Ephedra Review


Ephedra comes from a plant which is known as Ephedra sinica, this plant is commonly called ‘ma huang’ in Chinese medicine. It has been used for over 5000 to treat a variety of conditions such as hay fever, asthma and even the common cold. The active ingredients in ma huang are the alkaloids ephedrine and pseudoephedrine. The most common two uses are weight loss and athletic performance enhancement.

Botanical Description:
In China, it has used for over 5000 years of poor circulation, fever, cough, and to improve performance. Somewhat later, a similar application was received, and others already in India and Spain. Currently Ephedra herba – prefabricated designation for all kinds of Ephedra, which contain the active ingredient ephedrine. It grows a little bush that looks like a bottlebrush, and reaches a height of 30-40 (50), with coriaceous sheaths near the sites and have no green leaves. The flowers of this dioecious plants are inconspicuous. Such an appearance is very characteristic for the plants, which, as members of the genus Ephedra, grow in dry, hot areas. Collection o blank. Cut only the young twigs. Make this fall, when a substance belonging to the plant, especially ephedrine, found in greatest quantity. Fast air drying gives valuable Pharmaceutical raw materials.

Active Ingredients:
Different alkaloids, mostly ephedrine. Curative action by the application. This plant is used for ephedrine, which can be readily separated from him. But because currently this ingredient can just as easily make synthetically, it is used most often in pure form, not as a hood made from natural materials. However, some doctors take the view that certain advantages of tea Ephedra: normalization of blood pressure after previous infectious diseases, asthma attacks, as well, with hay fever, hives and other allergic conditions.

Tea of Ephedra: 1 teaspoon of herbs to fill in with the top 1 / 4 l of boiling water, let stand for 10 minutes, drain, drink 2 times a day for 1 cup.

How Does it Work?

Ephedra is a powerful fat burner. It causes your body to produce heat and energy. It does this by increasing the heart rate, constricting blood vessels and expanding the bronchial tubes (which makes breathing easier). It basically increases your metabolism which causes your body to burn more calories, even when you are just sitting doing nothing. If caffeine is added to this, the effect is increased, this is why our also contains caffeine.

Side Effects

If we stick to these doses, there is no reason to fear the side effects of ephedrine in the application as well as natural materials. However, an overdose may occur disruptions of cardiac activity.


Why Ephedra Banned?

It was sold as a dietary supplement since the mid 80′s and banned for weight loss in 2006 by FDA due to many adverse effects from it’s abuse.  Used properly ephedrine was one of the safest, most effective weight loss agents ever sold. Sadly, people abuse ephedrine and then report that abuse to the FDA, leaving out their pre-existing medical conditions and/or irresponsible use.

Is it legal?

It’s legal to posses and carry it for personal use such as asthma, but it is not legal to sell in the US without taking personal information from the customer as a drug. It can be converted quite easily to meth-amphetamine. This is the main reason that ephedrine was banned for sale as a dietary supplement in our opinion.

What is the standard dose?

It is dosed to contain 25mg of ephedrine alkaloids per serving.  You should never exceed 50mg per day.  Recent such products on the market use the Ephedra leaves without the ephedrine, making it useless as a stimulant and fat burner.

How are Ephedra products still on the market?

It is still for sale, because the manufacturers unscrupulously take out the ephedrine and sell the dead plant material.  This is similar to removing the alcohol from whiskey and calling it “Jack Daniels” or taking the nicotine out from tobacco and still selling it as a natural stimulant.  Without the ephedrine alkaloids you will not get the fat burning and stimulant effect from Ephedra. No Ephedra products available today contain ephedrine.

Is there a replacement?

There are compounds that come close to the Ephedra effect. These are synephrine and geranium oil extract. When combined, you get a feeling similar to Ephedra. Also, caffeine was often used in addition to Ephedra and is commonly combined with these ingredients.

Can you still find Ephedrine products?

Yes, there are still some of these products on the market, but they are combined with Guaifenesin, which is an expectorant.  Any ephedrine products you find in the US will carry this ingredient. Most sites that sell ephedrine online are from other countries and are selling into the US for weight loss illegally. Also, off shore manufacturing doesn’t contain the same quality control measures as products in the US, so be careful.

What is Ephedra commonly mixed with?

It was often mixed with synephrine, caffeine, asprin (white willow bark) and other fat accelerating ingredients. Often the legal replacements for ephedrine are mixed with similar ingredients.

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