Tonsil Stones Pictures – The 3 Stages of The Disease


All stages of tonsil stones are extremely unpleasant and painful. This article will show you photos every stage of your sore throat and explain what happens in your throat at this time and what we do to stop the pain.

Stage 1

At the first stage of inflammation in the throat. It appears slightly red as you see in the picture. When some people first phase passes very quickly and painlessly, even if some do not even realize they are sick. Feel a little irritation when eating and coughing as if something is stuck in their throat. If others feel constant, but mild pain. The process at this point is reversible you can stop future development of the disease being brought home in a warm, drink herbal tea (slightly warm) and make a brief diet toast with butter and some meat.

Stage 2

In stage two already things are more serious and the patient feels stronger and acute pain, especially when eating. At this point, have formed white spots on the tonsils, which are the first in a serious indication that something was seriously into your throat. Removing white polyps in tonsils is quite unpleasant and painful method, but must be done to avoid a more serious infection. There are various methods to relieve pain and remove polyps in the tonsils you can see one of the previous articles about it.

Stage 3

The most painful moment in the development of all disease. At this point, the problem rarely becomes more serious than that but there is nothing to complicate further because you’ve reached the peak of infection. Throat and tonsils are large pus formed stones or polyps, which do not allow even to swallow without pain Privet. Loss or a complete change of voice as a result of damage to the vocal cords is also a common problem at this time. The only thing is pain without taking hot drinks, but they are not useful for the infection in your throat.

If the third stage you have not already sought medical advice it is now time to do it to avoid more serious complications. Methods of home treatment at the final stage are not very effective unless you help to relieve pain until the disease has ceased. For more serious treatment and a speedy recovery will have to resort to medical help.

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