Diuretic Weight Loss


Want to know about some facts about natural diuretics for water retention? It is a matter of common sense that any organic or natural products are safer than the synthetic versions having less or no side effects. But when it comes to issues like this you must be careful enough before you start taking. Though they are on the safer side, but still you have to consult with your doctor about the issue and know clearly the real causes. There are herbs like boldo, hawthorn, parsley, corn silk and dandelion leaf acting as natural diuretics for water retention. Even, tea, coffee and alcohol act too. Any beverage that contains alcohol and caffeine are known to produce diuretic effects. Among foods which can be categorized under natural diuretics are watermelon, asparagus, eggplant, onion and celery. All these natural ingredients help you to get rid of it.

But before you take any such diuretics find out the cause that why you should use them? In many cases people use them without knowing the proper cause and there lie the opposite reactions. Synthetic as well as natural if used improperly may result in bad effect even leading to the death of the patient. There are various causes of water retention and can caused by medications and medical conditions hence you must detect the actual cause and then proceed with diuretics. You must consult with your doctor whether you should take it or not as there are conditions in which supplements or herbs can really cause adverse effects and worsen the medical problems.

Prolonged usage of diuretics without any consultation with doctor often leads to kidney damage along with creating an imbalance in electrolytes normal levels. Electrolytes are vital to kidney, heart and liver functions and when out of balance can result in heart failure. Hence, you must be cautious enough before continuing any such diuretics for long time and of course without medical supervision. Most of the times when they are prescribed by doctors, patients are diagnosed with kidney, heart and liver problems. At these conditions patients need to get rid of the excess water in the body and diuretics create kidneys work faster and help you urinate more. But there are also other conditions where the treatment may differ and usage of diuretics at those cases really proof fatal.

Help You Lose Water Weight

Diuretics are used for a good number of reasons. They are often indicated some people will suffer from edema, an intense accumulation regarding fluids in the body’s flesh, and individuals who suffer from high bloodstream pressure as well as other heart related conditions. Increasing that production regarding urine not alone releases fluid, but also helps rid one’s body of unwanted salts and may reduce bloodstream volume.

A lot of people use diuretics to be a weight reduction aid, usually when a large number of weight needs to be lost in the short amount of time. The fact is the fact that they usually are not proven to market loosing fat; they will simply get rid of retained fluid. While that scale may show loosing a very few pounds, it is just a temporary reduction. This is not a healthy strategy to lose pounds. Abusing diuretics can result in dehydration in addition to sometimes extreme potassium inadequacies, which might be dangerous.

For those who only demand minimal fluid reduction, and possess no actual health worries, foods by using natural diuretic properties is often a better choice than drug-based diuretics. Some foods which contain these substances tend to be cranberries in addition to cranberry fruit juice, coffee and various beverages which contain caffeine, in addition to apple cider vinegar. Apple mackintosh cider vinegar also contains potassium, so that it may aid avoid potassium lack. Still, it needs to be used sparingly. Adding fiber rich foods such since cucumbers, watermelon while others that contain a good number of water will help increase urination.

Natural diuretics also needs to be employed in moderation, and although they are often healthier compared to taking mineral water pills, you mustn’t overdo the idea. It is definitely advisable to talk with your health care provider before starting point any fresh regimen, which includes taking techniques, taking over-the-counter medications, and perhaps using foods to treat medical difficulties.

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