Nutrisystem Diet


The Nutrisystem diet is the center point of the whole system that helps its customers to lose weight simply and with as little fuss and hassle as possible. This article will take a closer look at what makes up the Nutrisystem diet and how it can benefit a person in many different ways as they set out upon their weight loss journey.

The diet itself is the most important part and of course the major component in the overall NutriSystem cost as we shall see.

The Main Components

The main components of the NutriSystem diet are the ready meals that are delivered to your door ready frozen so that all you need to do is pack them away in your freezer for later use. They come in packs of 28 days worth times 3 meals a day, working out to a total of 84 individual meals. This means you’ll need plenty of space in your freezer before they are delivered, so be prepared for that one.

Each meal is there to replace your regular meals. So instead of getting out the sugar coated Frosties, toast and jelly, pancakes and maple syrup or whatever calorie laden weight gaining junk you usually eat for breakfast, you simply retrieve one breakfast meal from your freezer, set it in the microwave to thaw or heat as instructed and that is what you eat instead. Now, you might have gotten very used to your large, unhealthy and fat laden breakfast, but you have chosen to do something about your weight, so don’t go complaining that you already miss your regular breakfast before the first Nutrisystem alternative has even popped out of the microwave!

Here is where it starts, on day one with a healthy, correctly proportioned breakfast. Same goes for lunch and then again for your evening meal. Your regular stuff is not even there anymore, because you didn’t buy it from the store, did you? Well, did you? You had better not have, because that just defeats the whole point of doing this for yourself. Having other food in the house just places temptation in your path and can lead you to cheat.

Remember, if you cheat the only person you are cheating is yourself!

The meals that comprise the NutriSystem diet are balanced, healthy and contain all the nutrients that your body needs to function. They are low calorie and contain low GI (Glycemic Index) carbohydrates, proteins and low levels of good fats. They will stop you gaining any more weight and after a few days you will start to lose weight assuming you don’t cheat. Yeah, I know, change the record, but that part is so important you can’t ignore it and it needs saying several times. Don’t cheat!

The whole idea of going on any kind of diet is to lose weight, right? Well, the best way you can help yourself to do that is by making a promise to yourself to do some exercise to help it along some. I don’t mean you have to book yourself in to the local gym and do a punishing workout every day, but I do mean you should do some regular light exercise, such as walking, swimming or playing an easy sport like volleyball or badminton or something similar that you can enjoy with friends. It will help you burn more calories and lose weight faster!

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