Health benefits: Avocado Calories


Avocado is a native tree of central Mexico. It consists of a fruit that is like berry and contains the single seed. It is egg-shaped. This fruit is often used by those people who are interested in trying to lose weight. But in fact the fruit of this tree is a perfect diet whether you wish to lose the weight or wants to remain fit.

False Fact about Avocado

There are almost 20 nutrients are found in avocado. The most popular are fiber, vitamin E, B-vitamins, folic acid, and potassium. Avocados are so good at boosting the absorption of fat-soluble nutrients. Even tough they are so popular among the culinary lovers, there are many people also who are so conscious about avocado calories. Yes, many people prefer not to eat this substance because they want to stay slim or because they are afraid of getting fat. Many times avocados are related to weight issues. Many people wonder how big the calories that an avocado has. Are you one of the people out there who is so conscious about this?

Well, many people out there believe that avocados bring bad luck for those who want to reduce weights. 90% calories are fat. This is way people underestimate it and reduce their avocado consumption. What these people and you probably also don’t know yet is that avocadoes can be a very good food to help reducing weights. Voila! What a surprise! Monounsaturated fat can boost metabolism. This is completely different from saturated fat. If you love healthy diet, you better put avocados in your healthy menu because according to the recent research this fruit provides minerals and vitamins well for healthy diet.

If you know nothing about avocados, it is so understandable that you dislike it, moreover if you are in healthy diet and you want to lose weight as soon as possible. Many people have the same thoughts. They dislike avocado calories and think eating this substance is a big no. anyway, research recently proves that the negative assumption is totally wrong. Avocadoes are recommended for those who want to have healthy diet yet losing weights. You can check details of avocado nutrients and you will get surprised how healthy it can be. You can find more the use for your health by browsing in the net.

Benefits of Calories in Avocados

Calories in avocados are pretty high as compared to other vegetables this is why people avoid to use them but this fruit has many health benefits. California Avocado Commission declared that a medium size avocado has 22.5 grams of stout and 250 calories. 22.5 grams of fat generates polyunsaturated and mono which leads to strong body and health. So, when you are even thinking to lose your weight don’t be hesitate to add it to your diet. Its calories can keep you more satisfied to substitute half of medium avocado which contains 125 calories more than one times a week then to have a 125 calorie snack where it will add all of nutrition.
Including calories in avocados is very good in diet to decrease the chances of heart diseases with the help of folate, comparatively very good for people having low folate diet. If you have busy day which could burn your fats then a healthy heart can be linked with the vitamin E in avocado. Rheumatoid and osteo-arthritis are diseases which can also be prevented by using avocado as well as inflammation can also be reduced with the use of calories in avocados because it has vitamins C and E which are responsible for good health.

With the help of avocados you can absorb more nutrients by adding them in food and this could provide more benefits. Nutrient absorption can be improved more than 400 percent by adding avocado fat in burning food. Vitamin E and glutathione becomes fat burning when it is added to food and then it protect us from many types of diseases like cancer, diabetes, cholesterol and cancer. Use of avocados also improves eye health, it regulates the circle of blood and controls sugar and remove the aging signs.

Avocado calories can be count by style, weight and size and here is the calories count.

By weight:

Avocado Calories
Ordinary (28g) 45
Californian (28g) 47
Florida (28g) 24

By size:

Avocado Calories
Ordinary (normal size) 153
ordinary (1:1) 306
ordinary (large size) 322

Three Great Advantages of Avocados

It is known as one of the most delightful foods offered by nature, because of their numerous health advantages and high amount of nutrients.Here we will highlight three avocado health benefits for you to provide some reassurance, so you can at least give this fruit a try.

1. As Vitamin-B Goldmine: An important benefit is that it is jam packed with vitamin B. 3.5 OZ of raw avocado can give quantities of B vitamins each day as here: Vitamin B2 is 0.1 mg that is 8% of daily advised quantity; Vitamin B3 is 1.7 mg that is 9% of what require; Vitamin B5 is 1.389 mg that is 28% of the amount you require in a day; Vitamin B6 is 0.257 mg that is 20% of what you need and Vitamin B9 is 81 micrograms that makes 20% of required. These are just some inspiring numbers that this substance provides. Here are some of the advantages that B vitamins offer: Ease stress, stop anxiety, prevent heart diseases, repair DNA and also help production, and enhance your memory. So, you can intake it without any worry.

2. Minimize the risk of heart related problems and also lower the cholesterol levels: We are all aware of the word ‘fat’ and we do have negative opinions, but you believe it or not, there are fats related to calories in avocados that are good for us. Polyunsaturated fats and Monounsaturated fats can help in reducing the level of cholesterol in our body, and reduce the danger of heart problems too. Avocados are the fruit that give these optimistic fats, as in each OZ of raw avocado the calories contain half gm. of polyunsaturated fat and 3 gm. of monounsaturated fat.

3. High calories in avocado and the fat quantity, but can still help reduce weight: It may sound a bit contradictory but it is truly a fact. When you ask if avocados are beneficial for you, you can believe that the majority of calories are focused in the body’s fat that makes you feel full while eating this fruit. The sooner you sense fullness the better contented your hunger will be, and the reduced will be the chance that you continue to eat to slake your hunger, thus helping you prevent in-taking more calories.

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