Swollen Uvula


Uvula or the palatine uvula plays an important role in food swallowing, a swollen uvula also called Uvulitis by a few people is a case where it gets swollen to about three to five times its original size. Due to the increased size, several signs can set in the mouth & body. Here is a glance at a quantity of the signs that can arise in the body due to uvula swollen.


  • Red, swollen uvula
  • Choking or gagging
  • A sore throat and fever
  • Difficulty swallowing and pain when eating
  • Swollen and inflamed tonsils
  • Headache
  • Uncontrollable drooling
  • Feeling of nausea
  • Tightness in throat

Some Simple Causes of Swollen Uvula:

  1. People who usually sleep with there mouth open, which can cause ‘dry mouth’ and thus contribute to irritating the uvula leading to swelling and red.
  2. Snoring and snoring. You know that snoring is one of the most common reason of the swelling of uvula.
  3. Don’t drink enough during the day and that lead to being dehydrated contributed to the irritation and swelling.
  4. In other case, a swollen uvula can also be reason of throat infection, cold, Tonsillitis, etc. It make you feeling so pain and you swallowing with difficulty when eating.
  5. Allergies with medicine, some people have to carry epipens with them to inject themselves with adrenalin as soon as their uvula starts swelling. If you wake up with this cause, we think that you might have go and see your doctor as soon as possible!!!

Other Causes:

  • Drinking alcohol.
  • Smoking alot
  • Dehydration
  • Other viral and bacterial infections
  • Acid reflux

How to Treat

Here is some advices and remedies to help you when having swollen or infection uvula.

Natural Remedies

Your uvula is swollen, you have a high fever, your throat is so pain and swallowing in difficulty when eating? Here are natural remedies which can get your symptoms definitely alleviated.

  • First, You need a half cup filtered water

1/4 tsp of sea salt throw into it.
1/8 tsp soda throw into it
1/2 tsp honey

  • And the last thing is hot curry powder, you will need 1/8 tsp (it also contained turmeric)
  • Dissolved all of it in warmed water for 1min.
  • And then, You should gargled and spat a few times.
  • Even you can swallow a few sips to wash down uvula clearly. It really really helped when swelling!

The another simple remedy is to gargle with salt water. Remember that you must not do these things in excess: smoking or drinking alcohol, eating hot food to save your throat from swelling, you can keep from getting an uvula infection.

In other way, when you want to get rid of a swollen uvula it is easiest with ice cold foods or ice water. You should chew on a lot of ice chips or popsicles and anything else as long as your throat can handle it so that it can help to reduce the swelling symptom. After eating it, you can soothe the throat by eating throat lozenges.

Turmeric – A Natural Magical Yellow Stuff

Turmeric most likely first used as a dye in India for over 2500 years ago. The medicinal properties of Turmeric have been revealing themselves over a lot of years. Turmeric is known as its anti-inflammatory properties, it also known as Magical Yellow Stuff, proving beneficial in the treatment of many different health conditions including swollen uvula. Here is a good home remedy:

  • First, You need a glass of ice cold water.
  • Second, Mix a 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder with a tsp of honey and lick it slowly from a spoon.
  • After that, Gargling with a cup of warm salt water, it also contain with turmeric, it will help reduce your swelling and pain in the throat by uvula swollen, gargle before you going to bed for the best chose that you need.

Let see what Turmeric – A natural wonder can help with your uvula.


Although a swollen uvula can be treated at home, there are instances where in the necessity for seeking professional help ought to be done. In extreme swelling and the condition lasts for over 24-48 hours, the patient ought to see a doctor. Depending on the various causes, there are many different types of remedies and treatments that we recommended:

  • If you dehydration, a dry of your mouth or throat is causing the swelling, you should increase your intake of fluids especially water and orange juice as soon as possible.
  • In other way like we mentioned above, it can also be treated with salt-water gargles to reduce your pain and inflammation.
  • If it caused by a viral or bacterial infection, the appropriate medication ought to be taken. Antibiotics will help you get out of a bacterial infection while over-the-counter painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs may help you with a viral infection.
  • If the reason by the Uvulitis, steroid medications may help reduce the pain, inflammation and redness. By reduce swelling, Antihistamines are often prescribed by doctor.
  • You should need an epinephrine or adrenaline injection to prevent your swelling if the pain of your uvula persists or the swelling recurs.
  • There is usually no require to remove the uvula through surgical procedure to treat the condition. An uvulectomy is only recommended for individuals who suffer from extreme snoring and apnea when sleeping.

Swollen Uvula After Tonsillectomy

Your uvula is pain, difficulty swallowing after the surgery. Here is some information can help you understand more about this condition.

  • The pain is associated with unpleasant side-effect of the surgery. Its intensity is comparable to the pain once there was still the throat infection; but in this point the pain is additionally felt within the ears. Moreover, the pain is controllable by medications
  • Post-operative hemorrhage might also occur in around a pair of cases, that area unit largely instant though it also can happen anytime at intervals the primary period once the surgery
  • The treatment for bleeding is completed in patient care, however, there are unit times once it has to be controlled within the operating theater with the treatment of general anaesthesia
  • There could also be inferior fever up to 38.6 Celsius temperature once cutting out
  • Your throat could emit unhealthy odor
  • Your throat could also be in unhealthy look

Recovery Times After Tonsillectomy

Before the surgery, the MD or doctor can confer with the patient the importance of drinking countless fluids once the operation. The recovery times after cutting out tonsillectomy is characterized with pain and uvula swelling. The recovery times include in two phases:

  • Period time in severe, in the first phase of recovery times, the pain in throat will last from about a week in youngsters and 7-10 days for other who are above 12 years old. It is now once time the throat is re-growing its cover.
  • Period time in less severe. The second period lasts for another 5-7 days in youngsters and 7-10 days for other who are above 12 years old. Your uvula is pain with coughing a lot, yawning and also sneezing in this time.

How to Relieve After Surgery

Dehydration is that the worst enemy of recovery time. Dehydration can enlarge the pain of uvula and rise the risks of bleeding and throat infection. It will additionally delay the healing times. Here are some advice to help reduce pain and swelling of uvula after the surgery.

  • You should drink a lot of water and fresh juices.
  • Don’t drink carbonated water, acidic beverages and don’t eat foods such as pretzels, chips, and popcorn.
  • There will have red liquids in your throat in the first phase of recovery times, so don’t worry or mistake think that is blood stains.
  • Don’t drink milk, it may thicken the throat secretions in some youngsters.
  • Don’t doing anything that strenuous.
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