How Can A Podiatrist Help Your Feet And Knee Pain


People need to know what a podiatrist is and how they help relieve your feet and knee pain. A podiatrist is a doctor who specializes in the study of how the health of your feet affect the mental and physical well being. If you are not sure how a podiatrist can help relieve the pain in your feet and knees, you may find the following article helpful.

7 Common Problems That Cause Pain in Knees and Feet

Podiatrists are not only experts in feet but they can improve your life dramatically by providing relief to the pain in your feet and knees. A foot doctor can do much more than just fit you with new shoes and orthotics . An expert podiatrist can treat these cornice injuries and make your life a pleasure. Here are seven foot and knee problems and some simple solutions:

Heel Pain
Will stop you from running and participating in sports. There are several of ways to rectify this, a podiatrist will use a range of treatment including: rest, ice, compression and elevation (RICE); wrapping the area; massage; stretching programs; prescription shoes and/or orthotic insoles. You do not realize how important our heels are to us until you have severe pain and have to walk on your toes.

Shin Splints
A common foot and leg ailment that affect athletes and non-athletes alike. An inflammation that occurs at the shin bone and muscle when it is over stressed. If you’ve experienced shin splints you know how painful it can be to walk or run. There are a several treatments which include: avoiding the painful action; adjusting foot function, monitoring your activity level and a good pair of prescribed shoes can reduce the symptoms in the feet and legs.

Ingrown Toenails
Many times ingrown toenails will disappear without professional treatment but sometimes the pain in the foot will persist. This may be an ingrown nail piercing the skin allowing bacteria to enter and causing an infection. Your podiatrist may relieve it away by treating the toenail with antibiotics and nail removal.

Achilles Tendonitis
Can occur at the upper part of the tendon, behind the ankle or at the heel bone, causing foot and ankle pain. The best treatment is to reduce the causes of the pain, adequate warm up and maybe change the foot wear.

Is a deformity or “bump” go the big toe joint. In most cases a prescription orthotic will support the abnormal formation. This may not eliminate the the deformity but slow down or eliminate the progress.

Cracked Heels
also known as heel fissures are cracks that occur at the back of the heels. This is a chronic problem but it’s not dangerous but may cause foot pain. Use an emollient and a anti-fungal cream together for 3-4 weeks.

Athletes Foot
Is a common fungal infection of the foot. It appears as a dull redness and scaling of the skin, usually at the bottom of the foot. The best way to eliminate athletes foot is to dark moist environments, by changing shoes and wearing perspiration absorbing socks.

Simple Solutions To Reduce Your Pain

The health of our feet is one of our most valuable assets. Unfortunately, we take it for granted until we have pain in our knees, feet or legs. Without healthy feet and knees we would not be able to run or walk which would lower our mental and physical health. There are many more ailments and treatments for this problem. If you have got it, please consult a physician.

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