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Many men and women suffer from embarrassing extra padding on their backs, resulting in the need for effective exercises for back fat. Simply dieting isn’t working and it stubbornly refuses to leave, making you feel self-conscious and severely cramping your style choices. No low-riding hip-huggers or scooped-back cocktail dresses for you! While this scourge frustrates many women to the point of tears, there are many ways to fight it. With some hard work and dedication, you could even lose it in time to wear that super cute outfit you bought just for New Years.

Don’t be surprised if a lot of these fat-banishing exercises involve some serious weight lifting. While generally thought to be the realm of hulking male bodybuilders, lifting weights is also a highly beneficial activity for women. It makes you feel great, gives you flattering muscles and burns fat away like nothing else.

Exercises for Getting Rid Of Back Fat

Seriously, spot reduction is a myth. When it comes to getting rid of the fat in one particular area of your body, the rest of the body loses some inches too because your body is ONE. But yes, when you ‘focus’ one specific area of your body and do certain exercises, that problem area gets toned and in a few weeks, with repetition and consistency, you start seeing results. There are effective exercises you can do to lose back fat, that target the area specifically and help you become more toned. Here are top common exercises as below:

Upright Rows

This activity engages several muscles groups in your upper back and shoulder regions. To begin, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the barbell firmly at a comfortable width below your waist. Keeping your abdominal muscles tensed, lift the barbell smoothly upward, raising it as high as your chin. After a brief pause, carefully lower the bar to your starting position. Depending on the barbell’s weight and your strength, three sets of 12 repetitions should be enough.

One-Sided Rows

These exercises work the upper arms, chest, lats, shoulder blades and mid-back. Pick up a dumbbell and grasp it as would grasp a bag handle. Either place your left hand and knee on a weight bench or support yourself with one hand on a table while leaning over with your back straight. Now, with the arm holding the dumbbell hanging down, bring your arm upward in a smooth and straight movement, making sure to contract your target muscle groups for optimal results. Always come out of the motion as smoothly as possible to prevent potentially serious shoulder injuries. A momentary lack of care can result in an arm that is virtually useless.

Swimming and Rowing

exercises for back fatThese exercises combine the benefits of cardio with the results of weight lifting. They work your lungs and heart, but also significant muscle groups. In fact, they target every muscle in the back. In between high-intensity workouts, it is necessary to take a few days off of anything too strenuous to let muscles recover. Swimming and rowing make great exercises on these “off” days to help maintain your metabolism and keep from gaining fat. Generally, 30 minutes a day of this is considered adequate, with more than 45 minutes being considered unhealthily excessive.

Core Exercises

Any exercises meant to tone and strengthen your core muscle groups are also going to benefit your back. Balancing on your hands and knees on an exercise ball, wall-sitting and walking with significant weight in each hand are all great ways to achieve a more appealing back.

Lat Pulldowns

These exercises are great for targeting those pesky deposits at your bra line and has the added benefit of lifting the breasts. Lat pulldowns are usually done on a pulley-type weight machine that comes with adjustable weights. Make you sit on the bench with your back straight and to tense the target muscles.

Balance Exercises

Exercises that improve balance work the muscles that help to keep your body stable: The core muscles and the back muscles. Get on your hands and knees on the floor. Slowly lift one arm and hold it outward. Next, lift your leg opposite of the arm you just lifted and extend it outward. Keep both your arm and leg out for 20 to 30 seconds, repeating 2 to 3 times. Be sure you alternate sides.

Running, Biking and Walking

Nearly all physical activity can qualify as back fat exercises. What matters the most is raising your metabolism so that your body is constantly burning fat for fuel, even at rest. Even a mile per day of moderate-speed walking or bike riding can have a dramatic impact on your weight. It also helps to make sure you’re eating fewer calories than you burn.

Crunches and Situps

While crunches and situps are thought of as something that’s only good for losing belly fat, they also target the hard-to-reach lower back.

Spinal Twist

This uncomplicated activity hails from Pilates fame as one of the easiest and most relaxing exercises. Start by sitting on the floor with your legs out and back straight. With your arms at your sides, lift them to shoulder height. Inhale deeply, exhale, then twist your body to one side, keeping your arms outstretched. Again, it helps to tense your muscles as you move to increase resistance and therefore, effectiveness. When you twist back to your starting position, inhale once again. Repeat this process until you have twisted each way at least 8 times. After a few weeks, you’ll really begin to notice the results of your exercises for back fat!

My Top Favorites Exercises

Adding muscle on the back and becoming lean is one way to lessen the appearance and get rid of back fat. Here are my top exercises for targeting this problem area:

Back-flyes with bands: this great little exercise can be done at home and the equipment needed will cost pennies available from any decent sports retailer one of the best items you can have in your arsenal to reduce back fats. Here is a video to show the exercise performed correctly.

Rowing (on an exercise machine or even better out on a lake if your lucky!) : Good cardio and targets that back area as well.

Swimming: again excellent cardio if you can do butterfly as-well this will develop your shoulder and back muscles reducing the appearance of back fat.

Back extensions: lie with your stomach on the floor and with your hands under your chin lift your head and feet up simultaneously as if you were trying to bend your body in a U shape see this video for excellent form in this exercise can be a real killer (even though she makes it look easy!) just stick with it this one is brilliant for targeting that hard to shift back fat!

There are a whole host of weight exercises that you can do to tone and define your back and as your strength increases you can incorporate more I recommend a good starting point is one arm dumbbell rows try these out (obviously with weights to suit your current level of fitness) 3 repetitions of 7 with each arm nice and slow with perfect form you’ll have the added benefit of working your arms simultaneously.

These exercises along with proper nutrition tips will speed up your journey to lose back fat fast once you get on a roll you will notice your efforts become compounded and you will begin to see the payoff! stay focused and stay healthy.

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