Manuka Honey: Health Benefits, and Uses


Manuka honey is a unique one from New Zealand. It’s a mono-floral honey, which means it comes from only one pollen source. In this case that source is the Manuka bush (Leptospermum Scoparium). It has a special factor called UMF or Manuka factor which is not found in other types of honey. The researcher, Professor Peter Molan discovers that it is capable of treating a number of illnesses. UMF Manuka offers a non peroxide based antibacterial element which can help to kill infectious germs. Dr. Peter Molan is a senior biochemistry professor that works in the Waikato University.

Most honey contains a natural agent which will support good health. However, the natural agent can be easily destroyed when it is exposed to heat and sunlight. However, the UMF is stable and don’t lose its healing component when it is exposed to heat and sunlight. The higher the UMF, the more potent it has to perform the antibacterial actions. The antiviral property is a good for cold or sore throat.

Research shows that it can be used to ease infectious and drug resistant bacteria. On one occasion, Nurse Julie Betts has successfully uses the Manuka to cope with the ulcers and sores of the legs of diabetic patients. Dr. Glenys Rounds also use it on cancer patients that suffer from fungating lesions. Comvita has developed a new product line to bring the Manuka honey to the worldwide marketplace. Christie Hospital in Disbury now uses it for application on patients that suffer from mouth and throat malignancies.

Manuka honey is taken orally to cure a number of conditions including ulcer in the esophageal and duodenal, inflammation of the stomach, stomachache, heartburn and ulcerative colitis. On the other hand, it is also apply on the outside of the body for infected war wounds, scars caused by operation, leg ulcer on diabetic patients, bed sores, scars and sores.

Many people purchases it for uses in their tea or as a bread spreads. Despite that, the most important use of the honey is in treating wounds. It is being used as an object of research in New Zealand and the National Health Service (NHS) in England.

In addition, the high sugar concentration in Manuka honey caused a waterless environment so that the bacteria cannot survive. The glucose oxidase enzyme which is available in the ingredient also increase the antibacterial properties

It is available in a number of forms including acne cream, anti fungal solution, bath salt, sap, soap, gel, antiseptic lotion serum, antiseptic spray and anti itch cream.

When purchasing, make sure that there is a UMF rating statement on the bottle if you want to obtain a UMF Honey. To obtain the best result, you must use active Manuka honey to cure your condition.

Variations, Uses, and Other Benefits

For decades honey has been used for multi purposes. Manuka Honey is a finest one that is imported around the globe from New Zealand. It carries very significant antibacterial, sterile, virus free and anti-fungal traits, making it tremendously useful in indulging a broad range of health situations. It takes over from other types of honey and other natural medication tips used for pain killing and healing and for other health purposes. It has developed a very strong market demand in last few years, as its importance is known widely and the acceptability is getting fame as a commodity at international level.


Although the demand is causing rise in the sales growth of the honey, but still there is always confusion for the type and kinds of it. The difference depends on the floral nectar element and the flower that it is obtained from. Depending on which flower the bee collects the nectar from, it could modify the color, quality, flavor, uniformity and curative worth of the honey it turns out. Furthermore, few providers tries to classify that their honey as according to the medical grades. It is not always effective enough; as it may not gives the same outcomes that people have come to look forward. There have also been accounts of people showing unsatisfactorily responses of using very strong Manuka Honey. Consequently, an average sequence is best for mainly purposes.


There are presently a few of the further widespread uses of this honey. It is helpful in treating the conditions that includes; abdomen pains, abdomen ulcers, painful gullets, strep gullet, acid reflux illness, indigestion, ill-tempered bowel disorder, gastritis, esophagitis, influenza signs and sore colitis. The exterior benefits of Manuka Honey plays role in such situations that consist of; unhygienic injuries, burns, acne, chronic skin disorder, skin infection caused by a fungus, minor skin infections, Skin sores, Pressure ulcers, Surgical cuts, Tinea,  and other infections. Renowned for its unmatched antibacterial possessions, it can be utilized to effectively treat eye diseases, ear infectivity and even sinus diseases. The ingredient has long been recognized for its capability to wipe out infectious bacteria. It is a recognized as a very prominent type at international level mainly because of its injury care and treating even the toughest to mend diseases. On the other hand, it’s imperative to know that this type of honey can also be applied to care for further diseases all through the body.

Other advantages:

For sinus diseases, it is advised to apply this honey solution to wash out the nasal tube. It is imperative to simply use an active, medically proven honey with a Unique Manuka Factor ranking between ten and sixteen. It can be utilized as a solution for acne removal, cream for infections, anti-itching solution, antiseptic solution and balm for wrinkle free skin, first aid solution, cleansing agent, hand wash and soap made by this honey. Other benefits includes the feature of this ingredient that it does not attach to the original injury tissues, so there is no pulling apart of recently appeared tissue, and no hurting when bandages are modified. It has an anti-inflammatory act which decreases the swelling around an injury, also protecting wounds from other infections. Lastly it shows very fewer complications in the treatments as compared to the medical ones.

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