Treating Tonsil Stones and Bad Breath


Even though a lot of people would not admit having them, tonsil stones are a very common thing amongst children and adults. When it comes to treating those annoying stones there are quite a few options that you have that should be taken advantage of quickly. Tonsilloliths that go untreated can cause very bad bath, or halitosis, and dryness of the mouth too. Treating them all in one act makes it easy and convenient.

Natural Treatment Options

If surgery and doctors just isn’t your thing then you may want to look into the natural treatment options. Here are a few of the most common natural treatment methods:

  • Use a water pik to remove and flush the tonsil stone area
  • Squeeze the stones out with cotton swabs or tweezers (not for people with sensitive gag reflexes)
  • Scrap the stones off with your tongue if you can
  • Gargle warm salt water or non alcoholic mouth wash
  • Drinking vinegar or an apple cider vinegar solutions

Once you have removed or drained out your stones you have to flush the area out. Using water or mouth wash and from there you have to take precautions to prevent the tonsil stones and bad breath from coming back. This can be done by keeping a good oral hygiene, avoiding dairy and sugar drinks and foods and brushing your tongue after every single meal.

Surgical Treatment Options

The most common treatment (in the US) for tonsilloliths is called a tonsillectomy, a removal of the tonsils. This is very common in children and pre teenagers but it is performed on adults as well. The procedure itself takes about 45 minutes and a week or two to fully recover. When it comes to the cost to remove the stones in your tonsil though, that is going to depend on a few things. Your age, location and insurance coverage are going to play a big factor in the final cost of your tonsillectomy.

There is also another procedure your doctor can perform for less server cases where he or she will simply go in to scrape those stones out with a tool. Then they will flush out the area to clean up and it can usually be done in less than half an hour, in most cases. Plus, this is often a much cheaper option for the surgical treatment.

Tonsil stones can get pretty large and cause you pain and discomfort so treating and removing them quickly is important. Your tonsils are a part of your immune system so the better health they are in the better health you are going to be in. Even so sometimes the tonsils just cause health problems for people so it is almost better to have them removed. When you want to treat this condition you have plenty of options to choose from.

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