Bee Pollen For Weight Loss


Bee pollen is a very low calorie nutrient rich complete food. No one would ever dispute this reality! But bee pollen weight loss? Is that really possible?

Yes, bee pollen and weight loss do have some connection due to the fat burning properties of the pollen along with it being a nutrient dense super food. One of those nutrients is Lecithin which happens to be found abundantly in this most nutritious of nature’s wonders.

Lecithin is a natural substance which the body uses to emulsify fats so that they are broken down for our energy needs or are simply passed through our bodily system.

The gallbladders job is to breakdown fat, thus lecithin can assist this organ in carrying out this metabolic process. If you don’t have a gallbladder due to surgical removal, then lecithin is a real boon, so to speak! Lecithin is also found in soya, but soya unlike bee pollen is very difficult to digest and is responsible for very poor assimilation of minerals. Vegetarians beware!

Bee pollen weight loss can be a reality due both to the lecithin content and the fact that the nutrients in the product actually do raise the bodies metabolism, thus contributing towards the fat burning properties of lecithin. Lecithin is actually a fat itself, but as all nutritionists know, healthy forms of fat actually do burn fat!

‘Thermo genesis’ sounds like a difficult term to understand until you picture a thermometer. Yes thermo genesis refers to the raising of heat or temperature. The pollen along with its lecithin content actually raises the thermo bar so that increased calorie burning can take place, even if you are not exercising!

Bee Pollen weight loss is also experienced due to its appetite suppressant properties. The pollen contains many amino acids; indeed all that you need to maintain life and health.  One of those amino acids as an effect upon the control centre which tells the brain when the stomach is full. This is a very important fact to keep in mind as we now discuss the importance of eating a nutrient rich diet. 

Nutrition For Weight Loss

In order to preserve shelf life, it is a sad fact that many nutrients which control our health and stimulate fat burning are deliberately processed out of our foods. Foods are also irradiated and pasteurized supposedly for our protection.

Did you know that canned tuna contains little to no Omega 3 fats? Most supermarket oils on the shelves are rancid and dangerous, and most milled grains are denatured of their nutrients. The list of mans ruination of the food supply is endless. Where does that leave you?

Basically, though you may feel full after a meal, you may actually be starving from a deficiency of nutrients which the body need so badly. So what does the body do?

It cries out for more food in hope, by increaseing hunger pains.  When it’s given more of the same garbage it continues to cry out in hunger after a short time.  As a result, you pile on the weight thinking your body need more food when in reality it needs more nutrients and nutrition!

By taking a bee pollen supplement, we have all the nutrients the body requires as it is a complete food. If in addition we alter our diet to contain only natural unprocessed foods, then weight loss is sure to follow!   

The Importance of Fats

One authority, Gary Taubes, recently stated that if we eat a modest amount of protein, increase our intake of healthy fats and cut down on starchy carbs, then you will definably lose weight!

Remember! Good fats burn fats! Also, such fats make you feel full and satisfied hence you will not desire to eat white bread, pasta and lots of potatoes etc which are responsible for insulin production. Insulin is a storer of fat not a burner of fat!

As an example, take coconut milk which is composed of 28% fat which the body quickly breaks down into energy, so you will never put on weight.

Now when you put some coconut milk in some home made soup, do you think you will feel like eating bread with your soup or may be extra potato? Do you get the idea? Bee pollen provides the nutrients the body requires, fat burns fat and makes you feel full! Hence no craving for more starch! Add also some uncooked greens to your diet such as raw celary and raw spinich to keep things inbalance.

Other healthy fats include olive oil, avocados, fatty fish and lean meat. Where possible if you are to eat meats as a protein source try to buy organic, the same applies to yogurts. Some cheeses such as the Swiss Gruyere are unpasteurized.

If you must eat potato, try sweet potato or yams as they are one of the most nutrient dense vegetable in the world. Don’t forget the spices, for example black pepper helps the body to assimulate more nutrients from your food. So does avocado!

