Ephedra Pills Reviews


Referred to as accumulation of too much body fat, obesity greatly affected both the physical and psychological aspect of a person.  Thus, campaigns on fighting obesity become massive.  But, in reality, fighting obesity is so difficult that there are also more numbers who got failed.  Fortunately, Ephedra Diet Pills was formulated to help obese people return to their previous body with much confident.

Ephedra for Weight Loss – The Basics

Dieters around the world are familiar with the benefits of using it for weight loss. Before you decide whether you want to use Ephedra supplements to help you lose fat, you should take some time to learn the basic facts about Ephedra. Research has shown that it can speed up your metabolism and help you lose more weight in a shorter amount of time. There are side effects associated with these supplements, but not everyone will experience side effects when they take the supplements. To avoid any unnecessary problems, talk to your doctor before you take Ephedra pills, and always follow dosing instructions carefully.

Researchers have studied the effectiveness of Ephedra for losing weight, and they have concluded that using the supplement regularly can produce an extra weight loss of about two pounds per month. The supplements work by increasing your metabolism, and this makes it possible for nutrients to be processed by your body faster. Some studies suggest that it is even more effective when it is combined with caffeine. The combination of the two can increase your overall weight loss by up to 2.2 pounds per month. Everyone’s body is different, though, and actual results may vary.

Side effects are a possibility with any medicine, and supplements are no different. If you decide to use it to lose weight, you should be aware of the possible side effects so you can be on the lookout for them. Ephedra diet supplements can raise your blood pressure, so make sure it is safe for you to use them if you have a history of high blood pressure. A rapid or irregular heartbeat can also be a side effect of these supplements, and it is not recommended that you use Ephedra diet supplements if you have an arrhythmia. You may also experience, dizziness, restlessness, or anxiety. Keep in mind that not everyone will have side effects with this medication.

Finally, if you use it for losing weight, you should talk to your doctor before you begin taking any supplements. Be sure your doctor knows about all of the medication you take, if any, so they can help you avoid a dangerous drug interaction. Ephedra can cause some medications to not work as well, and it can intensify the side effects that are associated with others. Also, you should always follow dosing instructions carefully, whether they are printed on the product label or directly from your doctor. This will help you avoid accidental overdoses of Ephedra and will help you get the best results from your supplements.

How Ephedra Diet Pills did become the solution for obesity?

Basically, it comes with many different names.  But these pills have the same ingredient, the Ephedra.  It is a bush-like plant that is usually found in many desert regions. These are widely used as traditional herbal medicine to treat various sicknesses.

With its ephedrine and pseudoephedrine content, Ephedra then works as stimulants which will result in the increased of metabolic rate.  Then and there, it was associated with weight loss because of its ability to lose weight without having to exert much effort.

Unfortunately Ephedra was also known to numerous adverse effects if used improper.  It can even lead to death.  With these, government made these pills illegal for consumption. Also, it is disclosed that the allowable Ephedra pill must contain is below 8mg.

However, with the new formulation of Ephedra pills, government has lifted the ban in manufacturing it.  The new formulation have lessen the adverse effect yet assured in its effective weight loss result.  It was also required that a prescription is necessary before obtaining this diet pill.

With these, Ephedra diet pills, which was known for its weight loss properties could really help in fighting obesity in faster time. Its new formulation and required prescription makes it safe for obese people to achieve their proper weight in more rapid time frame.  Really, it might be the ultimate solution for obesity.  In such case, it must still be discussed thoroughly with physician for the proper dosage of this diet pills.

Ephedra Diet Pills Dangers

The volunteers who have been used popular in the U.S. means (Metabolife 356) the negative effect was observed even after a single dose. “Although our study was small in volume, it confirms the information about the dangers ephedra-containing supplements. Perhaps the acceptance of past due 155 deaths in the U.S. alone,” says Dr. Brian McBride, a professor of pharmacology at the University of Connecticut.

As a means for weight loss are considered food supplements, they are no strict criteria for FDA – despite the fact that Ephedra acts as a fairly strong stimulant.

The study, performed by Dr. McBride and his colleagues included 15 people who once took a single dose of Metabolife 356 or placebo. The findings were presented at the annual convention of the American Heart Association.

It was found that the drug is accompanied by a lengthening of the QT interval by an average of 24 ms (measured at 1, 3 and 5 h after admission). Blood pressure levels on average increased by 5%. In 60 patients who took Metabolife 356, QT lengthened by at least 30 ms.

Interestingly, the FDA banned the use of drugs that prolong QT by 13 milliseconds – including the popular Antiallergics terfenadine.

“According to our data, negative electrophysiological changes persist for a long time. The risk of potentially fatal ventricular arrhythmia is increased by 3.5 times,” said Dr. McBride.

Currently, the U.S. government has banned Ephedra products.

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