Mouthwash For Tonsil Stones


If you find your friends and family offering you gum and breath mints, now you know why. Bad breath or halitosis is one common symptom of having tonsil stones and is a result of the bacterial that forms in and around the tonsil stone.

Another symptom is a foul taste in the back of the mouth or throat even after brushing or using mouth wash. Mouthwash that contains alcohol can provide a temporary masking scent that wears off quickly and can actually make the foul smell and taste worse. Sore throats are a common symptom as is an itching or feeling like there is just something in the back of your throat that won’t go down.

Best Mouthwash for Treating These Symptoms

There are quite a few people out there who get tonsil stones (or tonsillitis) often and those people will most like be recommended for a tonsillectomy rather than treatment from mouth washes. A tonsillectomy is simply where a surgeon goes in to remove your tonsils and it takes about an hour. However, there are natural ways to remove your tonsil stones that people seek out and mouth wash happens to be one of them.

When it comes to choosing the best mouthwash for tonsil stones there are plenty out there that will promise you things but they are not all the best. Dry mouth is one of the biggest causes of bad breath and tonsilloliths and while every mouth wash claims to promote good breath by disinfecting, the mouth washes you should be going after are the non alcohol ones. Alcohol is a water soluble liquid which means it dehydrates you and dries out your mouth, perfect breeding ground for the bad breath to be. Luckily, there are quite a few of non alcohol mouth wash options out on the market that range in prices so you can use them. Just a few short years ago finding mouthwash without alcohol would have been much harder.

The reason why alcohol was placed in mouthwash at all was because of the bacteria clearing properties which it still obviously does. However, the alcohol can be harmful to kids and other people which developed the need for the non alcoholic version. Mouthwash isn’t the only liquid treatment option you have for tonsilloliths though. Gargling salt water after each meal greatly helps to remove and prevent them too.

An old wife’s tale said that drinking vinegar would help remove the stones but we all know that vinegar isn’t the tastiest thing out there. Luckily, there is now Apple Cider vinegar you can purchase to drink that is much nicer to the taste buds but just as effective on the tonsilloliths. Plus, this may be the tastiest option yet over mouthwash.

Having good oral hygiene is very important if you want to stop tonsilloliths or get rid of them and that is very important. Flossing, brushing and using mouthwash daily keeps your mouth clean and less likely to contract any kind of infection. You can pick up mouth wash locally or online, depending on whatever is convenient for you. Your doctor may even recommend a specific brand or kind of mouthwash too if you seek their counsel. Typically mouth was is never over $15 to $20 and that is leaning on the more expensive brand names and bottles.

Chewing some sugar free gum often can also help promote natural saliva production which of course eliminates dry mouth and the potential for bad breath. There are many ways you can remove and treat your tonsil stones and ways to do so like using mouth wash can be done at home.

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