Does SlimQuick Razor Work


Slimquick Razor is the newest product being released by Slimquick. It is based on something called Ignite Tech which targets brown adipose tissue to quickly burn away fat deposits by creating a mini furnace in the body. This diet supplements have been specifically designed to give the user a great edge when pursuing their diet program.

The Slimquick Razor supplements use a blend of ingredients which are formulated from caffeine, Phosphatidylcholine, Tea extract, L-tyrosine, Bacopa extract, Turmeric,, brown seaweed, Ginger and something known as Guggulsterones E&Z. All these ingredients combine in such a way so as to speed up the body’s metabolism and burn fat in a carefree way that is easy and painless. Many people consider this plan to be a very easy-to-follow plan to lose weight for women that is affordable.

The supplements are sold in rapid release caplets which are easy to swallow. People can also choose to purchase the maximum strength caplets as well which will make the weight loss that much quicker.

The company claims that the caplets all contain ingredients that have been clinically proven to work. This should be taken with a grain of salt, however, because no legitimate studies have ever been conducted on any weight loss formulas in North America. Moreover, these type of products are not approved by the FDA.

The company claims that Slimquick Razor will achieve an average weight loss of 24.6 pounds in one month. Reviews posted on the Internet about this product have indicated that average weight loss is closer to about 18 pounds over a period of one month which is still a significant plan to lose weight. The formula does contain ingredients which are known to induce you to lose fat but since most of the ingredients are proprietary blends it is impossible to replicate it and test it independently.

SlimQuick Razor Recall

The Slimquick company has had to endure two major recalls of its product which has tainted its reputation a bit. One recall which occurred in 2009 was because of reports of liver and heart failures in people who had used the product.

Because the product contains large amounts of caffeine, it might cause headaches for some users. Others might experience jitteriness because of the caffeine. The other known side effects include insomnia, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, anxiety and facial flushing.

The overall general consensus on the product is that it does seem to work to varying degrees for most of the women who use it. It is relatively inexpensive when compared to other similar products on the market even at $59.99 for each bottle. Most of the women who use the product seem to be quite happy with their results and plan to continue using it on a long-term basis.

Overall, this female fat burner seems to give good results in minimal amounts of time and the general feelings are very positive. Perhaps that is why it has earned the right to claim it is “America’s strongest female fat burner”. The Slimquick Razor delivers on all of its promises and most people who use the product do not regret shelling out the money or a jar of capsules. When the diet supplements are combined with an exercise program, the weight loss can be even more dramatic.

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