the lymph nodes are not capable of doing their job correctly. Normally, all the dead cells, the bacteria, and particles should be eliminated from the system. When the lymph nodes are weak, they can not put up with all the cleaning, and Tonsilloliths appear. The worst thing about them is the horrible smell they release, a likely cause for bad breath problems. Most of the people would like to remove tonsil stones as soon as possible, hoping they will regain a fresh breath. Unfortunately, removing them is not enough, because they can reappear. In order to cure tonsil problems, you have to address their causes. Finding out what causes them in your case is the first thing you should do.

What Causes? Poor Health!

When the lymph nodes become unable to keep up with the demand, it means there are some health problems that are weakening them. Several health issues can lead to formatting the stones. For example, post nasal drip. If you suffer from this problem, the excess mucus gets trapped in the tonsil crypts and contributes to the formation of the Tonsillolith and the sensation of dry mouth and throat.

Another health problem is an allergy. When you suffer from allergies, your body reacts to the allergenic particles as if they were harmful to your body. This puts further stress on the lymphatic system.

Sinus infections, bacteria and virus infections, as well as autoimmune disorders, and environmental toxins can also lead to tonsil stones. If you want to get rid of the tonsilloliths once and for all, you should start by treating your other health problem.

Another Possible Cause – The Foods You Eat and The Beverages You Drink

Diet can also play a part in the development of tonsilloliths. Dairy products, for example, could actually increase the chances of developing them. Because they contain calcium and could contribute to the formation of mucus, dairy products should be consumed with moderation.

Alcohol is also prohibited in case of Tonsilloliths. So is tobacco. If you smoke and drink alcohol, it will not only worsen your breath problems, but also lead to the drying of the mouth and throat and, eventually, to the formation of tonsil stones.

Your Own Carelessness!

In many cases, poor oral hygiene can also cause tonsilloliths. If you let the bacteria in your mouth thrive, and food particles accumulate, there is a high probability they will soon lead to tonsil problems. Tonsilloliths treatment starts with a proper oral hygiene. This is the natural way to prevent the annoying tonsil stones from forming.

Eliminating the causes of a health condition is the best way to get rid of it. If you want to learn more about the causes and their treatment, you can also check out the book Banish Tonsil Stones, by Diane Puttman.

How to Remove Them Successfully

The Tonsils as well as the fleshy area in the throat has many openings or crevices and this can be problematic for some individuals who are, due to their body chemistry, food consumption or other factors are susceptible to tonsil stones.  And although many people outgrow such conditions we are going to take a look at some ways to alleviate or eliminate it.

These gravel-sized calcified formations generally are found in the palatine and lingual zones of the peoples tonsils who are experiencing this problem.  The actual make up of these gravel like stones vary from person to person, they are mainly consisting of different minerals primarily calcium and magnesium, ammonia and even carbonate material.

Man Doctors are usually attempting to alleviate the pain that comes with tonsil stones and are not really concerned about removing them unless they are persistently causing problems for the person.  There are no know colorations between this condition and fatalities as far as our research has taken us.  Even the largest of these gravely pieces are very small and weigh in at less than three hundred milligrams.  Tiny but mighty if you are the one experiencing pain from them.

Removing the Stones

Well the easiest way to have the stones removed is to visit an ear,  nose and throat doctor.  These specialized Doctors are called, ENTs.  These specialists can easily remove that foreign body from your throat if you and the Doctor come to the conclusion that it is these stones causing you the discomfort.

The problem is that for most people, unless they determine why their body is developing these tonsil stones, even if removed by an ENT, the problem will only go away on a temporary basis.  According to a  recent study, one of the main contributing factors to the development of these gravely stones are a certain type of bacteria.  So if you can eliminate this type of bacteria, then the problem should go away and not return.

Some of the telltale signs that you have this condition is in having bad breath.  No matter what you do, it will not go away.  That is because the root of the problem is in your throat!  And no matter how much brushing or chewing of gum, or mints you eat, the  bad breath persists.  So if you are able to get rid of the bad bacteria, not only will the tonsil stones not return but your bad breath will also go away.

One other method that many people have done on their own for removing tonsil stones is by manually getting the stones to come loose with the use something like  a cotton swab.  Though most all doctors are going to recommend a doctor visitation for this health condition, it appears that this home remedy approach  is okay.  There is none challenge that you will have to be up to.  That is, you will have to manage the minor gagging discomfort that comes with the prodding and sticking a foreign object so close to the throat.

AS with most everything, a little difficult at first and it gets easier as you get used to it.  For a few minutes of discomfort you can easily locate and remove many of the stones yourself.  Managing to control that gag reflex for a few minutes will go a long way in helping you to successfully remove them.  This is especially true if they are found near the opening of the throat.

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