Metformin and Weight Loss


There are many metformin side effects that have resulted by taking the Metformin in some patients. Have you ever think that any side effect can be favorable for you? From many of these effects, weight loss is proven to be favorable for the patients who are facing the obesity problem.

Metformin Side Effects That Works In Your Favor

According to a research, almost every second person in USA is having the obesity problem. This is due to the eating habits people have adopted. Obesity problem is usually found if your body is generating too much of insulin. Insulin makes you feel hungry every time. The more you will eat to satisfy your hunger the more your liver will produce fats. These fats will store in your belly. Your blood sugar level will also increase which will result in generating more insulin from pancreas.

After you in-take food, sugar goes into the bloodstream and than in your liver. Liver releases the sugar in to blood and raises the sugar level. This can be very dangerous and can result in never damage, diabetes, heart attacks, kidney damage and stokes. Here, Metformin works to control the blood sugar level.

Metformin is usually used to treat the diabetes patients and prevent them from high blood sugar level. Metformin is very effective drug that affects the glucose metabolism and enhances the insulin sensitivity in the body. It works effectively on the muscular tissues and the liver. Many patients have however, reported weight loss as one of the Metformin Side Effects. Metformin actually impacts the lipid metabolism and do not allow the flow of fatty acids in your body. It also prevents the body from the cardiovascular diseases. It also proves to be very effective in not letting the lumps of fats to get stored in the particular area of your body. It is especially developed to control the production of insulin in your body that raises the sugar level of blood. By controlling the production of insulin, it also results in the weight reduction. See how Metformin side effect has worked in reducing the obesity and proved to be effective for you.

Does Metformin Cause Weight Loss

As the prescription that has achieved great acclaim for the treatment of diabetes, metformin is made from combination of intertwined guanidine rings, which have proved to be basic ingredient in the effective treatment of diabetes. Usually, diabetic patients tend to put on a lot of weight. However, this drug helps in reducing weight, especially for diabetic patients who tend to become obese. It also has a profound impact on the glucose metabolism. Therefore, for those individuals who are overweight, there are metformin side effects relating to reducing weight when using this drug. However, for individuals who already have normal weight, there may be some side effects of metformin, resulting in burning fats. It entirely depends upon the individual’s body system.

It is a common fact that insulin increases the hunger level in an individual. In addition, our belly area stores the highest amount of fat. When insulin triggers increasing sugar levels in the bloodstream of an individual, it contributes to the formation of fattening layers in our lower stomach. In addition, as insulin increases hunger levels. Individuals tend to eat more. In this way, they gain more weight. Metformin however lowers the glucose and sugar content in the blood, which results in losing weight without having any adverse effects. Generally people think that it may decrease the blood sugar content to an extremely low degree. However, there are no adverse effects regarding the reduction of weight.

Another way that this medication helps in effective weight loss, without having any profound metformin side affects is through affecting the lipid metabolism in our body. The process works in such a way that the drug prevents the circulation of fatty acids in the body. Huge lumps of fat do not gather in any one particular part of the body and this helps in putting a check on cardiovascular ailments. Metformin also consists of glucophage that helps in decreasing the sugar content in the bloodstream. Therefore, it helps in the production of insulin in the body. This aids in the controlling of diabetes. However, it also results in reducing weight, with no negative effects.

Of course, losing fat can sometimes come under side effects of metformin. This occurs when generally thin people get affected by this entire process of the reduction of weight. However, not many people have talked about this problem.

There are some precautions that you have to take if you are pregnant to avoid negative effects, especially that of weight loss. During pregnancy, this usage of this medication should be avoided. However, with regard to breastfeeding, there are no adequate reports with regard to side effects.

Therefore, it can be ascertained that there are no negative effects, if you are using it for losing weight. However, it should not be used primarily for weight loss, because the main aim of the medication is the treatment of diabetes.

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