Tips for Planning a Date Night


Calgary-based sex-pert Dr. Trina Read recommends that couples in long-term relationships make a conscious effort to maintain the spark of real intimacy. Here are nine tips from her book, Till Sex Do Us Part: Make Your Married Sex Irresistible (published by Key Porter):

1. In-house date night: If you can’t afford a babysitter, you can still have lots of fun activities at your house. Strip poker anyone?

2. Date night 911: Once your kids get a bit older, have a “911” night once per month. Take a bottle of wine and a movie into your bedroom and shut the door. Your kids can interrupt you only with an event requiring police, paramedics or the fire department.

3. A real date night: Dinner and a movie, perhaps. Tart yourself up!

4. Pick a sex day: Weekends work for many busy couples, but choose a day that works best for your schedule. Keep it the same day so you don’t lose track. Make it something that both of you look forward instead of the “weekly” duty. Lots of people love morning sex. Could there be a better way to start the day than having all those wonderful endorphins coursing through your body?

5. After a few months, switch the day: Sex on Saturday mornings is a lovely, just-before-pancakes way to start your weekend. However, it can get monotonous quickly. Pick a new day and see how you can make that day work in your week.

6. Get a couple calendar that’s for your eyes only: Decide how often you want to plan sex (at least once every month) then take turns planning the special evening. If this seems daunting, understand that you have to plan only six night each – per year! If you or your partner can’t get the energy to plan six nights a year, then you need to look at the other parts of your life to see why you can’t make each other a priority.

7. Plan a sleepover: Every couple of months, get rid of the kiddies, put on your favorite jimmies, and get some finger food and a bottle of great wine. Spend the evening watching a great movie, talking, taking a bath or whatever floats your boat.

8. Plan a weekend getaway: At least once a year, take two or three days away from your daily grind. It doesn’t have to be exotic, but the change will have you acting like newlyweds again.

9. Plan a one-week vacation at least once a year – just the two of you if it’s at all financially feasible: Yes, that’s seven days without the kids and everything else. If your partner truly is a priority, having some much-needed couple time once a year should not feel overwhelming.

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