Benefits of Juicing


One of the most obvious benefits of Juicing is the concentrated mix of nutrients you obtain quickly… you save time by not having to eat several pieces of fruit or vegetables to get that same nutrition… and you also don’t need an appetite to drink a glass of concentrated juice that you otherwise need if you were to eat the fruit or vegetables normally.

Some of the not so obvious benefits of Juicing are harder to notice… and take time to notice… some of these benefits include; smoother skin, and stronger fingernails… please note that I really pack the nutrients into my daily juice diet, I drink approx. 8 glasses of highly concentrated juice per day, and my daily juice is made from usually a minimum of 7 different types of fruit.

Smoother skin; after using the Juicer on a daily basis for approxmately 3 or 4 months, I noticed that area’s of my skin that were aging more noticably than others started getting smoother (IE: my upper back and back of upper arms). When I first started Juicing, I didn’t think (or even care) that my skin condition would improve… however, I can only attribute my improved skin condition to Juicing… nothing else in my diet or environment has changed significantly since I started juicing.

More moist skin; another improvement I noticed with my skin after several months of Juicing was my skin seemed more moist. I noticed this becuase usually during the Winter time, area’s of my skin, particualrly around my eyebrows and hands would dry-up and flake… thus requiring the application of moisturizing cream. This Winter, for some reason, I required virtually no moisturing cream around my eyebrows, and very little on my hands… and the only thing I can contribute this improvement to is regular Juicing… as nothing else in my diet or environment has changed significantly since I started juicing.

Stronger fingernails; much to my surprise… after several months of daily juicing… I noticed my fingernails had become significantly stronger. I never heard of this before… but I’m not exaggerating when I say that my fingernails have increased in strength by an additional approx. 50%… and again, the only thing I can attribute to this change is a daily diet of highly concentrated juice.

Stronger bone joints; my bone joints seem stronger… they are not as easily fatigued, thus also making me feel more energized.

I know some of my claims may seem unbelievable… but keep in mind that I drink approx. 8 glasses of highly concentrated juice per day, and that my juice is made from usually a minimum of 7 different types of fresh fruit (which provide a huge range of nutrients and vitamins) that most people simply don’t have the time to intake on a daily basis.

A way to compare this could be to compare the growth/health of a plant… if you don’t feed a plant a proper diet of plant food, the plant will get yellowish leaves, spotty leaves, and weaker branches, etc. … however, if you feed that same plant a proper diet of plant food, it’s leaves grow a healthy shade of green, the leaves don’t get spots, and the branches and roots are much stronger.

Juicing Cost

After the cost of the machine… the daily cost of your juice will vary depending on the amount you juice you make, and the types of fruits you choose to juice.

Below, I’ve laid-out the cost of my typical daily juice, which usually consists of 3 apples, 2 large oranges, 2 med-to-large tomatoes, 2 pears, 3 large carrots, 1 lemon, 1 grapefruit, 1 mango…

Apples 3 40 cents ea. $1.20
Oranges 2 – large 71 cents ea. $1.42
Tomatoes 2 – med-to-large 45 cents ea. .90
Pears 2 74 cents ea. $1.48
Carrots 3 – large 20 cents ea. .60
Lemon 1 40 cents ea. .40
Grapefruit 1 – small 33 cents ea. .33
Mango 1 $1.50 ea. $1.50
TOTALS = 15 pcs. / day $7.83

Makes 8 full glasses averaging 98 cents per glass

Juicing Tips

There are certain things you can do to make your juicing experience more easier and enjoyable… some of this things are;

  • Always clean your Juicing equipment right after you use it… because if you let the pulp fruit dry… it can stick like glue… it’s easy to un-stick dried pulp by submerging it in water and waiting for just a little while.
  • At the very most, make only a 1 day supply of fresh juice at a time… you can make more but you’ll have to freeze it… but after I tried freezing extra juice for a while, I currently advise against it… because even when you freeze it, the juice starts loosing it maximum potent qualities after only a couple days frozen… I advise making just 1 new fresh batch of juice every morning… unless you are retired and have extra time on your hands to make fresh juice at different intervals during the day inorder to obtain maximum freshness..
  • When buying fruit, only buy a 3 day supply to ensure maximum freshness and quality of the fruit.
  • Line the inside of the pulp catcher with a plastic bag… it makes cleaning up the pulp catcher much quicker, cleaner, and easier.

Juicing Machine Consumer Report

I do find the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer to be a good machine… and there is little I can find fault with his machine… however, where a consumer may be a little disappointed with his machine is in the “reality” of Juicing vs. the “TV version” of Juicing…

I found that Juicing takes a little more time to do in “reality” than it takes on “TV”.

For example, I like to carefully wash all my fruits first… then I like to prepare the fruits carefully, removing any stems, bruised fruit, Calyx’s, and some peels… also I like to cut my fruit into manageable sized pieces… (I’ll go into more detail below).

Another thing that takes more time in “reality” than it takes on “TV” is the time to clean the machine after making your juice… on “TV” it would seem to only take approx. only a couple minutes to clean-up after making juice… however, I find that I rarely can clean-up properly in less than 10 – 15 minutes…


After using the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer for several months on a daily basis, my independent report/conclusion on the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer is;

(1.) Overall, I like the machine… it does a fairly good overall job.

(2.) I was a little disappointed with 2 things;

  • (A) I found the food preparation takes longer than what I thought it would after forming an opinion from watching the TV commercials., and
  • (B) I found that it took longer to clean the machine thoroughly than what I thought it would after forming an opinion from watching the TV commercials.

(3.) After several months of daily use, the cutting blade seems to be getting a little duller… so pretty soon, I’d like to replace it with a new blade.

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