Natural Diuretics


It is so dangerous as dehydration for you to keep water retention in your system, if not more. Retention of water inside the body normally occurs within people hurting from heart problems, kidney and also liver related ailments, PMS symptoms, high blood pressure, sciatica etc. That may also occur due to the lack of B-vitamins, amino-acids and also proteins in your diet program or due to that excessive usage of foods high in sugars and salt content. This condition prompted due to help water retention in your body cells is definitely recognised as Edema.

Diuretics are substances that help flush out that excessive water via your body through urination. They are available with the form of synthetic diuretics and also natural diuretics. Synthetic diuretics are usually medications or perhaps medications which usually are obtainable over-the-counter using this prescription of a health care expert. A lot of safe practices have got to be used while having them as they are accompanied by simply a lot of side-effects. A natural diuretic, on the other hand, is a safer option because it could be attained through natural foods and also herbs and is free through any kind of variety of side effects. This following are some natural foods and herbs which present diuretic qualities and promote the procedure of diuresis.

List of Diuretics:

  • * Asparagus: This includes a chemical substance alkaloid named asparigine that promotes effective removing of harmful toxins out of your body by improving the functioning of this kidney.
  • * Apple Cider Vinegar: This maintains the best ranges of potassium inside your body in addition to be able to exhibiting natural diuretic qualities.
  • * Tomatoes: It is a very wealthy source of Vitamin C that will help relieve excessive entire body liquids and also boosts metabolism.
  • * Garlic: This includes mustard oils which have cleansing components. They will break up down and also flush out fats.
  • * Cranberry Juice: It helps maintain the pH degree of the urine, dilutes this urine and also aids in increasing the volume of urination. Its also helpful in increasing plus maintaining kidney operating.
  • * Brussels Sprouts: It will help in the cleanse of your entire body tissue and cells by revitalizing the kidneys as well as pancreas.
  • * Oats: It includes Silica which is a natural diuretic substance.
  • * Dandelion leaf: It is high in potassium and mineral contents that help the process of diuresis. It furthermore assists in potassium retention.
  • * Green tea: That is being made use of in China, as a natural diuretic, since ages.
  • * Fennel: It exhibits diuretic and carminative properties.
  • * Juniper Berries: It consists of volatile oils and also terpinen-4-ol which promotes that kidney’s glomerular filtration which allows flush out excessive fluids out of your body.
  • * Parsley: It stimulates urination by flushing out toxins from the kidneys.
  • * Celery: Equally the seed and the plant consist of high ranges of potassium and sodium which together activate urine production.
  • * Lettuce: It helps flush out toxins and also increases stamina amount.
  • * Melon: It contains high levels of water, potassium and sodium that help eliminate toxins and effects urine production.
  • * Other natural diuretic foods and herbs include beets, cabbage, carrots, artichokes, watercress, Gingko Biloba, Buchu Extract, coffee, green tea, etc.

Why Choose It?

Natural Diuretics are becoming a popular solution against excessive water retention (or bloating). What used to be used to cure medical conditions such as PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome), Edema, Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) and some kidney conditions are now being included in many diet and fitness plans as they are deemed to be cheaper, safer and more effective than their formulated counterparts.
Whether you’re fighting diseases or just struggling to be physically fit, you could safely try natural diuretic foods and experience these gifts from mother nature. Many patients  and aspiring health buffs claim that by consuming themthey become healthier because of these affordable, safe and effective water retention solutions.Fresh tomatos are excellent diuretics aside from being a good source of lycopene.

Give Diuretic Foods A Chance

When you are experiencing water retention you will find out that pills don’t work all the time. Even if they do, a pill which good for one thing could cause a whole lot of new problems or complications. That is mainly why you should give these foods more chance than over the counter diuretics. Experts suggest consuming vegetables and fruits such as asparagus, tomatoes, oats, cucumber, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, carrots, watermelon, artichokes and lettuce often will help you with the feeling of being bloated caused by water retention. If possible, consume these foods while fresh as a fresh salad or a vitamin cocktail which is perfect in anytime of the day. Cooking them will not do you much good because water and important vitamins and minerals will evaporate. They are a very cost effective because natural diuretics are usually very cheap for the benefits they are giving to your overall health.

What Do Doctors Think?

If you have visited your doctor about your water retention problems he/she has probably already prescribed to you the suitable over the counter medications. Most doctors do this because they know that if they tell a patient to eat foods such as watermelons, a well known food of natural diureticin order to solve his condition, the patient won’t believe them because they would feel that fruits aren’t effective as natural medications. So when consulting a doctor let them know that you want to go with the healthy natural alternative and ask which foods will do you most good. You could also consult an alternative medicine doctor for they all know the best one on the market.

A Few More about it

Besides the veggies mentioned above, you can find even more alternative ways to get rid of the extra water in your body. There are many foods which are diuretics all around you that are neither expensive nor can do any additional damage to your body. Always have cranberry juice or tea at home, it is very useful and tasty. Parsley tea, dandelion tea and green tea are also very recommendable as natural diuretics but not everyone can consume them so try them and then decide. And don’t forget water, the best and most powerful diuretic of all foods (drinks in this case). Try consuming more than 2 liters a day and you will solve your problems in no time.

A natural diuretic diet can as well be accompanied as a diet for pounds loss or a cleansing diet. That they also support reduce PMS symptoms such as bloating and headaches. For these purposes, carbohydrates, foods high in sugar and salt content, crap foods, soft drinks, and so on. need to be completely eliminated out of a person’s diet and this above described foods and herbal products have to be incorporated. Consuming lots of water is actually as well quite essential along with the consumption of natural diuretics.

Even though natural diuretic foods can support detox and provide reduction from edema, they should be consumed only for a very few times, as some natural diuretics can as well take out out the essential minerals and nutrients. It is advisable to consume them within the advise of a health care specialist.

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