Tonsillitis - Causes, Symptoms, Treatments & Home Remedies


What is Tonsillitis

Tonsils are lymphoepithelial tissues that are located in the oropharynx and nasopharynx. They can be seen in the back of the throat. They are located just after the soft palate and beside the uvalva and that the reason they are called palatine tonsils. The main function of the tonsils is to prevent all foreign germs from attacking the body and provide a defense against any indigested germs. They are normally present in small children and continue to grow in puberty. They vary according to the diameter of the individual’s throat.

Tonsils act as a part of our defense mechanism however they can cause a problem to the individual as well. They can be an obstruction in swallowing food and breathing, apart from that they can also become inflamed due to bacteria or any other infection. However through a surgical procedure of tonsillectomy, tonsils can be removed completely. Most medical specialists of ear, nose and throat recommend that they not be removed because it decreases the immunity of the individual. Once the tonsils have been removed by surgery they cannot be replaced. The problem can be solved otherwise by the use of medication.

Tonsillitis can be of severe nature and acute nature. Acute nature tonsillitis is caused because of viral infections and bacteria and the patient experiences ear pain when swallowing food or saliva, bad breath, fever and sore throat. There are some common symptoms of tonsillitis that indicate its presence in the body which include cough, headache, fever, chills, nasal congestions, white patches on the tonsils, sore throat, Redding of the tonsils or sore eyes. The lymph nodes also become swollen and tonsils brighten in color.

There are a variety of viruses that lead to this state. The most recurrent among them include adenovirus, influenza, coronavirus syncytial virus, respiratory rhinovirus and all other common cold viruses that are related to the respiratory system. Harmful bacteria could also be the cause of the inflammation. The most common bacteria that is causes tonsillitis is Group A β-hemolytic streptococcus. Normally tonsils contain white blood cells that fight off any impurity entering the body through the mouth but sometimes the bacterial and viral infections are strong and cause the tonsils to be inflamed.

Tonsillitis can also cause complications in the body sometimes like dehydration. Dehydration is serious medical condition in which the body is deprived of its usual quantity of water and minerals and tends to cause weakness and low blood pressure. Kidney failure can also occur due to dehydration as the swallowing of food and water becomes difficult. Pharyngitis can also occur due to the increased inflammation of the tonsils. The patient can also develop peritonsillar abscess in the throat if the tonsillitis persists for many days unnoticed.  If the situation gets more worse it can even result in an infection of the jugular vein which can cause septicemia infection.

Rheumatic fever can also occur in cases of strep throat. The strep throat can lead to certain pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric problems but this problem hardly occurs. Tonsillitis is a very old disease and complications are rarely experienced by patients.

Tonsillitis Symptoms How to Recognize Them

There are many diseases that remain dormant inside the body so people can know little about them unless they leave their impact upon us. The one such disease that usually remains dormant is related to our throat and it is called tonsillitis. It is a disease that develops inside the throat due to calcium but some other elements like phosphorous, ammonia, carbonate and magnesium also become a cause for tonsils. They develop in the forms of clusters in crevasses of tonsils. Mostly this disease occurs in palatine tonsils but it does not mean that tonsils cannot occur in lingual tonsils.

Weight of the tonsils also very a great deal and they may range from 300 mg to 42 grams. So we can say that tonsils may remain in throat unnoticed for in the form of a big foreign object inside the throat. It is a disease that is mostly related to the young adults and children usually remain safe from this disease.

There are many theories about tonsillitis but we cannot for sure say what causes this disease. There are different theories about it and the one such theory is that tonsils develop inside the throat due to the presence of excessive dead white blood cells there. These cells combine to form cluster inside the throat that is called tonsil. Some others believe that the reason of tonsils is related to the presence of oral bacteria in throat.  There may be the one or the many causes of this disease but the most important question related to this disease is that its symptoms by which an ordinary person could know that he or she is suffering from the disease.

Diagnosis of tonsillitis is not an easy task and it becomes more difficult when the tonsils are small. Most of the doctors keep their judgment about declaring this disease reserve unless they do not get an assurance by an x ray or CT scan. But we can even judge someone suffering from this disease and the most important and a common tonsillitis symptom by which we can get alarmed of having someone tonsil is halitosis. Halitosis is simply explained as bad breath that means someone taking a difficult breath during sleeping or a usual loud noise is heard during sleeping of the patient. We get an impression that the patient is not comfortable in breathing.

Another tonsillitis symptom is pain in the throat and sometimes, the patient feels pain in throat. Some patients feel a metallic taste during eating and they remain unable to feel the true taste of the food. Throat closing or tight throat is another tonsillitis symptom that a number of patients of tonsils witness and there are a few patients who often face coughing fits. These are the patients that need treatment.  The patients who suffer from large tonsils often witness tonsil infection and they have to bear the pain of sore throat quite often. Such patients sometimes feel difficulty in swallowing food and ear ache is another serious tonsillitis symptom.

