How To Identify High Blood Sugar Symptoms By Yourself


It is very important to identify the symptoms of high blood sugar in order to prevent any avoidable damage to the body. The rise of glucose or blood sugar in the body, known as hyperglycemia, can be attributed to the body’s inability to make insulin or its incapacity to respond to insulin appropriately. Insulin is required by the body so that the glucose present in the blood can be used for energy. For people suffering from diabetes, the body is unable to use the glucose as energy, which results in an increase in the level of glucose in the body.

The increase in the blood sugar level can result in a number of minor and major health complications. One of the major problems with the condition is that you can feel absolutely normal with numerous signs and symptoms and miss the obvious increase in the level. Additionally, the symptoms may not be very prominent and may take a long time to develop completely. Thus, it is very important to get blood sugar tested regularly and keep a check on the following symptoms:

Dryness of mouth: This condition is characterized by the lack of saliva in the mouth that is necessary to keep it wet. Dryness can also occur due to nervousness, stress or lack of water in the body, but it is temporary. Prolonged dryness can mean serious health complication.

Tiredness: The cells in the body need glucose to function and when the body is unable to supply the glucose to the cells, the cells start working inefficiently, which in turn causes tiredness and fatigue.

Increased Urination: Excess glucose in the body can also get deposited in excess amounts in the kidney, which can result in inability of the kidney to absorb all the glucose. This results in removal of excess glucose with urine.

Frequent thirst: The frequent urination can dehydrate a person and result in making one thirsty. Moreover, excess amounts of glucose present in the saliva can also cause thirst.

Weight Loss: One of the direct effects is weight loss, which happens due to loss of substantial amounts of glucose in the urine. As glucose is a sugar, it also counts for the calories in the body. Thus, losing glucose means losing calories and as you are unable to process all the calories from the food, you are bound to lose weight. Although this starts by burning fat in the body, it slowly consumes the muscles as well making the person weak and sick.

High blood pressure symptoms are numerous and can be controlled or cured with proper treatment and medication, but it should always be remembered that ‘precaution’ is the best way to avoid them.

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