The Sacred Heart Medical / Hospital Diet


The heart is the center of all body functions and glorified to be the seat of all emotions, such that its value as part of the physical body should not be neglected. It is said that it can help one to take care of this vital organ.

This plan can make an individual lose weight quickly and detoxify the body for seven days. The vital organ such as the heart can be made to function and beat better once the regimen is completed for seven days.

The goal for the Sacred Heart Medical Diet is to lose weight rapidly, however, this program includes eating all you want as long as you are eating the right and approved foods to include.

The Plan for Sacred Heart Diet

For the first day, only the soup and fruits are allowed to eat. However, banana should not be included. Cantaloupes and watermelons are watered down filling fruits, and these are recommended.

It is known that apple and some other fruits have negative calories, which means that once eaten more calories are used up in eating and digesting that you actually obtain from them. However, with some fruits, it depends on how long you chew and some foods are harder to process.

For the second day, two vegetables are the only thing included on the menu, and no dry beans, corn or peas. This day is a day of spitting out everything that tastes good. However, you can have a mildly baked potato for dinner.

For day three, fruits, vegetables and soup are in. No potatoes for today.

On the fourth day, three bananas can be eaten for the entire day. Drink a lot of skim milk and soup to go along with the bananas.

For the remaining three days, the healthy living plan continues with tomatoes, vegetables, taking in and out of baked potatoes, and the consuming the soup as much as you want.

The Advantages

The Sacred Heart Diet can help save people who are overweight and whose body is full of toxins. Not eating refined sugars and processed foods are a good idea.

Detoxing the body is a good thing to do every so often to rid the body of bad things you and the environment have added to it. The plan is supposed to do this.

This part of the diet plan has been found to be valid because it only allows certain detoxifying foods. The liquids you are allowed to have on the program will also clean out the body.

The Disadvantages

No one diet is good for everybody and some may only cause hurt and further degradation. The soup recipe and diet do include meat, which may be a problem to some people who have stayed away from meat to save their heart.

Plus, science has not proven the soup to help burn calories. It is a restrictive plan and may not be recommended for long-term weight loss. There are people who have over eaten so much on the eight days that the seven-day restrictive program came to be wasted.

While under this diet, you may have to find a healthy way to regulate your stools because of the change in them. It recommends you drink caffeinated coffee, which will stimulate your intestines and bowels to empty.

The dangerous part of this regimen is in the fact that the weight is lost so quickly. The reason for all the fluids you will be consuming on the plan is that your own body will be shedding water weight at an alarming rate.

In modifying your diet, informing your plans to a doctor is a good idea. A slow, steady weight loss program is best for the body and the heart.

The diet brings negative thoughts and feelings from medical doctors and diet experts. It is not a long-term fix for anyone who has a weight problem. The weight loss with this program is only temporary and may come back once the diet is complete. That is the case if the Sacred Heart Medical Diet is finished to completion.

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