Royal Jelly Reviews: Benefits and Side Effects


Royal Jelly is a natural product generated from the hypopharyngeal glands present in nurse bees. This is highly nutritious and has almost all the essential nutrients required by the human body. It is creamy and is more like a thick liquid in texture, and is milky white in color. There are many health benefits that have helped people recover from almost any kind of problem that they have faced. An advantage of using royal jelly over many other products that produce the same effect is that it is a completely natural product. Also, it is available in many forms that you can choose from based on your ease to avail the maximum benefits.

Health Benefits:

One of the first and foremost benefits is that it helps you to conceal your aging skin. Royal jelly not only gives your skin a youthful feel and look but also enhances the skin complexion and hair to a great extent. Thus, this is usually a hot favorite among women.

Daily intake of royal jelly has shown to increase the stamina and energy levels of people who tend to tire out very easily. Thus, it is a very good stimulant with the added advantage of not having compounds like caffeine to achieve this vigor and freshness. Yet another of the vital benefits is the fact that it helps to strengthen and boost your immune system, which in turn helps you to combat common health problems like cold, flu and so on.

Royal jelly has proved to be greatly beneficial in the field of reproductive health. It plays a vital role in improving the fertility of women with these kinds of problems and men suffering from impotency. Although associated with being the cause of some allergies, it can cure some allergies such as those due to hay fever. It also suppresses the craving for food and thus helps people with weight regulation. This is one of the really important benefits for obese people.

Another benefit of royal jelly that is worth noting is that it aids in bone growth regeneration. Also, it aids in tissue and muscle building. In some cases, the product can minimize cholesterol and high blood pressure. Because of the ability to trigger neural stem cells growth, intake of such product can be beneficial to brain health and prevent brain related diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease.

Apart from the above, other benefits include the reduction in spread of cancer cells in the human body, anti-inflammatory action, antibiotic properties and the ability to heal wounds. It can also provide relief from anemia, asthma, depression and emotional problems, hormonal imbalance and liver ailments.

In addition to protecting the skin, it can also prevent chances of suffering from atopic dermatitis. It also helps those who are undergoing treatment of circulatory disorder. Moreover, yet another vital benefit is that it helps those who are upset to achieve a relaxed state of mind. It can also protect kidneys from getting damaged under the influence of chemotherapy drugs used for cancer.


The product can often be a remedy to almost any kind of problem. However, to get the maximum benefits, you must use it only according the recommended dosages and not overdo it as it can result in some adverse effects.

Side Effects:

Before you use this product, you must know some potential side effects associated with such product. You must analyze both the positive and negative reviews associated with it.

Some side effects of Royal Jelly are rashes or eczema. These occur when the dosage taken is too high and disappear when you reduce the intake. Pregnant and lactating women should keep away from these products unless advised to do so by their doctor. However, the exact side effect of this product during pregnancy and lactation is not known.

Severe side effects or adverse reactions that occur due to this jelly are urticaria, acute asthma, rhinitis, allergy and diarrhea with bloody discharge. If you are a victim of breast cancer that is estrogen receptive, taking this product can enhance the growth of cancer cells.

In some cases, this product can interfere with some medications that you are taking, especially those that act as blood thinners or those that are prescribed to lessen the cholesterol levels in your blood. The interference can cause internal bleeding.

However, the side effects occur very rarely and are perfectly safe to take by most people. This is why they are often not mentioned along with the warnings. If you have no known side allergy to bees and honey but experience any of the above mentioned problems when you take this product, do not neglect the problem and approach your doctor at once without any further delay.


People who have used this product have reported more of memorable experiences associated with it than negative ones. Some people who have used this product have experienced youthfulness in addition to improving the complexion and beauty of skin. A few people have also shown signs of enhanced fertility and increased sexual activeness. Also, this wonderful product has boosted energy levels in people and also reduced problems like moodiness, sleeplessness, and anxiety who take this jelly. Memory loss is also reduced greatly.

Those who have a history of food allergy are usually advised not to take Royal Jelly as some people with this problem get further problems such as anaphylaxis and even death.

Children can also take this nutritious product as long as they have only half the dosage taken by normal adults.

Some people have found this jelly to be very helpful in healing wounds. It has antibiotic properties and can also serve as an inflammatory agent. There are also known cases of people having achieved therapeutic benefits for many problems such as Grave’s disease.


Jelly is a natural product that is available in various forms such as capsules or honey like texture to mention just a few. Although it is a natural product, one should carefully study the side effects and reviews of this jelly before buying it. This analysis can help to prevent most problems associated with the product.

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