Top 10 Libido Killers


Winter is a great time to stay in and snuggle – but your relationship has hit a snag if that’s ALL you want to do. So what’s to blame if your libido’s lackluster? Here posted a top 10 list of the biggest libido killers.

1. Stress – Feeling stressed out and under intense pressure – whether by work, lifestyle or relationships – will make you preoccupied and unsexy.

2. Relationship problems – Sex can be a great barometer for what’s happening in the relationship, and if things cool down in the bedroom it could be a sign that there are problems lurking elsewhere in the relationship. Think about why you don’t want to have sex. Are you annoyed or angry about something? Have you been bottling something up? If you’re upset about something, it can really ruin physical intimacy.

3. Alcohol – Having a drink or two can help lower your inhibitions, but if you need alcohol to have sex, it’s a problem – not least because it often makes sex less fulfilling.

4. Too little sleep – Good sex requires energy, so if you’re chronically sleep deprived you’re going to prefer a good night’s sleep to a roll in the sheets. But remember: regular sex can actually improve your overall quality of sleep. (And, if you find yourself tired at bedtime, try afternoon or early evening sex instead.)

5. Medication – One of the most common side effects of certain medications is a loss of sex drive. The best thing to do is talk to your doctor and partner about alternatives; don’t resign yourself to a sexless existence.

6. Body image – If you don’t feel sexy, or you worry unnecessarily about jiggly thighs or the symmetry of your breasts, it will make you more inhibited in the bedroom.

7. Obesity – Not everyone who’s overweight has a compromised sex life; many people feel sexier with a few extra pounds on their frame. But obesity in general has been linked to lower self-esteem and a less satisfactory sex life. Also, again, if you increase your fitness level you can often increase the energy you have available for the bedroom.

8. Erectile dysfunction – This one’s a pretty obvious libido killer; fortunately, there have been medical advances (Viagra, for example) that can help address the problem. The trick is to banish any potential shame and ask for help.

9. Low testosterone – The amount of testosterone in the body (for both men and women) determines sex drive. The higher the testosterone, the higher the sex drive. Testosterone therapy is available for those who see their libidos dwindling due to dipping testosterone levels.

10. Depression – Both depression and anti-depressants can be detrimental to sex drive, which puts those dealing with depression in a tough spot. Best to deal with underlying mental health issues first, however, and then work on boosting your libido.

If you’re looking for tips on how to boost your sex drive, check out our story on incompatible sex drives.

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