Lower Left Abdominal Pain Causes, Symptoms and Treatments


If you’re suffering from pain in the lower left abdomen then you really need to consider looking for a long term solution to the problem as opposed to a continuous cycle of short term treatments.

Many people who suffer from lower left abdomen pain end up constantly seeking treatment from expensive specialists and prescription based drugs. Whilst this will undoubtedly solve the problem for a while it is extremely costly and will by no means guarantee that your pain will disappear any time soon.

The bottom line is that whilst you’re suffering from this kind of pain, you quality of life just isn’t the same.

Planning your life around the pain, having to miss out on social events and activities that you should be able to attend comfortably is no way to live. The negatives really stack up and that is before we even mention that whilst you are in pain your ability to exercise properly is seriously hampered and this can lead to all sort of issues ranging from heavy weight gain all the way to depression.

The usual causes of pain in lower left abdomen can vary tremendously from person to person. A lot will depend on whether your injuries are internal or external but generally speaking it is vital that you see a doctor as soon as possible (if you have not already) as the longer you leave seeking professional advice the more damage you will be doing to your body.

Common Causes Include…

  • Kidney Stones
  • Stomach Ulcers
  • Constipation
  • Bowel Obstruction
  • Ectopic Pregnancy
  • Bowel Cancer
  • Liver Disease
  • Colon Cancer

To name a few. Whilst many of the causes of the lower left side of abdomen seem serious, which they are, chances are you have simply picked up a knock somewhere along the lines or have done some muscle damage but it is always best to be safe than sorry so having your abdominal pain diagnosed professionally is an absolute must.

If you feel as though the pain in lower left abdomen has become severe or even chronic then you should have even more urgency to visit a doctor than you do right now.

The truth is that no matter what the severity of your abdominal pain is living like you are right now is a very bad idea. We’ve already stated that you are probably doing further damage by putting off finding treatment and it is no secret that your quality of life is being majorly affected.

Before the pain in the lower abdomen you probably woke up in the morning feel pretty fresh. Now, the pain kicks in from the moment you wake up and you can’t do anything else other than begrudge the tasks ahead.

You probably feel helpless as your body now has a mind of its own. Getting back control of your body and health is key and is something that is easier than you may think.

You’ve probably lost a few luxuries that other people take for granted. Things like sitting at your desk and getting some work done become tasks that are a serious battle. Concentrating on something through the pain becomes harder by the day and the frustration of not having your full range of motion makes it difficult to relax.

And this is just the early stages of pain in the lower abdomen. Before long, these factors are working at an increased intensity and what was previously an easy fix is now a long term problem that you will struggle to free yourself from.

Links With Colon Cancer

As mentioned above, colorectal cancer is the common cause of the pain on lower left side of abdomen. Many people worry whether they have the condition is colorectal cancer or not?

The most colorectal cancer doesn’t cause discomfort in early stages. That’s why it’s so essential for everybody reaches the age of 50 years to obtain regularly checkup. It’s much simpler to cure pain in the lower left abdomen which leads to this kind of cancer in the early stage.

When someone has experienced getting inflammatory bowel disease minimizing left abdominal discomfort, there’s an enormous possibility the individual might have an elevated risk part of getting cancer inside the colorectal. While colorectal cancer is the easiest type being prevented from occurring, the stages are very decisive to identify being that they are most often recognized when the signs and symptoms are actually annoying and annoying. Colon cancer survival rates are lower when the very first is recognized inside the later stage.

Stages of Colon Cancer

Sometimes the stool within the colon will get stopped and supports leading to the abdominal pain. This could happen from simple constipation because of a lot of things or just because a polyp is continuing to grow big enough to create a blockage. Your physician will have the ability to determine what’s going on.

Colon cancer stages are split into four unique stages. All these stages varies in colon cancer survival rate. The first stage of cancer from the colon is known as stage . Throughout this stage, the malignant cancer cells are simply within the lining or mucosa from the rectum and limited within the polyp. Polypectomy is performed to be able to remove the cells of cancer to ensure that they’d not progress around the later stages and to prevent this kind of pain.

