A Simple Guide To Niacin Flush


There are a lot of people who are looking on how they can live a healthy life so that they don’t end up contracting some of the serious complications that result from unhealthy lifestyle. Some of the bad elements in our body include low density lipoprotein (LDL) that usually is not used by the body and is left in the blood system and cause some of the major diseases that people experiences. There are however drugs that are used to reduce the amount of this cholesterol and one of such drugs include the niacin flush that is prescribed by a doctor. Niacin flush benefits are many as this can help one be able to avoid the serious complication that they may get as a result of high level of cholesterol in their blood.

This drug works by breaking down the cholesterol, and this is why many people are using this drug to reduce the cholesterol level in their blood. It has a form of vitamin B that is very important in the human body as it has many health benefits. This vitamin is not manufactured in the body and it not easy to get it in plants, and therefore has to be taken orally so to supplement for the deficit of this vitamin. However while taking dosage of any niacin flush it is important to note that side effects are there and that is why you should get the right prescription from a qualified doctor. It can damage your liver if taken in large quantities and therefore leading to other complicated conditions.

The reason why this method has been gaining popularity among many people when it comes to managing cholesterol is due to niacin flush benefits and results that people are able to see while using this drug. The high level of cholesterol hampers the flow of blood in the body and as result disorders such as heart attack, high blood pressure are likely to occur on individual who have this condition. When in treatment on this drug you should always remember that after taking the drug you will see some changes in your body including faster rate heart beat as well as felling itchy on the skin. This is an indication that the drug is working and therefore you should not get worried as you see such changes and in fact consider the benefits of niacin. There are some of the problems that have been felt by few people due to poor administering of this drug and to avoid such problems the advice of the doctor should be followed to the latter.

Primary Niacin Flush Benefits

  • You will be able to have a good circulation of blood in the system
  • There will be a reduction of cholesterol in the blood
  • The drug is water soluble and therefore the excess dosage will be eliminated through urine (therefore it can not accumulate in the body)
  • It works with good cholesterol that is found in the blood

Those are some of the few benefits that you can get through niacin flushing when combating cholesterol problems.

Useful Additional Information about Niacin

More on Benefits to Health

There are many benefits to health such as the improvement of metabolism, lower bad cholesterol (LDL), increase good cholesterol (HDL), improve blood circulation, remove toxins, increase endurance, and more. This vitamin deficiency can cause a number of health problems such as muscle cramps, spasms, gastrointestinal upset, vomiting, nausea and others.

Niacin plays a major role in the digestion of carbohydrates, protein and fat. With help to digest carbohydrates may lighten pancreatic performance. Along with insulin, it also plays a role in maintaining blood sugar level, preventing migraine and vertigo.

The other benefits include to help digest fats, so often used to lower cholesterol levels. Not only that, niacin is also beneficial for blood circulation. A smooth blood circulation will facilitate the detoxification and reduce levels of cholesterol from the body.

By helping the digestion of carbohydrate, protein and fat will help body to produce energy. So that niacin is also beneficial to overcome fatigue. For those of you who have problems with fatigue, you could be taking it in accordance with the recommended dosage. Do not forget to consult a doctor to avoid the side effects.

Other studies have shown niacin benefits to cope with erectile dysfunction. This substance works by improving blood circulation, including to the penis. By improving blood circulation will help the process of erection.

Niacin in pregnant women is also needed in limited quantities, 18 mg per day and should not more than 35 mg per day. Doses above 35 mg per day is not recommended. Before using this supplement please consult with your doctor to avoid side effects. Nutritionists recommend to meet the needs of niacin, from natural foods. This substances is found in many food sources of animal and green vegetables such as; tuna, salmon, poultry, cereals, meat, green vegetables and more.

The benefits to lower cholesterol has long been known and used since 1956. During pregnancy you should stop using this supplement. The use of niacin in excess is feared to harm the unborn fetus. Although there are no studies on the side effects to pregnancy if used excessively.


We can avoid Niacin overdose with first consult your doctor. This substance is consumed in moderation will not cause an overdose. It would be an effective treatment when its use in accordance with a prescription. It is used primarily to remove blood lipid (cholesterol) is high in the body and. Eating foods that contain lots of niacin is a safer way to avoid an overdose.

Niacin Overdose Rumors.

Rumors are growing over the years is if you are already niacin overdose, can be overcome by a flush niacin. so the side effect is lost. In fact the rumor is not entirely true, recent research studies did not mention that. So it remains the most prudent path is to avoid an overdose of niacin by following the instructions of the doctor’s use or eat foods that contain this vitamin make it more secure.

Symptoms of Overdose

Below is a list of overdose symptoms:

  1. Skin flushing is accompanied by dizziness.
  2. Pace with the rapid beating of the heart.
  3. Itching of the skin.
  4. Nausea and vomiting.
  5. Feel belly pain.
  6. Diarrhea.
  7. Liver damage (hepatoxicity) -> at an acute overdose.

That is a list of symptom, if we had anything like the above then please do not hesitate to consult a doctor. To avoid an overdose we must always obey the rules by the doctor. For people with a particular disease should be a strict medical supervision. Because niacin overdose in patients with certain diseases can be fatal.

Top 8 Most Common Niacin Side Effects

  1. The most common side effect that you are probably going toe experience is the itchy of the skin. This is a way that your body shows reaction that is taking place in the body.
  2. There are people who experience effects of niacin when they first start using these supplements but as they continue using the supplement they eventually stop seeing these side effects
  3. Another side effect that you would probably experience include vomiting where after taking the drug you vomit or feeling like vomiting.
  4. There are other people who experiences dizziness and this is common in women and this majorly occurs during morning hours after taking the supplement
  5. There are those who may experience difficult in breathing when they take the supplement and this should not discourage you from continuing with taking of the drugs.
  6. There are other people who may experience fast heartbeat and this is also an indication of the process that is taking place in the body.
  7. A stomach pain is another effect that people who take niacin drug may experience during the first few days before their body get used to the drug. However this reduces significantly as soon a person taking the drug get use to the supplement.
  8. There are people who may experience skin redness and the problem that is a side effect of this drug.

There are many others niacin side effects that may be experienced by different people and there are those who may not be able to experience any of these effects. The best way that you can be able to deal with this is by continuing with the treatment as it has many benefits that outweigh the effects of the same. For instance the drug will be able to increase the efficiency of good cholesterol which is commonly referred to as high density lipoprotein. This is why many people who are using this niacin flush are able to prevent fatal disorder that may be caused by high blood cholesterol such as heart failure as well as high blood pressure. The high level of this cholesterol makes the blood not to flow smoothly thereby causing the heart to work extra so that it cam be able to supply all the body parts with the blood. This in turn makes the heart to over work which leads to the high rate of heart failure. In short niacin side effects are common and they should not make you panic and they may vary from one person to another but the best thing to do is to ensure that whenever you see the effects becoming severe then you may need to seek the professional help from doctors.

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