Subway Diet


The Subway Diet is an unofficial meal plan brought about by the staggering 245 pound weight loss of spokesperson Jared Fogle by eating at the popular fast food chain.

Brought about by the increasing demands of the worldwide public to have healthier food choices available while on the go, Subway introduced their franchises in 1974 and today boasts over 34,000 locations around the world. Their “Eat Fresh” and “Fresh Fit” slogans have been a huge hit and contribute greatly to the healthier food choices made by consumers.

The long and short of this famed diet plan seems to be, like with any regimen program, moderation. Rumor has it this is how Jared did it:

Breakfast: Coffee and/or a small bowl of cereal with skim milk.
Lunch: 6″ turkey sub with baked potato chips or Diet Pepsi.
Dinner: 12″ veggie sub
Snacks: Apple, orange, water

In any case, this diet boils down to making the most intelligent food choices you can, meaning less rather than more calories, fat, sugar and salt. Pile on as many veggies as you can for good nutrition.

With the availability of nutrition information on Subway’s menu items, the Subway Diet is actually very easy. By reviewing the exact ingredients, calories, fat, protein, etc. of all of the options, you can certainly make the healthiest choices.

Overall, this meal plan is a wonderful option for those who can’t bring a healthy meal with them or only have fast food options available when they’re out and about. Pay attention to what you’re eating, and you can certainly cut your calories and up your nutrition factor with this diet plan.

Does it Work – My Review

Is the plan real? The short answer is yes. As with any other diet, the Subway diet can work if you actually stick to it. It will not work for you, it will work with you.  What I find most fascinating about this diet is that for one, it helped Jared Fogle. We have all seen Jared Fogle alongside his old pair of jeans that could probably fit three Jared’s at his new weight and size. His results are real and astounding! The second most fascinating thing is that it’s a Subway sandwich. We’re not talking about a bland, tasteless, meatless, I’d rather-die-than-eat-healthy diet. On top of being permitted to eat a fulfilling and tasty Sub, it’s convenient. You don’t have to travel to your local health food store to buy organic lima beans, cauliflower and toasted twigs for lunch (joking about the toasted twigs). You’ll most likely find a Subway location on your own block or at least close to it. So, is it worth a try?

Well, it worked for Jared Fogle. He was extremely overweight when he was in his 20’s and attending college. He weighed in at 425 pounds! Jared’s friend/roommate was a pre-med student and properly diagnosed him with sleep apnea and edema. Jared had been checked into a hospital and his father who is a physician warned him that if he continued in that lifestyle, he would probably not live past 35. I guess this was a wake-up call for Jared because it was then that he decided to make a change in his dieting habits; At the time, he was consuming about 10,000 calories per day. Then one day as Jared came across the Subway restaurant in his neighborhood and saw a sign that read “7 sandwiches with 6 grams of fat.”  From that point on, he started drinking coffee for breakfast, he ate a turkey Sub for lunch with no cheese, mayo or oil and lots of veggies along with a bag of Baked Lays and a diet soft drink. For dinner, he ate a veggie sub. Again, with no cheese, mayo or oil for about a year. Jared did not incorporate any exercise into his diet until he got down to 300 pounds.  When he weighed in at 300 lbs, Jared would then walk instead of taking the bus everyday which equated out to 1.5 miles a day.

So, the plan worked for Jared. Will it work for you? Well, keep in mind that Jared was completely dedicated to losing weight and changing his health and lifestyle.  It depends on your commitment level.  If you are determined to lose weight, the diet takes the pressure off of dieting by offering a generous selection on their Fresh Fit menu. Sandwiches under 6 grams of fat include: Veggie Delite, Ham, Turkey Breast and Ham, Roast Beef, Oven roasted chicken breast, Subway club and Sweet onion teriyaki. For snack, you can have a bag of Baked Lays or Sun Chips or for an even healthier choice, a bag of sliced apples.

The Subway Diet Plan makes it possible to eat healthy and still be satisfied at the same time. No, it’s not a big, juicy cheeseburger but it’s also not pureed peas and carrots. If Jared could do it, I believe that you can do it to.

How Does it Work

The Subway Diet works by choosing several low calorie sandwiches as main food choices for lunch or dinner. For instance, when choosing specific types of low fat and low caloric sandwiches, one can usually stay below the 1,000 calorie mark per day. Factor in walking 1.5 miles and this is a recipe for weight loss.

The diet works by cutting down on calories and fat and exercising regularly. There is no secret why this type of diet is so effective. While the food choices are usually bland such as turkey and mustard, they do offer many dieters with easy access and convenience- Jared lived right across from a Subway shop.


Subway Diet has been proven to work. Jared has become quite popular and internationally known- just by name recognition alone. Since Subway shops are scattered throughout the country, most people live within walking or driving distance to one. This makes it extremely convenient. In addition, while you will have to eat subs for both lunch and dinner, there are 7 subs with less than 6 grams of fat making the choices bearable. The other component of this program is walking. Walking is usually the easiest way to exercise and walking about 1.5 miles per day usually takes less than half an hour.


While Subway Diet is extremely convenient and has been proven to work, losing weight by eating fast food is not the most practical diet to be on. It works by cutting back on calories and working out- benefits that many other diets offer. In addition, the plan can be tough to stay on. While convenient, most people need a variety of food that goes beyond subs. As with all diets and exercise programs, consult your physician before starting one.

So What Do I Eat?

For those of you who don’t have time to check out the stats on every sandwich and menu option, here’s a quick breakdown for you of the best this popular restaurant has to offer:

6″ Sandwiches with 6 Fat Grams or Less

Remember that whole wheat bread is always a better choice than white. Order these sandwiches on wheat bread or flat bread for less fat grams. You can cut the fat even further by skipping the cheese and any fatty dressings or mayo.

  1. Black Forest Ham
  2. Oven Roasted Chicken
  3. Roast Beef
  4. Club
  5. Chicken Teriyaki
  6. Turkey
  7. Turkey & Ham
  8. Veggie

Fat Free Dressings:

  1. Vinegar
  2. Sweet Onion
  3. Honey Mustard
  4. Red Wine Vinaigrette
  5. Yellow Mustard
  6. Hot Sauce
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