Stage 1 –  cancer from the colon happens once the polyp that consists of the cells of cancer have developed and grew to become a tumor that stretches towards the colon or rectum walls. Throughout this stage, the advisable treatment would need to be removing the portion of the colon that’s regarded as infected through the malignant cancer cells. The 5 year colon cancer survival rate with this stage reaches 95% possibility of cure and remove pain in the lower left abdomen completely.

Stage 2  – colorectal cancer comes about when cancer tumor has spread and it has affected the tissue all around the colon. Resection surgical procedures are provided to the individual to be able to treat them of the current ordeal. Survival rates throughout this stage are extremely unfortunate the data is simply 60 % possibility of cure. Be sure to do a regular health checkup if you have lower left abdominal pain.

Stage 3 – cancer from the colon happens when the malignant cells have spread outdoors the tissue or even the colon and also have infected the lymph nodes all around the colon too. The remedies provided to patients at this time are aggressive to be able to deal with spread from the malignant cancer cells. Besides the surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy might be provided to the individual to be able to extend their existence and become healed. Rate of survival throughout this stage drops lower to 35 %.

Stage 4 – cancer from the colon happens when the cells of cancer have broadened and infected already the various systems from the body. Besides the surgical resection and chemotherapy, radiation treatment and surgical procedures are also completed to another infected areas of the body which causes this type of pain. Cancer from the colon throughout this stage drops lower in an exceedingly poor 3 % survival rate.

Most typical symptoms of colon cancer which causes lower left abdominal pain are:

  • Alterations in your bowel habits in excess of 4 days
  • Stomach cramps
  • Bloodstream within the stools
  • Felling full inside your bowel following a bowel movement
  • Inexplicable weight reduction
  • Feeling Tired
  • Pain in the lower left abdomen

Inform your physician if you think you have sharp or serious left abdominal pain and particularly notice any bloodstream inside your stool.

Feeling tired could be a characteristic of many illnesses. Inexplicable fatigue is particularly the case with this condition. Whenever losing iron in the bloodstream. That iron is an integral part of the bloodstream that carries oxygen on your body. Insufficient oxygen which makes you are feeling tired.

The pain in the lower left abdomen and symptoms of colon cancer aren’t always obvious. Early recognition is the best cure to this disease. Pay attention to the body and also to the signals it’s providing.

How Can You Prevent?

They can be definitely prevented to avoid medical treatment. Having a balanced diet will be of help the prevention of this abdominal pain. Eat nutritious foods and drink lots of water to avoid the causes such as constipation, kidney stones or kidney infections. Exercising or having a warm up before doing an activity would also be of help to prevent cramping which can also cause this pain. If you are experiencing persistent and severe pain, consult the doctor for proper treatment and to avoid further health risks.


There are a range of treatments on offer from professionals. Doctors and specialists will both be able to free you of the pain in your lower left side providing the diagnosis is not too serious. Kidney stones, constipation, stomach ulcers and bowel problems are relatively easy fixes and you could argue that the hardest part is making the first move to getting the treatment done. Once you’re there and happy to let someone help you everything should be fairly straight forward.

For long term pain you will find that eating a well balanced diet will significantly lower the pain and in many cases will prevent it from returning.

Eating lots of nutritious foods like fruit and vegetables will do wonders for the body and its repair system. Drinking lots of water will also aid you in your battle against this abdomen pain as the more negatives flushed out of the body the better you’ll be.

If your left abdominal pain is caused by an external injury like exercise then you will find a few choice exercises in the morning will prevent a lot of the pain for the rest of the day.

Lightly stretching the muscles in the AM before they’ve worked too hard will build up a better resistance to aches and pains throughout the day and equally, the stretches will keep you from doing more damage.

Ultimately, without a proper diagnosis you can only do so much. Changing your diet, stretching the muscles properly and taking it easy rather than causing yourself to do more damage are obviously going to have a positive effect BUT curing the pain in lower left abdomen altogether may need help from a professional and you should seek that help the second you leave this website…

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