In a health store, weight loss pills often contain what is known as a diuretic. A diuretic is a substance that gets rid of excess water from your system. Such water contributes towards ones actual weight. The good news is that bee pollen contains a natural ingredient which acts as such a diuretic -Lucky You!

In conclusion, bee pollen weight loss is feasible because of the fat burning capabilities and the fact that the pollen is a natural appetite suppressant by virtue of its nutrient content.

However to guarantee success with weight loss, you must increase your protein and fat intake while decreasing your starchy carbs. Remember this rule: Nutrients plus healthy fats = a satisfied stomach, hence you will eat less!

If your diet is genuinely nutritious, then the body will not crave for more than it genuinely needs, hence you will gravitate towards your natural weight!

The best bee pollen diet pills for weight loss in the world, without a doubt are derived from the ultra clean New Zealand environment.

Bee Pollen For Weight Loss

Anyone who has used this product in losing fat can attest that it is possibly one of the most effective methods. By taking a simple pill with food, which is doing more to help your body to lose weight – you stay healthy physically and mentally.

The healthier you are, the better your chances of keeping the weight off once you’ve lost it.


· Increased metabolism: This not only allows you to process food faster, it also allows you to enjoy the nutritional benefits of them much faster.· A safe and natural hunger stopper: One of the hardest things about losing weight is the regulation of your diet. The pollen gently reduces cravings for junk food and makes you feel fuller long after eating healthy foods.

· Energy and endurance Mayor: using it for weight loss gives an energy boost when you need it most. Unlike coffee, there is no danger of heart palpitations or headaches caffeine. This will allow you to exercise longer without fatigue.

Along with these, using the methods also naturally detoxifies the body. Once these toxins are expelled you, you will feel much better. Your endurance will increase and you will feel stronger after every workout.

What does it consist of?

What many people trying to use the products do not realize at first is that this substance is used for something else apart from lose weight.

After all, anyone who has suffered from iron deficiency disease knows it completely drains you of energy and leaves you absolutely miserable.

This supplement is known to contain the following, among others:

· Proteins

· Iron

· Magnesium

· Sodium

· Potassium

· Amino Acids

· Vitamin C

· Vitamin D

· Vitamin K

· Vitamin B12

These are just some of the many vitamins, nutrients and minerals available in this supplement. The lyophilized form, in particular, is especially effective, because it avoids that each of the nutrients, even during the manufacturing process, which complements very potent.

Why does this pollen work? 

Well it comes essential nutrients needed by the body which is very important. This pollen is very high in lecithin, which helps your body to get rid of fat naturally and effectively.  This will help you lose weight and keep it off.  It also contains phenylalanine, which is an amino acid that helps to suppress your appetite.  The pollen also has the ability to correct chemical imbalances in the body and can help to boost and speed up your metabolism naturally.

You can find a bee pollen supplement as those are the best when it comes to losing fats.  You want to make sure that the capsule you are taking contains all natural bee pollen so you do not develop an allergic reaction.  You can buy bee pollen powder as well, which is great.  You can buy it freeze dried, which helps to prevent oxidation and can help to maintain the potency of the pollen as well.

If you diet and exercise as well as consume this kind of pollen, we are sure you will see amazing results from it.  Dieting is key to helping you lose weight, as well as exercise.  It only helps to enhance your weight loss goals.  Watching calories is important as well when trying to lose weight so keep that in mind.

The pollen can definitely help you slim down and lose weight if that is what you are trying to do.  We are sure you will love the benefits you see from taking in this supplement and you will definitely see results.

You can take it to help you slim down as long as you diet and exercise.  It is very beneficial and it has other great benefits for your body as well!

Where can you find the best one for losing weight?

When it comes to using bee pollen weight loss methods, it is best to make sure you have the cleanest, purest supplements possible. This is why pollen from New Zealand is famous for being the most potent. This region is isolated and free of contaminants, resulting in the supplements that are completely free of contaminants. With this in mind it is easy to see why such method is becoming so popular.

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