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Mirena IUD is a contraceptive device that claims 99.9% chance of stopping pregnancy. Here the review will help you decide if this IUD is good for you or not. The device must be inserted by your expert physician into place. The IUD will sit inside your uterus. The IUD, is just like any other IUD, it is a T shaped device. The old-fashioned IUD’s are famous for side-effects, but the Mirena is often said as getting around most of these due to the Levonorgestrel. This IUD works by preventing sperm from reaching the egg and fertilizing it. It also thins the lining of the uterus, which is what leads to reduced bleeding over time.

The main hormone in this IUD is Levonorgestrel. This is IUD is among the best because it has smaller dosage of Levonorgestrel. Whereas, a “birth pill” has much more of this hormone. Also among women, this is chosen to be the better choice than pills because a birth place places the hormone in the circulatory system whereas, Mirena places it in the uterus lining.

Mirena Reviews

There are many types of intrauterine devices, the most common of which is a small T-shaped rod made of plastic with a metallic coating. Contraceptive IUD effectiveness is that it prevents the penetration of sperm into the uterus, reduces the period of ovulation; prevent a fertilized egg to attach to the uterus.
Mirena IUD
Mirena is the newest and most top notch IUD on the market today. Just because, it is brand new and well known does not necessarily mean that it is right for you. All women are different. You all have different immune systems and bodies. It is best to read reviews of others in your situation rather than taking a decision. This review is hard on solely just facts. We do not take any opinions into consideration. It is always best to speak to your doctor before making a decision.

Life of a woman has many stages. Stages can include college life, pre-marital, post-marital, and birth of your first child. Mirena is a IUD that you do not have to worry about taking everyday. It is a once in 5 year IUD that is placed and you are free to forget it. The only checkup that is required is for you to check if there are threads and that is only once a month. It is flexible for those who have:

  • At least once child.
  • Want to have more children
  • Do not know if they want more children
  • Or are happy with the way their family is at the moment.

Mirena Safety

Like any drug, there are always rules to follow, so it is important to understand Mirena pros and cons. Mirena should not be used by women who have certain type of issues. First and foremost, it is highly target to women who have already had a first child. These are a couple reminders and heads up:

  • It could detach from your uterus. If this occurs call your doctor immediately.
  • Bleeding may occur during the first several months when it is in. This is the “getting used” to time and slowly this will stop occurring.
  • Periods may become lighter or even stop completely.
  • Pregnancy during Mirena is dangerous, although with 99% success rate. The odds of this are low.
  • If you have pelvic infection, it is not for you.

It is not right for women who are currently pregnant. During pregnancy, one should not ever take any birth control medication as this will adversely effect the health of your newborn.

Mirena is not recommend for woman who:

  • Are pregnant
  • have PID (pelvic infection)
  • have problems with immune system
  • AIDS, HIV or leukemia. Consult your doctor
  • have cancer or liver disease
  • Are allergic to Levonorgestrel, silicone or polyethylene

These are just some of the tips to keep track of if your deciding on taking Mirena. If you are young or are happy with your family, then consider taking it. Please consult your doctor and family members before taking this decision. As your family, has a right to know what you decide. It may be embarrassing but let your doctor know every small detail about your body. Mirena is a great UID but one most know the Mirena side effects and understand the risks it does have. Mirena reviews covered the general aspect of this UID. Please consult your doctor if you are planning on using it.

You mare read more Levonorgestrel, which is the hormone in Mirena at Wiki.

Mirena Side Effects

The side effects are common in the beginning right after insertion. Most women experience these adverse effects during the first few months but these are just temporary and disappear. Normal effects include bleeding (normal because of insertion), periods lengthen or shorten, and pain. The most common side effect according to our studies has been pain. The pain is severe for some and not severe for others. It depends on your specific body. If there is increasing pain than you may take prescription pain killers, again consult your doctor.

There are other unwanted effects. Almost all medicine in this world have side effects. All IUD must clearly state the known effects so women know what the risks may be. Mirena is widely used IUD and so it is up to you to decide if it is right for you.

Some more severe side effects include:

  • 12% of women were found with ovarian cysts. Please consult doctor if this is the case for you.
  • Allergic skin reactions
  • 10% of women observed stomach pain, back pain, hydration, weight gain, mood changes
  • 1% of women experience infection in the genital organs

These are just some of effects and percentage of women that experience these. Always keep in mind that these are just cautions and it is always best to consult a physician who knows about these issues.

Women with diabetes will need to take extra care with Mirena. If you have diabetes it is recommended to monitor your blood glucose regularly. Before installing the IUD, do a full physical checkup so your doctor can know the health of your body. It is important to do this so they can determine which type of birth control is right for you.

Mirena is a relatively safe IUD for a healthy women. Just like any IUD, the first few weeks will be painful but afterwards the symptoms should disappear. Because it is valid for 5 years inside your system, it is recommended to get yearly checkups with your physician. This can allow you the doctor to a full checkup and again check if Mirena is safe for you. If you require more information than visit the reviews to get a full overview of this IUD. Even though the side effects can be severe, it is still one of the best IUDs around.

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