Tonsillitis Treatment is Possible Without Operation

Tonsillitis is one of those diseases that are not well known by the people because they often do not feel pain from this disease. It is one of those diseases whose cause is still undetermined for sure by the doctors. There are many views about the development of this disease and the most common of them are as of the presence of dead white blood cells inside the throat. It is thought by many that dead white blood cells of throat combine together to form a hard mass of tonsils.

Some people feel that fungus and bacteria play important role in diseases so the disease of tonsils is also due to oral bacteria present inside the throat. Some doctors consider the disease of tonsils a result of over activity of slavery glands. Mucus secretion is also regarded as one of the reasons of developing tonsils. Residual of enzyme action or remaining of hard food inside the throat are also considered as among the reasons of tonsils. Some people develop tonsils due to their allergy from dairy products and smoking without filter may also cause this disease. Children mostly remain safe from this disease as young adult are its most common prey.

It is not easy to diagnose tonsillitis and in most of the times, people do not feel a need to cure this disease. Usually small tonsils are developed inside the throat and the most serious of its effects is coughing fits but sometimes, giant tonsils develop inside the throat and they are a reason of a lot many problems like frequent tonsil infection or sore throat. Some people feel difficulty in swallowing food and some even face the problem of ear ache. Such patients need immediate treatment and there are certain ways to get tonsillitis treatment.

Treatments for tonsillitis through oral irrigator is very common among the patients of tonsils but use of electric irrigators is not recommended by many because it is not easy to control electric instruments and they work with too much force that can damage tonsils inside the throat. In such a situation, the patient may witness more difficulty and pain instead of getting tonsillitis treatment. Tap oral irrigators are the best one for the treatment of tonsils because water is used in it to cure the problem of tonsils. Water is pushed inside the affected area with pressure that can remove tonsils. It is one of the cheaper methods because only water is required in this system and it is free from electric devices. Laser therapy or laser cytolysis is another method to cure the patients of tonsils. Laser technology is used to decrease the affected area by tonsils. It is one of those treatments that are becoming very popular now a day and it is one of those methods where the patient feels lesser pain during tonsillitis treatment.  There are some patients who have an aggravated situation of the problem of tonsils and such patients do feel a lot much pain. Operation is the most viable option for such patients in the tonsillitis treatment.

Natural Remedies for Tonsillitis are More Useful Than the Advice of a Doctor

Tonsillitis is a disease that remains inactive mostly inside the throat. This is a disease that results from the accumulation of calcium and some other minerals inside the throat. Oval bacteria are also regarded as a reason to develop the disease of tonsillitis. Halitosis is a common symptom to know about the disease because bad breathing is usually common among such patients. It is difficult to know the exact reason of this disease so it is difficult to avert the danger of the disease but we can cure the disease in certain ways. There are many people who prefer for the operation in this disease but operation should be our last option and not the first one. There are many natural remedies for tonsil stones and many people cure the disease by this method.

We cannot leave our tonsil stones unattended because tonsils are an important part of our immune system. They provide a natural defense to our body from many infections by filtering bacteria. Many doctors advise to take corticosteroids in case of tonsil stones but there are a number of natural remedies for tonsillitis. The one such remedy is the use of fresh lime. We may use fresh lime in a glass of warm water. We should add the four teaspoons of honey in the warm water and half teaspoon of salt should also be added in the water. Sipping of this water is very helpful in many cases of tonsil stones.

Use of the seeds of fenugreek is also very beneficial in aggravated cases of tonsil stones. The two teaspoons of fenugreek seeds should be boiled in the one liter water for half an hour. Then let the water cool and the patient should take all water in a single day. Turmeric powder is another remedy for tonsillitis and a pinch of turmeric powder should be mixed in a glass of boiled milk. Pepper powder should also be added in the milk and the milk should be taken at night. This practice should continue for all but three nights. Banafsha flowers are also helpful for curing the disease of tonsil stones. Fifty grams of flower should be boiled with fifty milliliter of milk and then banafsha flowers should be filtered from milk. Filtered banafsha flowers should be fried and it should be clarified with butter. This paste should be worn round the throat as poultice and it practice should be done at night time. Juices of carrot, beet and cucumber are also helpful the curing the disease of tonsil stone. These juices can also be used separately and in combination. If the juices are being used in combination then we should take the three hundred and fifty milliliters of carrot juice, the one hundred milliliters of beet juice and the one hundred milliliters of cucumber juice. Warm water enema and cold pack and hot Epsom salts bath is also considered as very helpful natural cure for tonsillitis patients. Cold pack should be used after every two hours and hot Epsom should be used daily or on alternate days.

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