OTC Diuretics


Diuretics are substances used to stimulate the kidney and enhance removal of body salts and fluids by urination. They are used for treating presence of excess fluid in body and are sometimes referred to as water pills. Excess fluid in the body is caused by some diseases such as g congestive heart failure, glaucoma, high blood pressure and kidney disease. A patient with excess fluid in the body can use mild diuretics, foods with diuretic ingredients and herbal diuretics.

10 of the Most Beneficial Effects

Diuretics are drugs or herbal remedies which can help you eliminate waste products by increasing your urine output daily. Instead of the regular and normal 1500 ml per day of urine; you get to void more than 1500ml or urine if you are under a diuretic drug.

This is usually used to cleanse the kidneys to avoid the formation of kidney stones and most importantly to make sure that you eliminate excess nutrients and toxins which in time can contribute to the formation of kidney stones. Recently, Over The Counter Diuretics are becoming in demand because more people are becoming aware of the good and beneficial effects. These drugs are usually herbal- based drugs which are more effective with fewer or no side effects at all.

Cleanse Your Kidneys Naturally, Safely And Effectively, Here is A List of OTC Diuretic Benefits As Below:

1. Removes and/or aids in the elimination of excess water in the body to prevent water retention which is common in people with kidney, endocrine, cardiac problems, people under steroid therapy, and edematous patients

2. Removes and/or eliminates toxins from the body by increasing urine output of more than 1500ml daily.

3. Provides an outlet for the cells of the body to remove free radicals from the food and fluids you consume daily.

4. Removes excessive nutrients, non water- soluble vitamins and minerals from the body that are not needed.

5. Removes plaque build up in blood vessels by increasing the flow of water from them for elimination purposes.

6. Aids in the removal and prevention of kidney stones build up

7. Basically cleanses the entire kidney off toxins and waste products which are normally unregulated by normal urine flow

8. Dilutes urine and prevents Urinary tract infection to occur by increasing urine output

9. Makes you thirsty thus activates the thirst center on your brain for you to drink more water to replace the lost ones.

10. Aids in better circulation of blood throughout the body.

So there you have it, more reasons for you to take in Over The Counter Diuretics. However, since this drug can cause dehydration; it should be take with caution and most of all under the supervision of a physician.

OTC and Natural

Often, people have problems with getting rid of the body liquid through the process of urination, or some other medical problems. While trying to help people, doctors often prescribe diuretics to people. These medications represent medical substances that help the body to get rid of the liquids. There are several types of diuretics, but they are divided into natural and over the counter. You should know that these drugs must be prescribed by a doctor. Talk to your doctor and ask for a prescription. In this article, we will try to describe about how they work in the body, various types of them available and their usage.

Nowadays, medicine goes forward and develops constantly, and new pills and medical products hit the market every single minute. These types of drugs  stimulate the kidneys to produce higher quantity of sodium in the urine. The body tries to balance, and it adds water from the blood. With this process, the amount of fluid flowing through the vessels is significantly decreased and the pressure to the walls of the arteries is highly reduced. The main diuretics are also used in specific diets for weight loss. There are many diuretic medications, which will be listed in this section: Ephedra (the main ingredient is ephedrine and it is used in asthma treatment, but it is advised not to take it on your own, without a doctor’s opinion), St. John’s wort (it main usage is as antidepressant), 5HTP, Chitosan, chromium, pyruvate, aloe, cascara, dandelion, glucomannan, guarana, garcinia, yerba mate. These medications are known to have some side effects, so a doctor’s advice before using this is needed. Everybody reacts differently to medications. Try to preserve your health and use what is best for you.

Benefits and side effects

As we said before, diuretics are used for different purposes. They are also used when people suffer from high blood pressure, edema, congestive heart failure, diabetes, some kidney and liver diseases, osteoporosis, infections of the urinary tract, and glaucoma. Diuretics can be found in many foods, as well. Keep in mind that everybody reacts differently. Some side effects like increased urination, impotence, dehydration, dizziness may occur. When the person is pregnant, usage of any kind is strictly forbidden. They are also used for children and babies for reducing the fluids in the lungs.

Mostly used diuretics

People often use natural diuretics (you don’t need a medical prescription for these, because they are based clipper dandelion, aquaban tablets, kudos klensoplex, valerian root liquid extract and native remedies aqua-rite). OTC diuretics have some chemical components, but prescription is not needed. Loop diuretics, thiazides diuretics, potassium sparring, osmotic diuretics, and carbonic anhydrase inhibitor are all chemical ones. These substances are most commonly used by people without prescription. It is our advice to consult a doctor about the usage of these medications.

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