Post Nasal Drip Tonsil Stones


When your nasal fluids drain they can often cause tonsil stones on the way down which are white, hard and often smelly bumps and pockets that appear on the tonsils and in the back of the throat. Post nasal drip can be very uncomfortable and cause you to have a sore throat, trouble swallowing and have dry mouth as well. For the most part if you go to a doctor after noticing your tonsil stone symptoms then most likely they are going to suggest that you have the tonsillectomy (removal of your tonsils). An otolaryngologist (ENT Doctor) is going to be the one performing the surgery most likely at a local hospital or surgery center. You will be sedated to that surgeons standards and then the procedure will begin through the mouth.

We all may be familiar with the David Gag used to keep the tongue suppressed during the surgery from TV hospital TV shows. Special tweezers and scraping tools are then used to remove the tonsils from the back of the throat area and don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing until you wake up. Once the tonsils have been removed the surgeon will stitch you up and the tonsil surgery is complete. The average surgery won’t last long than 45 minutes maximum.

There are other ways to treat your post nasal drip tonsil stones though that is considered more natural remedies. One way is to just gurgle warm salt water or mouth wash with no alcohol three or more times a day to try and corrode and break down the stones. You can also use a dental machine/tool called a waterpik to massage the area around the stones in order to pop them out and flush the area out with the stream of water from the pik itself. You can also use cotton swabs in place of a water pik if you do not have the funds for one; just make sure you are applying enough pressure to get the job done.

Of course doing these at home, natural remedies will carry a little more pain and discomfort than a doctor would but the end result will be just the same for a dramatically lower price.

When you are reading to seek out treatment for your tonsilloliths you should really make sure you have them first. It may be a surprise but tonsil stones are one of the highest misdiagnosed illnesses per year and being able to identify the important signs could keep you safe. The symptoms can resemble strep throat closely so even if you do not want to see a doctor check out some images and guides online so you can better identify the problem. You can either choose to seek surgical or natural treatment when it comes down to it. Whatever choice you may just be sure you take the preventative measures to make sure the tonsilloliths never come back around your tonsils again.

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