Healthy Eating & Foods that Make You Hungrier


Written by Taylor Wells

Do you ever eat a big meal and are still not satisfied… so then you turn to the junk cupboard to try to curb that feeling?  Well maybe it’s not you, maybe it has a little more to do with what in particular you are eating or drinking that is making you feel this way.

The worst foods for you that will keep you wanting more are sugary junk foods, and especially processed foods. I know that there are some very delicious microwavable meals out there but try to avoid those as much as possible; they contain ingredients that will almost always keep you wanting more.

Another thing you should try to avoid is chewing gum. As claimed by “chewing gum merely stimulates the gastric juices, the saliva that is produced while chewing goes down to the stomach, thus fooling the stomach into thinking there is food to be digested…”This feeling is very short-lived. So instead of grabbing that stick of gum when you feel you need to satisfy your food cravings try drinking a glass of water, eating some celery, or chewing on some ice.

In the past, I have tried to munch on some snacks in between meals to speed up my metabolism. This is a good idea, but make sure you are eating the right snacks. The fruit I snacked on would make me hungrier and I would crave more; so in the end I would eat more. This is largely due to the amount of sugar that was in the fruit I was eating. According to a forum on, if you still want to eat the apple, try pairing it with some peanut butter or some nuts/trail mix. By adding protein it will slow down the metabolizing of the sugar in the apple so you won’t feel as hungry after you eat it.

Additionally, it is wise to avoid sugary soda drinks. These, just like any other sugary junk food will just make you want more. Soda drinks are also full of sodium, sugar, coloring, and additives.  Also, just because you’re reaching for a can of diet doesn’t make it any better. A can of diet soda is just full of artificial sweeteners that will increase your need for more food, and sugar. This goes hand in hand with eating other things full of sugar like cereal, flavored yogurt, cereal bars, and anything that is a refined grain (for example pasta, rice bread and crackers).  As explained by these refined grains are ‘simple carbohydrates’ which “can cause a rapid increase in your blood glucose levels, which causes hunger”.

A great tip for weight management is drinking ice cold water. They explain that, “The body cannot use the water until it is warmed up to your body temperature. The colder the water, the more energy the body must use to warm the water, thus burning more calories”.

After researching many sources online, I have found the best way to feel satisfied is through appropriate food intake such as eating proteins and fibers. For example, instead of eating Frootloops for breakfast, switch to something with a lot less sugar and a lot more fiber. My favorite cereal is Kellogg’s Smart Start. Adding some fruit with protein like eggs and a glass of milk will energize your morning! For lunch and dinner fill up on some lean meat like chicken and in place of white rice, eat brown. Lots of salad or veggies for lunch and dinner will add to your feelings of overall health and energy. In between meals some great snack ideas are nuts, apples and peanut butter, oatmeal, avocado, eggs, soup, and popcorn. As far as proportions go- I’ve heard it said that we should eat ‘breakfast like kings, lunch like queens and dinner like a university student’! Eating the right foods are filling and cravings for sugar will cease! You’ll be surprised at the amount of energy you’ll have throughout the day! For dieters- don’t forget to drink lots of ice cold water!

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