Cryptic Tonsils


Unless you were diagnosed with cryptic tonsils you may not be familiar with them and how they can affect your health. This infection causes pockets to form within your tonsils that can get debris and food caught in them. They may even cause you to have a sore throat and bad breath as well. You may have heard of these cryptic infections called tonsil stones though.

Typically you can spot cryptic tonsils yourself without a doctor because they appear to be white bumps or even pus like bumps located in the back of the throat on your tonsils. However, some have often confused these symptoms for those of strep throat which is more serious than this. In fact, some people can develop the cryptic tonsil infection just by having more wrinkly tonsils than the average person. If they are prone to getting debris and food trapped in them then they are at very high risk for developing cryptic tonsillitis. In some of these cases halitosis can even occur which is a severe case of bad breath.

Treatment Options for Cryptic Tonsils

The treatment options you can choose will really depend on how sever your infection has become. As an at home remedy people have used tongue suppressors and tooth picks to pick out the debris and food from the tonsils but this can be dangerous to the tissue itself. You can also choose a laser surgery called cryptolysis which basically zaps away your pockets with a CO2 laser! The good thing about this treatment option is that it typically doesn’t take longer than 20 minutes or so.

The final way you can treat cryptic tonsils is by having a complete tonsillectomy, removal of the tonsils all together. Of course this is the most effective way to treat the infection and guarantee that it never returns. Plus, quite a few patients experience a better way of breathing once their tonsils have been removed. This surgery takes a little longer than cryptolysis but shouldn’t last more than 45 minutes to an hour.

Even though your tonsils are supposed to help support your body’s immune system there are just people out there who experience a lot of grief from their tonsils. The doctor you visit should be able to give you the best treatment for your situation so you can be ensured a speedy recovery.

Overall having this condition is not going to be damaging to your health but they can lead to other infections or problems. If you notice the white pores and bumps beginning to form on your tonsils then consult your doctor immediately so you can avoid those situations. Treatment and recovery is very short too so it makes it great for those working or attending classes they cannot miss often. When it comes to understanding the different in tonsil infections like this one it is important to know the facts. At the first sign of a problem seek out treatment.

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