How To Stop Sugar Cravings


Have you heard of the word sugar cravings and many health risks of eating sugar? Tough luck, we have been growing up with these tiny-contagious crystals and suddenly we are told that they are culprits to many ever-known diseases. Even with your current weight, doctor blames sugar on it.

Here I want to give tips and tricks on managing the cravings but still enjoying sweets without guilt.

Start with Good Mindset and Understanding of Risks of Craving Sweets

Bible says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. Blindly consuming sugar without understanding of risk will lead to many diseases even deaths. I highly recommend read sugar dangers by Dr Mercolla. Dr Mercolla discussed about how sugar detriments our health. He even questioned whether fruits are good or bad for you?

In our lifetime at least once, we have heard of some people saying sugar is nasty. Are you aware of the dangers but don’t want to give up? You don’t want to have health problems associated with sugar cravings but  still want to enjoy the beauty of chocolate and favorite crème brulee? If your answer is yes, I used to be in this position as well. With the correct understanding, we can tweak around with the purpose of enjoying yummy desserts but in a healthy way. This is how this blog post is born.

According to Kimberley Synder , not all sugars are the same. There is a myth saying fructose is better than glucose because it comes from natural fruits. The fact is it is not always better than glucose.  Consuming fructose in a large quantity in its concentrated form such as high-fructose corn syrup, agave, crystalline fructose, will dump heavy toxins into the liver. This happens because fructose will go straight to the liver. The liver must work hard to metabolize it. Eventually fructose is converted into glycerol, which raises triglycerides level.

Fruits contain relatively small amount of fructose, which is somehow not a bad thing. Benefits of vitamins and minerals in fruits even surpass negatives. The problem is we have been fed with extremely high fructose diets found in processed foods, coke, desserts, etc. So, eating moderate amounts of variety fruits should be OK.

Here are Some Suggested Action Plans to Curb Sugar Cravings:

1Clean your pantry.

Train our eyes to read ingredient labels. Remove processed foods, soda drinks, chips, chocolate bars, and many others from your pantry. Those processed foods are high in fructose. Don’t be deceived with marketing “low fat or low cholesterol”. The food companies may say low in fat but they won’t tell you the product is high in sugar. Replace them with healthier alternatives.


  • Replace white sugar with stevia or xylitol.
  • Replace high fructose corn syrup with pure maple syrup or pure coconut palm sugar. Beware that palm sugar sold in Asian stores is not pure but mixed with other ingredients such as white sugar.
  • Avoid aspartame ‘fake sugar’ or artificial sweetening at all cost.

2.  Substitute high fructose processed foods with natural foods.

Consume natural sugar coming from fruits, plants, starches. Eat varieties in moderate amount should not harm body.


  • Eat small quantity of variety fruits daily. For example in one small serving plate contains 3 pieces of grapes, 1-2 slices of apple, 2 slices of kiwi.
  • Instead of commercial yogurt, try to blend banana or strawberry mix with unsweetened plain yogurt. Experiment with combinations of other fruits to enjoy flavors and maximum benefits.

3.  Gradually reduce sweet taste buds.

Unfortunately we have been growing up with lollies, cokes, and chocolates. Even we feed our younger generations with those stuffs. No wonder, we would choose these toxins over natural fruits. Our taste bud has been adjusted to high fructose content syrup because we don’t think apple, carrot, or banana is sweet enough. Try to chew slowly. Use all your senses to enjoy its unique taste. Once you get used to it, you will never go back to unnatural flavorings and sweeteners.


My recommendation is whenever you crave for sweets, drink lots of water. Sugar cravings are another manifestation of body craving for water. Within one or two weeks your taste bud will adjust to less sugar.

Now you are one step ahead in journey to fight craving sweets. Cheating once a while is OK. Eat bits this and that is OK as long as we don’t cross the line.

Apply 80/20 percent rule

That is within a certain period of time, eat 80% healthy foods and leave 20% to indulge. Please be aware that sugars, alcohol, and other “unhealthy” foods are addicting. Therefore, stick to weekly or monthly doses to maximum 20%.

Eat only good quality sweets

For monthly or weekly sugar doses, only go for good quality desserts – not always expensive. In my experience, with the same amount of money to spend, I would choose for quality even though it means it’s less in quantity. For example, I would rather choose good quality Europe imported liquor dark chocolate once a month rather than cheap low quality disgusting sweet white chocolate every day. Doing this way, you will respect the desserts more and satisfaction will be achieved. Never eat cookies just for the sake of munching it. This is the art of eating little but satisfied.

Healthy Homemade sweets

There are tons of free dessert recipes in internet to satisfy your sugar cravings. Make one once a week or once a month won’t do any harm. At least we can take control of what insides are. Substitute artificial flavors and colors with natural ones.

Share your sweets and sincerity with poor and lonely neighbors. One day your kindness will come back to you hundred folds.


Ways to stop craving sweets are many. Above steps are my ways to succeed. The most important is mindset. Once we convince ourselves the craving is a problem that needs to be addressed, we need to create action plans to manage and stick to it. Embrace it as your lifestyle instead of temporary diet.

I wish all the best in your journey to kiss good-bye sugar cravings.

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