Niacin for Lowering Cholesterol


We all know that vitamins and minerals are essential in our body when it comes to having a healthy way of life especially when preventing the occurrence of diseases and illnesses. One of the vitamins that will help in our body when it comes to blood pressure is called the Vitamin B3 or Niacin. We can able to find many forms such as Inocytol Hexaniacinate, Nicotinamide and Nicotinic Acid. We can be able to find all of these forms of niacin in the market which have different doses. The niacin for cholesterol is very effective in all aspects when it comes to lipid profile. It will help lower the triglycerides for about 20 to 50 percent. It will also help in the LDL cholesterol for about 15 to 25 percent and it will raise the HDL cholesterol level for about 15 to 30 percent.

The health benefits of Niacin

The number of processes that the Niacin is involved is over 50. These processes include production of sex and adrenaline hormones, formation of hydrochloric acids, monitoring the cholesterol amounts, controlling sugar levels in the body among many others. It is therefore a vital component that ensures that our bodies function as expected.

It would therefore be important to look in detail at some of the major niacin benefits. They include the following:It lowers the levels of cholesterol. Vitamin B3 reduces the amounts of cholesterol in the body and also that of the triglyceride. It is known specifically for reducing the levels of low-density lipoprotein which is viewed bad cholesterol while increasing the amounts of high-density lipoprotein that is very good for the body.

It is able to carry out this by ensuring that nothing is accumulated in the liver or along the arteries. When you want to achieve these results it is advisable that you take the Niacin in high amounts. Though it is a fact that this supplement will be able to work efficiently, at times it can be taken together with other medications.

Reduces the chances of getting atherosclerosis

One of the niacin benefits is that it fosters the formation of histamine which is charged with ensuring that the blood vessels are dilated. The aftermath of this process is that the blood will be able to circulate properly in all parts of the body. Proper circulation ensures that you are healthy all the time and thus can be able to walk or undertake any other duties.

Just like in the case of lowering cholesterol, the Niacin is much effective when taken in high amounts. You will also be safe from heart attack and other improper blood circulation problems – thanks to niacin. In some instances is advisable to combine it with other drugs like simvastatin.

Minimizes the chances of being diabetic

Niacin has been found out to reducing the chances of one becoming diabetic. This attribute to the niacinamide component found in it that prevents diabetes and also reduces the need of using insulin. Research has it that this component improves the results obtained when one takes drugs meant to combat diabetes. Though this is very good and effective, it should be noted that the niacin in this case should be taken after consulting a health services professional.

Serves as a treatment for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a defect that affects the mobility of the joints. The niacinamide component found in niacin has been found to be helpful in getting rid of this problem. It is able to strengthen your muscles and ensure that you don’t suffer from joint fatigue at all times. It should be taken in high amounts on a daily basis for a period of around 3 to 4 months. It also rebuilds any broken cartilage.

These are just some health benefits that accrue to you when you consume it. There are very many others. Seek the guidance of a health professional and a great deal of your problems will be solved by niacin.

Niacin to Lower Cholesterol

Even though the mechanism of niacin for cholesterol is unknown, we need to verify some side effects that are very common such as hot flashes, palpitations, itchiness, changes in the glucose of the blood and also some gastrointestinal pain or stomach ache. It will vary to the different dosages when it comes to taking it every day. It means that it is better for us to consult our doctors or personal health professionals so that we can be able to find the proper maintenance of niacin for cholesterol especially when it comes to our family and love ones. Even thought there are different side effects that may occur by the use of niacin in or body, we must know that are parts of vitamins and minerals that will help us prolong our life in the healthy way.

We just have to follow the orders of the doctors when it comes to taking the medicine, duration or schedule of the intake so that we can able to prevent severe side effects of the drug overdose. We must know that when we are taking any kind of medicine, it is important for us to know the availability of the effectiveness of the drug which is included in the back of the box or the capsule plastic cover. We must know that we need to include the all the fruits and vegetable sin our intake before we take drug which means that we should take the niacin after we eat the meal during lunch time or dinner time for proper digestion and elimination.

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