Ogoplex Review


By Sylvia Cochran

The manufacturer prefers to spell this substance with an umlaut: Ogöplex. No matter the spelling, Ogoplex falls under the umbrella of marital aids, an offshoot of sex aids. It is an herbal supplement that is marketed heavily to healthy men in search of an enhanced sexual experience. Moreover, Ogoplex manufacturers suggest that these supplements not only increase the pleasure of the male orgasm, but also heighten prostate health. Since herbal supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there is no proof to any of these assertions.


Ogoplex is manufactured and sold by Berkley Brands (a link is provided in the resources section). The listed ingredients include Swedish flower pollen, saw palmetto extract, zinc citrate and also lycopene. Ogoplex is an herbal supplement made up of all natural extracts that must be taken on a daily basis. The recommended dosage is one to two tablets per day for an indefinite period of time.


Ogoplex benefits the prostate and is not designed as a cure for erectile dysfunction. The saw palmetto extract benefits the prostate in that it is designed to actually tone the organ. As a one-two punch, the Swedish flower pollen extract furthers the toning action of the saw palmetto, but at the same time it also increases the urinary output. Manufacturers of the Ogoplex herbal supplement believe that a well toned and healthy prostate increases the experience of the male orgasm.


Ogoplex supports the toning and health of the prostate and the manufacturer asserts that this function enables a male engaged in sexual activity to experience a documented higher number of orgasmic contractions, than a male experiencing orgasmic release without the benefit of the herbal supplement. As a caveat, it is noteworthy that this is an entirely subjective claim that is contained in a variety of reviews found online, such as the one at CLJ Health (a link is provided in the resources section). The reviewer also suggests that the recovery time between a first and second male orgasm is decidedly shortened.


The subjective nature of the claims and the lack of FDA approval make it hard to figure out if Ogoplex truly works as advertised, or if there is a chance that it is more or less wishful thinking on the part of the reviewers. What is known, however, is that the owner of Berkeley Brands was indicted, tried, and convicted of “five counts of conspiracy to commit money laundering,” mail fraud, and assorted other kinds of fraud. The Department of Justice makes it clear that this action pertained to the sale of Enzyte–another herbal supplement by the same manufacturer–but there is no telling if the veracity of Ogoplex claims has even been reviewed.


Ogoplex fails to offer any scientific research data to support its claims. As a result, the explanations by the manufacturer have to be taken at face value; this is going to make it another herbal supplement that will most likely go by the wayside. Other herbal supplements are already taking its place and negative reviews on the Internet are successfully wooing customers away from Ogoplex in favor of the other substances.

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