Gynexin Reviews – Does It Work Really ?


There has been a lot of information floating around about Gynexin, some of it accurate, some of it inaccurate. The following is a description and explanation of what this product is and what it can do for you.

What is it?

Gynexin is a dietary supplement that is specially formulated to burn fat with the male breasts being the targeted area. Many men have a flabby chest, technically known as gynecomastia, and find it difficult to reduce this fat, even with exercise. A flabby chest can be embarrassing for a man, and the desire to reduce and eliminate this condition is intense.

Does it Work?

Not only does this product work, but it works well. Over the seven years of existence it has developed a strong reputation as a solution to a flabby chest. The fact that this supplement is still being sold and is still popular says everything about its efficacy. Although this pill is a dietary supplement that is focused on the chest area, it will have some effect on surrounding areas such as the stomach. There will be some weight loss in other areas of the body as well. Gynexin takes three to six weeks to start working for, with peak results being experience on average at six months. When you begin to take the product you will need to be patient.


One of the main benefits of using this product is as an alternative to having surgery. Surgery can be a traumatic procedure. You will lose time at work and the healing process takes time as well. Patients feel a lot of discomfort, and for many patients it can be very painful. There is no pain while using and the cost is much lower. A surgery will cost thousands of dollar and will not always be covered by insurance. It will only cost a few hundred dollars. Surgery is permanent and can leave scars while Gynexin will leave no scars at all. Gynexin will cause no loss of work time and will bring about a gradual change that most people will not notice at first, and when they finally do, they will think that you have simply been working out.


The actual formula for the supplement is proprietary, but the main ingredients are known. All of them are natural and most of them are extracted from plants. Guggulsterones is used to stimulate the thyroid gland to help increase metabolism. Theobromide Cacao is used to increase the metabolism in the same way caffeine does. In fact, caffeine is also an ingredient in it. Sclareolides is included to boost a man’s testosterone naturally. Green tea extract can also be found in this supplement. It also helps to keep your metabolism high.

Side Effects

The side effects reported from using this supplement are virtually unknown. There is a chance, you could be allergic to one of the ingredients. But this is true no matter what you put in your body, so the best course of action is to pay attention to any reactions after taking the pill. It is a mild dietary supplement though, and will likely produce no allergic reaction.

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