Benefits of Climbing Stairs


I am looking to mix up my routine but I have limited time. Can you suggest a new workout idea or two?

There is nothing worse for staying in shape than a stale workout routine: you don’t put in much effort, therefore you don’t achieve the results you desire. A great way to mix things up is with a stair-climbing workout.

Stair climbing has many benefits: it can be an intense exercise for your heart and lungs while working the quadriceps and butt muscles against gravity. Stair climbing is a medium impact activity for your joints, but be careful going down. Stair descent places a lot of stress on your knees as the muscles around the knees brace themselves to absorb the impact of stepping down. If your knees are a concern, take care with your step going down or climb up the stairs and then use the elevator to come down.

Check out stair options in nearby offices, towers, shopping centers and sports stadiums. Be sure the one you choose is well lit and ventilated.

A great stair workout after the jump.

Keep your upper body slightly forward while you are climbing,  at the same time, also keep your back straight, knees soft and eyes forward. Besides, here are two points you should note. 1) Make sure you wear a good pair of cross-trainers 2) Also be sure to put your entire foot on every stair.

When you begin this workout, keep in mind that you should start slowly then adjust your muscles,lungs and heart. Moreover, don’t be surprised if you are out of breath and your legs burn after just a few flights.

The workout:
Climb one flight
March in place on the landing for 1 minute
Climb two flights
March in place on the landing for 1 minute

Week one: 10 minutes
Week two: 12 minutes
Week three 15 minutes
Week four: 15 minutes of straight climbing (rest)
Week five and up: add time until your reach 20-30 minutes of climbing.

If you want to increase the intensity of your workout, replace marching with squats, static lunges, push-ups and tricep dips off the stairs. Or use a set of dumbbells to increase your climb intensity.

Warm it up and cool it down. Warm-up by walking around the block for five minutes and cool down by walking for another five minutes. Stretch out your quadriceps, hamstrings and calves.

Like all workouts, you need to stay motivated. Keep a journal of how many stairs you climb each day, make a chart with your grand totals per week. Listen to your favorite music. Grab a workout buddy. Have fun!

Author by Sarah Brown

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