Does Biotin Work for Hair Growth


Biotin is considered to be an effective substance to improve the state of skin and nails, hair structure. It is called vitamin for beauty and health of a human body. It contains water-soluble form of vitamin B group which actually helps to transform proteins, fats and carbohydrates into energy, which is so necessary for normal functioning of a human body.

Bioitin is extremely necessary for skin structure. It performs a great protective function, helping to preserve the skin from the harmful effects of the environment, prevents the appearance of seborrheic dermatitis and skin overdrying. Another active component is sulphur which is able to be transformed into structuring component of collagen in course of a certain chemical reaction. That is why it helps to keep skin healthy and make nails stronger, transparent and flexible.

Does it Really Work?

There has been a lot of debate going on over the matter of Biotin. Does it work for hair growth or not? Is there any sure way of knowing if it does actually have any visible effects, or is it any way of knowing at least what sort of products and dosages should you be using in order to create some actual results? If you are asking yourself all of these questions, the time has probably come to shed some light over this whole matter and know once and for all what is the deal with Biotin products, anyway.

On short, Biotin has been recorded to show some amazing results; women experiencing some severe hair loss issues because of stress and certain health-related issues have stated that prolonged treatment featuring Biotin has made them answer affirmatively to this question. Due to the fact that this substance is part of the vitamin B family, and given the fact that lab researches have shown that it deficits are in fact responsible for hair loss, it is easy to see why most hair growth products out on the market are relying on Biotin as an active ingredient. Nails can also largely benefit from the use of these products – but this is a whole different matter. Nevertheless, you should know that if you also experience some nail problems and you are thinking about using a Biotin hair treatment in order to make your hair grow faster, your nails are also going to automatically benefit from this particular treatment, so take that as a bonus, if you will.

Nevertheless, in reality, Biotin deficiencies seem to be quite rare, so some reticent patients might claim the fact that there is no point in using this type of products unless the doctor orders them to boost their Biotin deposits. Plus, despite of the fact that we previously mentioned the fact that the deficiency can be a cause of hair loss, ingesting larger amounts via certain drugs or foods has not yet been proven within any official research laboratory. This is why the lack of sufficient evidence that it can in fact influence the growth of hair  at a faster pace makes a lot of folks answer negatively to this question.

However, provided you are going to decide to test out some products such as Biotin shampoos or oral supplements, you should get to at least see some short-term results. For instance, shampoos can make the hair look thicker due to the extra volume is responsible for in the hair shaft area. Nevertheless, such a shampoo is less likely to actually cause any visible boosts of the hair growth rate. The same goes for Biotin pills.

Nutrition Tips: Does It Help Hair Grow Faster?

How to Get the Proper Amount

Some biotin is produced in intestines by bacteria but the following amount is insufficient for the total supply of the whole body. So the main point is foods rich in vitamin B. To get the proper amount one should include oatmeal, rice, soybeans, nuts, sprouted wheat in the diet. This substance is contained in mushrooms, egg yolk, liver, kidney, nuts, potatoes, fish, tomatoes, spinach. The main rule to save biotin in these products is to minimize the cooking time.

Biotin called vitamin H, vitamin B7, coenzyme R is a water-soluble vitamin and its daily rate ranges depending on the age of a person: a grown-up should get not less than 5 mg and a child’s rate is from 1 to 5 mg of the vitamin daily. The maximum daily dosage has not been established yet.

The problem is considered to be solved when a person has a balanced everyday nutrition. The risk to get less amount is increased if a person is on tube feeding or eats raw egg whites for a long time because they contain avidin, the substance able to bind biotin so that it cannot be properly absorbed.

Negative influence of insufficient amount and hair growth problems occurred

Lack of biotin can cause severe damages to skin of cheeks, hands and feet, can make skin dry and its tone unwell. Also the deficiency threatens weakness and pain in muscles, sleepiness, depression, disturbances in the cardiovascular system, low blood pressure, high cholesterol and blood sugar, anemia, vomiting and lower appetite.

Hereby both are tightly interconnected. To avoid the lack of the vitamin one should coordinate nutrition and take some medicine containing biotin additionally.

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