Fat Sick and Nearly Dead Diet Review


I love Hulu since there are some excellent documentaries. Whether it is crime, drama, or health documentaries, I am there watching them. One of my many hours-long adventures on Hulu lead me to a documentary called “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead”.

What is it?

He mentions them in the movie, but when I got down watching I thought, “there has to be more to it”.

  1. It is plant based. Getting rid of all the bad preservatives, additives, and junk found in most food.
  2. It is a combination of juicing and some chewing. There was an area of confusion for me, but Joe has options for people who aren’t done chewing yet (no pun intended )
  3. It does not have a definitive time period. Joe recommends a 10 day reboot, but for some people they can do less or more.

These are the highlights of the diet.  Read the followings to see how to actually implement the idea and find out what I missed when I first learned about this diet (it makes all the difference for the plan).

Does it Work?

The short answer is Yes, the diet can work (but you need one thing to really make it work)

Diets always seem to be hypey. With the diet it has received its fair share of publicity and notoriety since it was on hulu.com. Throughout it though, it looks like a lot of people are getting really good results with it.

I am not on the diet myself, but I want to show you what other people have experienced on this program. That way you can get an idea if it is worth it for you. Sound fair?

Here are some comments about the documentary on Hulu

“I did a 1 week juice fast (feast) and I lost 14.5 lbs and gained TONS of energy. It also gave me the best sleep I’ve ever had in my life. lol. That was 2 months ago. Now I just started my 60 day fast. Love this movie, love the info, love the inspiration. Thanks!”

“This was amazing! It was both compelling and inspiring. This was truly one of the best documentaries I have watched in a while. I was so proud to see the success of everyone in this. This is A MUST DO in my life. Thank you for your dedication Joe.”

“All I have to say is thank you. You have given me a new life. I can remember waking up and saying,” Oh no it is another day.” Now I wake up every morning and look for new things to do. I did the eating plan for ten days. Then I did it for one month. Now I am on it again for two months. I don’t feel tired anymore. I am full of energy. I don’t get hungry. The juice is very filling. I have started telling everyone about it. I have several of my friends doing this. I just want to say thank you.”

So you can see some people are getting good results. A lot of people agree this diet can work, you have to get the right juicer. But once you do they are getting it to work for them!

* As always, consult a physician before starting any new diet. This is just a gathering together of existing information and should not be construed as medical advice.  And remember it works for some, but it probably won’t work for all.

10 Things to Know About the Diet

When you go to the official site you can get some good info on juicing. What is unclear is what is the best way to do the fat sick and nearly dead diet (the answer is that you have options).  So here are 10 things you should know about the plan before you get started.

1. It is plant based

So for all your carnivores out there beware. Atkins, South Beach all of those need not apply. Be prepared to get real comfortable with fruits and veggies. I myself am skeptical of fruits, but you cannot argue with Joe’s results.

2. It is entirely juicing

When you get to the peak of the diet, you are only doing juicing. This cannot affect your energy if you are not careful.

3. It is juicing and chewing for those of you who can’t go cold turkey

Because of the energy issue, Joe lets people cycle into and out of total juicing. But it seems the less you chew the better you feel.

4. The diet can last from one meal up to 15 days

This is something Joe talks about, but I kind of misunderstood. It’s very flexible as far as how involved you want to be. This means you can use it reset your entire system or just refresh every so often.

5. Joe continued on the diet long after 15 days and saw great results (60 days to start and continues to this day)

He continued on it much longer then most people. His reasoning was simple: it worked and it made him feel better.

6. It can be really tough the first few days

Even if you are chewing and juicing together, the first few days are tough. In the documentary, you see this first hand and it appears to be the time where people are most likely to quit. Your body is detoxing and that is not fun for anyone.

7. The blender Joe uses is really good

I will talk about it in a future post, but that blender makes his life way easier. Buy a cheapo blender and you will see what I mean.

8. Joe has almost two dozen amazing case studies

I found almost two dozen case studies of people who have used this plan and it had really good effects. If you dug deeper, I am sure you could find many more.

9. The goal is to reset, but it can become a lifestyle

As with Joe, once you start you may not stop. There is something addicting about feeling good and that is what this diet appears to do.

10. Exercise is important, but…

Joe did improve his exercise, but it was the diet that made the difference.

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