Optifast Diet Program


Optifast is a physician-monitored weight loss program for people needing to lose more than 50 pounds. The plan restricts caloric intake, while also providing patients with all the vitamins and minerals recommended for a healthy diet.

OPTIFast can make the difference

If your weight has become a serious problem, OPTIFast offers a serious solution. The program works because it offers a different path –  one that is clinically proven to get results!

  • 52 lb National weight loss average
  • 15% average decrease in cholesterol
  • 29% average decrease in blood glucose
  • 10% average decrease in blood pressure

A study of over 20,000 people shows that five years after completing the program, the majority of participants keep enough weight off to improve their health long term.

What makes OPTIFAST Unique?

OPTIFast Treats the whole you – not just your weight. By combining comprehensive lifestyle education and medical monitoring with a great tasting meal replacement diet, this program can help enhance our health, vitality and enjoyment of life.

How It Succeeds:

  • Great tasting meal replacement diet. By restricting your food options for a limited time, OPTIFast helps you control calorie intake and focus on making healty lifestyle changes.
  • Medical supervision. Utilizes the expertise of physicians to help you loose weight safely.
  • Comprehensive lifestyle education. To hel you acheive and sustain better health.
  • Counseling. Individual and group counseling by experts who understand you challenges.
  • Ongoing Personalized Support. Included both during and after weight loss to help you achieve and maintain success.
  • Accountability. To provide structure and cultivate discipline.

A pathway to health

Before you enter the optifast program you’ll recieve an initial evaluation to determine if it’s right for you. Once you begin, you’ll progress through three program phases

  1. Active Weight Loss. You’ll consume the OPTIFast meal replacement formulas instead of your typical foods so you don’t have to worry about counting calories. You will also begin important lifestyle changes.
  2. Transition. You’ll gradually learn how to add self-prepared foods back into your diet while continuing with lifestyle change education.
  3. Long-Term Managment. You can participate in ongoing classes and support sessions to help manage your wieight in the future.

Active Weight Loss Phase

The plan restricts users to consuming the Optifast meal replacement products during the first part of the program, the active weight loss phase. Users consume five Optifast products each day for about six weeks, choosing from shakes, soups or nutritional bars. The total caloric intake during this phase is approximately 800 calories.

Transitional Phase

During the transitional phase, users slowly include regular foods in their diet while still replacing some meals with the Optifast products. This part of the program lasts approximately four to six weeks. Establishing healthy eating habits is the focus of the transitional phase.

Maintenance Phase

Users do not consume any Optifast products during the maintenance phase. The goal of this phase is to maintain the weight loss and to practice healthy eating habits.

Optifast Diet Reviews

Whatsoever diets are designed with the morbidly weighty in nous. One of the most hot and made for this forgather is The Optifast Fast.

This guidance originated approve in the 1970′s and should be used by those whose metric is effort sensible health risks and check optifast diet reviews.

But how does it impact?

Healed, the initial form of the diet involves drunkenness nutriment equivalent shakes that support intrinsical nutrients for your body but are low kilocalorie and testament prove in intelligent weight diminution.

Formerly you tally achieved noteworthy coefficient release, you will began the travelling affirm toward honourable foods piece undergoing upbringing on healthier choices.

This design is quarantined into a determine of phases including viewing, weight deprivation, changeover, and upkeep.

The screening stage involves you state examined by a theologian to cause if The Optifast Fast is an pat prize for you. Persons who are thoughtful nonsuch let those who are between the ages of 20 and 50 and are writer than 50 pounds overweight. They should also be mentally and physically competent to withstand the rigors of a liquefiable fast.

The sec form, coefficient amount is the allotment of the organisation where you module actually be intake the shakes. You present eat no state substance during this instant but module tally trine meals and 2 snacks that belong of the shakes.

The tierce phase, the passage stage will be your launching aft into jellied foods. The age of these low fat foods give be fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Keep in purpose that during this entire knowledge, you give be under a theologizer’s direction.

The inalterable element is the fixing state in which you module acquire hearty consumption habits and study how to reassert your new open slim body.

This fast is not for everyone plain. It is for those who are extremely obese and could experience health consequences from that avoirdupois in the nigh upcoming. It is also an unbelievably unchewable deliver with much a drastic reduction in your daily calories.

Yet, if you fit the apotheosis somebody salience, you may want to cerebrate this a try as you faculty sack around 10-20 pounds every month which can be a major motivator to continue with the program.

If you are morbidly rotund and bonk reached a desperation period, this is a viable deciding. All others should strip gone from The Optifast Fast.

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