Bee Pollen Supplement Reviews


One of the most remarkable marvels in our natural world is Pollen as contained in a bee pollen suplement. Pollen is a substance found and produced in almost all types of plants, blossoms and flowers where there is pollen grain containing the elements of male germ cells.

The ancient cilvilisations of the  Greeks, Chinese and Egyptians benefited much from the awesome nutrients of this product and now our own modern civilization has cultivated it even more so thus producing the best quality pollen yields of the purest grade.

Purity Problems

When considering buying bee pollen supplements, you should keep in mind that the cultivation and manufacturing of healthy products are very much dependant on environmental factors. Pollen can easily absorb contaminants from the environment, that is why it should be harvested in an area where there is little to no pollution.

As recent study showed bee pollens harvested in industrialized places like the USA and China contained high levels of metal contaminants.

The New Zealand natural health company, Xtend-Life has the most rigorous regulatory facility available which by far exceeds the U.S. FDA requirements.  Indeed Xtendlife, have developed a process which surpassed the upper constraints with regards to the manufacturing of quality supplements.

In New Zealands enviable pollution free environment, Xtend Life process bee pollen in a special way which involves the  breaking down of its components and infusing those componants within 5 days with a special group of enzymes that conserves their natural goodness. Because of this process the absorption of the supplements are greatly enhanced by the body.   


let’s discuss further the goodness that this type of supplementation has to offer. Research work indicates that it contains the following nutrients:

19 Vitamins which are: Provitamin A, Vitamin B1-Thiamin, Vitamin B2-Riboflavin, Vitamin B3-Niacin, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6-Pyridoxine, Vitamin B12-(cyanocobalamine), Pantothenic acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin F, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin H, Vitamin K, Vitamin PP, Folic Acid, Choline, Inositol and Rutin.

It also contains 25 minerals: Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Manganese, Zinc, Selenium, Potassium, Iron, Copper, Sulfur, Sodium, Iodine, Chlorine, Molybdenum, Titanium, Silica and Boron.

It also includes 11 Carbohydrates, 22 Amino Acids, 14 Fatty Acids, 11 Enzymes and Co-Enzymes, 59 trace elements and is approximately 25% protein.

Bee Pollen contains over 50% more protein than beef yet its fat content is very low. If you are a vegetarian, this could be your excellent substitute for sources of protein since it typically contains more essential amino acids than animal proteins of dairy products, eggs and meat.

The supplements are exceptionally high in carotenes, a metabolic precursor of Vitamin A. It also has high levels of B complex vitamins, vitamins C, D and E as well as ribose, hypoxanthine, hydrocarbons, nuclein, Lecithin and healthy oils. All these nutrients boost the body’s immune system, making you resistant to illnesses.

They also contains antihistamine properties needed to prevent allergic reactions in some people.  Antioxidants are also an addition to its many benefits which are a prerequisites for cellular rejuvenation.

Help Improve Skin

Studies have shown that the supplement can rejuvenate unhealthy or aging skin. Dr. Lars-Erik Essen, a dermatologist in Helsingborg Sweden, said: “Through transcutaneous nutrition, bee pollen exerts a profound biological effect. It seems to prevent premature aging of cells and stimulates growth of new tissues. It provides protection against dehydration and injects new life into dry cells. The skin becomes younger looking, less vulnerable to wrinkles, smoother, healthier and with pollen bees .”

Help to increase energy, vitality and stamina:

The pollen increases athletic performance. James Higgins, owner of the apiary Hillsboro, Ohio Higgins and treasurer of the American Apitherapy Society says: “Bee pollen supplement is used by athletes around the Olympic world.” Many say it gives them more power and better performance. More Details See as below.

Other advantages:

The supplement has shown health benefits from a number of ways, including supporting the immune system, endurance, helps strengthen digestive power and help to reduce the sensitivity of the body to certain allergies pollen. Because of its high antioxidant content helps maintain the body and fight free radical-driven health problems. All you need now is to get your own pollen supplement to feel the efficacy of good health.

Power and Energy:

The primary benefit of taking these supplements is the energizing effect that boosts the body with extra endurance. Some athletes have used bee pollen products for many years to increase their strength and vitality.

Continuous consumption of this product helps replenish the lost vitamins and minerals in your body especially if you deplete your body’s nutrients on a regular basis via stress etc. That is why Xtend life always make sure that their product delivers the most optimum nutrients needed by the body.

Since the pollen contains high amount of proteins and amino acids, it thus facilitates muscular development, keeping you stronger and well built. The vitamins and fatty acids contained in this product helps young children develop their brains, enhance their memory, attention span and IQ levels.  

In some persons with blood disorders, studies showed that after taking such supplements there is a remarkable increase in the white and red blood cells. It is also proven to lower bad cholesterols making it essential for persons with high blood pressure and heart problems. 

The amino acids, vitamins and fatty acids are also helpful in regulating moods making anyone feel mood enhanced. Bee Pollen supplements are indeed a very good investment for a longer and fulfilling lifestyle that most can only dreams of.

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