Bee Pollen: Health Benefits & Side Effects


Do yourself a favor and start taking supplements rich in bee pollen, most especially a good supplement like New Zealand’s  xtend life supplement. You will discover the reason why after reading their health benefits highlighted in this article. The supplement is a powerful natural energy and regulates body functions, as part of the many benefits it offers to health.

What is Bee Pollen?

It’s a 100% safe, all natural human health supplement that offers many benefits towards maintaining and improving your good health. The pollen sometimes thought of as the “perfect food” because it is about 40% pure protein that is extremely beneficial within the body and is easy to metabolize.

It contains as many as 96 different nutrients and also includes other beneficial enzymes, poly unsaturated fatty acids, folic acid, vitamin C, carotene, trace elements such as iron, manganese, calcium and potassium and 22 beneficial amino acids. This amazing health supplement also contains anti-oxidants that help to reduce the likelihood of cancer.

What Does This All Mean For You and Your Health?

Bee Pollen is known as the “energy food” because all of these beneficial vitamins, trace elements and vital amino acids are contained in ONE SUPPLEMENT where there is no danger of unnatural combinations that might do more harm than good.

It is straight from Mother Nature and is not cooked up in a lab. The ancient Chinese, Egyptians, Romans and Greeks and countless other societies around the globe utilized valuable Bee Pollen in their traditional medicines. Time is often the best testimony and the ancients also used it to boost their immune systems and to improve energy and endurance during harsh physical activities.

This was important in a world lacking in technology where manual labor was the only course of action possible. We will wait patiently for our “energy pill.” But until then a balanced healthy diet is the route to preserving your good health in concert with an extremely beneficial heath supplement such as all natural Bee Pollen.

What Are Benefits and Side Effects?

The properties of such pollen make this product secreted by plants an excellent complement to the daily diet. The consumption is of significant benefit to you, which is quickly noticeable. Between the effects include increased resistance to fatigue and enhanced intellectual ability, besides being beneficial for many diseases.

It is the product of secretion of the male organs of plants, whose function is to fertilize the female organs. Therefore, in composition, are indispensable for life. Among them, it emphasizes the high protein, vitamins and hormones that promote growth. Furthermore, the pollen has carbohydrates, lipid complexes, diastase and trace elements.

The benefits are derived from its cleansing, energizing and revitalizing properties. It stimulates the appetite, increases work capacity and low blood pressure. The effects of pollen consumption begin to be noticeable a few days after you start use, increasing the fatigue strength and intellectual capacity. It is only contraindicated in people with allergies. Bee Pollen dose recommended for adults is one tablespoon per day, which you mix with meals, if you dislike the taste.

Health Benefits as List Below:

  • Bone Health

It is great for those who have brittle bones.  This is because it is very high in amino acids.  It also is high in various vitamins and minerals, such as calcium and lysine, as well as phosphorus.  Lysine has the ability to absorb calcium, which is why this product is great for our bones.  This is great for children and adults alike, and it can help with the formation of bone callus that is associated with fractures.  It is also beneficial in preventing osteoporosis.

  • Brain Health

Again due to high amounts of amino acids, we here think this supplement is great for memory and brain functioning.  It can help to make you much more concentrated and focused, and it can help you have increased amounts of concentration as well.  This is great for anyone who has ADHD. Bee pollen is very beneficial for those who are older, children and students who are preparing for exams as well.  It can also help to lower the negative effects of stress, anger, jealousy, and envy.

  • Energy

It dose work well if you are lacking energy in your body.  Energy is important each and every day as it keeps you going.  It can help with intellectual tiredness and it contains the essential proteins, minerals, and vitamins that we need in order to keep our energy levels high.  It is truly great for patients who are recovering from various types of health aliments as well.  It is great and safe for everyone and anyone!

  • Anemia

Take pollen is good for anemia as it increases red blood cell production, it also helps healing by what is indicated in case of ulcers. It is also ideal for restoring vitality, which is why we recommend use on weak, convalescent, stressed, elderly and pregnant women. In children, the pollen promotes growth.

  • Others

Among other medicinal properties, the pollen is useful for preventing prostatitis. In addition, hypertension, varicose veins, intestinal and liver problems, asthma, eczema, diabetes, eye disorders, anxiety, irritability and nervousness, among other conditions, also benefit from the consumption of pollen.

Side Effects:

  • Headache

This is common when taking a new supplement as your body is not used to having this in the body.  If you develop a side effect, you can slowly take it until you feel no more headaches come on.

  • Runny Nose

This is extremely common with this product as the smell could cause problems in the ear, nose and throat area.  Again, lessen the amount of this supplement you are taking if you develop a runny nose.

  • Allergic Reaction

Although rare, this could indeed happen.  If you are allergic to bees, honey, or have an allergic reaction to an insect sting, you might be allergic to Bee Pollen as well.  You need to make sure you do not take in this supplement if you know you are allergic. If you develop symptoms such as itchy throat or hay fever, discontinue the use of this supplement all together.

  • Tearing Eyes

This could also be due to an allergic reaction, but a minor side effect of Bee Pollen could be tearing and wet eyes.  Do not worry though because this is common!

  • Rash

Rash is a bit less common, so if you develop a rash when taking this product you should discontinue use and see your doctor as soon as you can to get it checked out.

How To Use It For Your Health

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