Green Smoothie Diet


Smoothie Diet came in the 1980s with the growing popularity of athletes and sportspeople who marketed health food products fortified with supplements. With the onset of specialized smoothie bars or parlors, it became an integral option on the menu and began to gain popularity.

Most smoothies in general are naturally high in dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Hence, smoothies are great for people on a diet. Specific diet smoothies use ingredients which are lower in calories and also increase metabolism thereby assisting in weight loss or at least no further weight gain from the drink consumed. When blended well, all the valuable nutrients in the fruits and vegetables used becomes homogeneous making it easier for the body to assimilate these nutrients.

Green Smoothie Recipes

Newer smoothie recipes are constantly being tried and tested by nutritionists as well as shared by health conscious people on the web-o-sphere. Smoothies are regarded as the tasteful solutions for getting the essential daily doses of vital nutrients that are otherwise get lost during cooking processes in other cooked meals. Add to it the fact that smoothies can be prepared effortlessly at home and without substantial dents in the pockets, one can easily see why a smoothie diet appeals masses.

Food Researches on smoothies as a viable meal option, suggest that when you combine ingredients that provide protein, carbs and fat, the digestion process is slowed down which keeps the stomach full for longer and also, the sugar gradually gets absorbed in the blood and turns into expendable body energy. Bio ingredients that claim to be super foods such as wheatgerm, spirulina, granola protein and so on are added to the protein- based fruit smoothies to achieve such health boosting results.

The recent trend followed by nutritionists and dieticians is to prescribe smoothies as a low-calorie, full meal itself. This serves a dual purpose. One, since smoothies are thick, they are quite filling and reduce the urge to eat. Two, fortified smoothies are packed with metabolism boosting ingredients. The newest fad being followed in the diet plan world these days is the meal replacing green smoothies. Drinking these green smoothies, it is said, is the quickest way to achieve incredible and positive health results.

In conclusion, like any other meal replacement fasts such as juice fasts, it is necessary to remember that the human tongue loves new tastes and depriving it of all types of tastes is injustice in its own accord. A lot of debate persists on calorie and nutritional deficiencies caused by these smoothie – only diets. A lot of health experts advocate including diet smoothies in the daily meal plan instead of going on a drastic and temporary strictly-smoothie -only meal cut backs. The effect of discontinuing such fads is counter intuitive to the actual intention of losing weight.


You can try out a variety of smoothies in different forms including chocolate (this is a luxury treat of course), vegetable, coffee, desserts and also alcoholic cocktails.

Fruit Smoothies Recipes

My family and myself have tried a variety of these fruit smoothie recipes and we have also experimented using the basic guide of a particular smoothie with just slightly different ingredients. My husband especially likes the peanut butter and banana smoothie following the recipe. It was thick and creamy and the cinnamon is very subtle so feeling encouraged to experiment the next time I made it I didn’t put as much peanut butter in, added a little honey and added nutmeg instead of cinnamon. It was well received. However, everybody is different and you might prefer the way the recipe is set out.

All Strawberry Smoothie

How to make a smoothie with yogurt is one of the easiest recipes to follow. I tried one called The Classic All Strawberry Smoothie, which was really tasty with a wonderful tartness to it (due to the yogurt and the strawberries I used). If you are looking for something more sweet then other recipes are well covered in this book.

My kids have tried numerous smoothies but can’t seem to settle on a firm favourite although anything with chocolate goes down well, and I also try to sneak in healthy fruit as well.

Sensational Healthy Smoothies

Overall I think that this ‘Sensational Smoothie’ ebook is one of the best of its kind out there. It not only tells you how to make it with yogurt recipes but also gives you the health benefits information on each of the main fruit, tips on how to make a fruit smoothie and recipes that are so simple that your kids could do them – my kids love helping me in the kitchen and is a great way to get them interested in the healthy foods available.

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