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When your body overheats it causes rashes. It mainly affects your skin and then it starts itching. Itchy skin rash can be of various types such as heat rash, shaving rash, ringworm and much more. For every individual problem you will find a number of remedies. The remedies can be either natural or even it can be medicinal. Witch hazel, aloe vera, calendula essential oil, jewelweed and a few more are natural remedies for the rash. Due to the rashes along with itching it causes your skin irritation. In most of the cases the skin itching as well as irritation gets cured within a short period of time, but if it continues for long then you must concern your respective doctor for proper treatment. It has been observed that itchy rash might cause if you are allergic to anything such as dust, any food item, etc. Different symptoms as well as remedies are allotted to every individual skin rash depending upon the emergency of the rash.

Hot as well as humid conditions causes heat rashes which can be cured by taking a vitamin C supplement regularly. Shaving rash is an irritating rash that happened to the men at the time of saving. Such rashes especially cause on the neck portion of the body. For getting rid of such rushes you need to prepare a mixture of a little petroleum jelly and a vitamin E capsule. Then you need to spread the mixture all over the irritated skin. Underarms and corn starch are the areas that are mostly affected by itchy rash on skin. On the outer layer of your skin due to fungal infection it forms a ringworm which is related to nail infections, athlete’s foot, jock itch, etc. formation of red, scaly patches of blister is the symptom of detecting ring worms.

Some skin rashes spread very fast since they are caused by a virus, it needs to be cured as soon as possible.  A virus is commonly thought of as the flu or other respiratory problem but a virus can be responsible for skin problems as well. Viral skin rash is an infection that becomes evident from skin rash or lesions. In fact the virus causing this problem may hang around the body for months or years before coming to the surface. The viral rash on your skin may begin from direct contact with an infected person or by a systemic infection.

      • Shingles, the common term for herpes zoster, is a viral skin rash that starts form the chickenpox virus. A person can have the chickenpox as a child then years later as an adult have an outbreak of shingles. Chickenpox is highly contagious however the later emergence of shingles is not contagious. This skin rash is uncomfortable and for some people painful.
      • Pityriasis Rosea is a common viral skin rash that appears on the torso and upper extremities. It’s round pink lesions can be mistaken for measles. The lesions are not itchy and usually clears in 6 to 12 weeks with rare recurrence. The virus suspected of causing this condition is the human herpes virus.
      • Roseola Infantus is a common viral skin rash found in infants and children under the age of three. It occurs after a high fever yet the child does not seem to be sick. Once the fever breaks the pink bumps appears. This condition is contagious yet mild and clears in a few weeks. There is no specific medical treatment other than keeping the child as comfortable as possible. Once this rash clears, the child has a lifelong immunity.
      • Common warts are actually a type of viral skin rash. Warts, also known as verruca, are benign growths on the top of the skin layer. They are harmless except for cosmetic concerns and possible discomfort of clothing rubbing on the wart. The first instance of warts typically occurs in childhood or adolescence. Warts are a viral rash whose origin is the human papilloma virus (HPV). More than half of all warts reduce in size or disappear within two years of occurrence. Others are removed by a dermatologist using a freezing technique or surgical removal.Most warts are seen on the hands and fingers which are unsightly and irritating. Plantar warts are found on the soles of the feet. As these warts thicken and grow inward they become painful making walking difficult. A no-genital warts are attached to mucous membranes that extend into the vagina, cervix, rectum or urethra. Any type of genital area warts need to be examined by a physician.

As you can see, a viral skin rash can be caused by various types of viruses. Some are self-limiting while others need to be examined and treated to prevent spread or further damage. With any viral rash on skin, it’s important to wash your hand frequently and avoid touching the face or other areas after making contact with the rash area.

Natural Remedies

For an itchy skin rash some of the natural remedies have been mentioned above. Skin rashes such as psoriasis and eczema can be cured by witch hazel naturally. It can also be used for treating sunburn. The fresh witch hazel bark must be used for better results. If you are suffering from  skin burns and sunburns then use of aloe vera will be the right choice for you. It is a gel-like substance which comes out after cutting a portion of Aloe. For reducing inflammation as well as for treating diaper rash you can use Calendula. The biggest benefit of using Calendula is that it helps in producing white blood cells which is very essential for destroying harmful microbes. Chamomile is another natural way used for treating sunburn, psoriasis, and eczema. Along with the above mentioned rashes as well as remedies there are many more that you will come across in you day-to-day life.

Itchy Skin No Rash

Are you or even someone seen to you will be being affected by ‘itchy skin no rash’? Asking yourself what will be the exact reason for it? Well, the following will give you a number of the most frequent causes of ‘itchy epidermis no break outs or bumps’ and several measures to relieve the power of itching.

Factors behind Itchy Skin Without Rash

The condition of scratchy skin is called pruritus. The primarily cause of ‘itchy skin with no rash’ concern is skin dryness. It’s medically referred to as xerosis. Dry skin isn’t a serious condition but its signs and symptoms can be quite unpleasant and apprehensive. It involves shriveling involving plump cellular material, which in turn causes the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Dermatitis is much less seen yet more thought. It seems stretched along with taut. It seems shrunken or dried up. Dry skin appears rough, cracking, peeling along with scaling. When dryness has gotten a serious variety, the skin itches also. The scratching may cover anything from mild in order to intense. Hence, dryness associated with skin is often a possible cause of the condition of itching skin without rash.

Yet another probable reason is actually scabies. It is a skin disorder which is a result of tiny burrowing mite generally known as Sarcoptes scabiei. The action of this kind of mite causes extreme itching inside part of the physique where it’s present. This gives you a robust urge for you to scratch your skin layer, which is specifically more throughout night. As a result, you may carry scabies to be to blame for your condition associated with itchy skin at night. Scabies is extremely contagious naturally. It advances for every person from the shared components. In addition to the a couple of significant reasons defined in the earlier mentioned paragraph, irritation of the skin may appear as a result of several medical ailments. These people include very poor blood circulation along with a malfunctioning renal or liver organ.

Treatment of Itchy Skin No Rash

Regardless of underlying reason for itchy epidermis with no hasty, you may stick to some home cures to bring the problem under control at some level. Take a piece of ice, wrap this with little piece of thoroughly clean cotton material, and apply it carefully on the part of itching. Employing ice dice in this manner aids a lot. It is used by keeping your affected epidermis cool and also well-hydrated. So, think about rubbing the particular ice dice for a couple of moments twice or thrice per day. Do not use a great unwrapped ice dice as it may injury your skin. Please take a cup associated with oatmeal and also mix it with a new tub water. Have shower with this combination once alternate day. Oatmeal minimizes itching drastically.

If you feel robust urge for you to scratch your own affected skin color, try to subdue the longing. Keep your arms busy with something before the television, studying, etc, along with wear hand protection while sleeping. Extreme scratching in the itchy skin may damage the idea and can produce some other list of dermatological troubles. You should prevent things which will make itching even worse. Do not use loose-fitting cotton garments. Do not don scratchy, constructed from wool, and polymer fabrics. Usually do not expose your epidermis to extreme heat along with sweating.