Causes of Joint Pain


Joint pain is a problem that affects millions of Americans. It leaves people taking hundreds of dollars of medication a year and asking questions. Questions like: What are the causes of this condition? How can I stop it? What can I do to help?

If the causes of pain in the joints can be addressed then Americans will be able to live their lives much more comfortably and free from aches. Many of the biggest causes of this problem are from . This is simply inflammation of the fluid filled Bursa that surrounds the joints. This inflammation is caused by over use. Many joints are subject to this discomfort, mainly the shoulder and elbows. Tennis elbow is a common name for bursitis of the elbow. Since this is caused by over use rest will usually help this condition.

Some of the common causes of this ache are and strains.These common injuries usually result from a fall or impact on the joint. They are most common in the ankles and among those who are highly active. Sprains are injuries to the bone, and strains are injuries to the tendons. These injuries do heal over time, but they will cause a great amount of discomfort to those who are affected. More causes include arthritis. This painful condition can be caused by a multitude of factors.

Arthritis used to be considered a disease that only affected the elderly. However, now it is widely accepted that much younger people can be affected by arthritis. As medical advances continue, and technology advances to include internal digital imaging, where bones and joints can be viewed safely and cheaply in great detail, more and more cases of arthritis will be discovered in a much younger generation.

A very common cause of this painful condition is tendinitis. This is the most common repetitive use injury. Tendinitis affects everyone. Many people have pain in a joint of their hands because they are commonly on the computer typing. Repetitive use injuries are becoming so common in today’s world that there is a whole market of products designed to keep these injuries from happening. However, until people take a short break to rest the joints, Tendinitis and other repetitive injuries will continue to cause achy joint.There are many causes that are just symptoms of a much more serious illness.

Joint pain can be caused by bone cancer, lupus, hemochromatosis, and lyme disease. While none of these are a common cause of discomfort in joints, each disease is serious. This means a person needs to be vigilant about their own health care. A person must instead of just taking medication to stop the ache, assess their entire well being. If he is feeling badly over all, perhaps a trip to the doctor is in order. Achy joints should never be a long lasting condition. If it persists for a long period of time, see a doctor. Nobody should ever live in pain.

It always has a cause, and your doctor can help you find it.

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