Avocado Health Benefits: Nutrition Facts, Recipes, and Calories


Not many people are familiar with this fruit though, and common questions that are posed are, “is avocado good for you?” “What amount of calories in avocados is found?” Yes, it is good for you. Also, the amount of calories is pretty high. It contains an average of about 20 grams of fat. However, nearly all of it fat – monounsaturated fat is useful.

Some Avocado Benefits that you simply will appreciate:

1. Reduce cholesterol. Avocados benefits possess oleic acid, a monounsaturated extra fat that lowers cholesterol. A analyze of individuals with large cholesterol confirmed that eating a diet regime superior in avocados can lower poor levels of cholesterol even though raising great levels of cholesterol.

2. Boost your eyesight. Avocados have substantial quantities of lutein and zeaxanthin, anti-oxidants that guard your eyes from age-related macular degeneration and might actually improve your eyesight.

Consider it: Substitute the milk or yogurt in your own smoothie having an avocado.

3. Protect your coronary heart. Avocados are chock jam packed with nutrients that promote coronary heart wellness. The superior volume of potassium in avocados can control blood pressure and assistance reduce coronary heart illness and strokes (not to point out lessen cholesterol). Avocados benefits also possess higher amounts of folate, a nutrient that can also assist to avoid coronary heart attacks and heart illness.

All You Need To Know About Avocado Nutrition

Avocado has become one of the most favorite tropical fruit that people ever eat. The first that you need to do is you need to thank to the God that he already created a beautiful and delicious fruit call avocado. We also need to thank that not only is cheap, this fruit also has lots of function which can help them grow more. Avocados also known as alligator fruits because the skins that have green color and spot are look-alike an alligator.

Need to be open 6 to 9 days after harvesting form the trees. The flesh of this fruit has yellow green color and taste sweet and salt like butter. Avocados become famous not only for the adults but also among the children and toddler who just started to learn how to eat a food and avocados is become the most popular and best choice for toddlers food, because not only tasty, avocados also have lots of energy that may supplies your daily needs. That’s why avocado has become the perfect choice for the baby’s nourishing foods especially when they try to eat the solid one.

About the avocado nutrition, this fruit has become the most favorite fruits that have lots of vitamins and energy. It has the no 2 highest number of monounsaturated fatty acids after OLIVE OIL. With more than 20 % from the total number avocado nutrition become the most complete for children growth after the olive oil, and this amount of avocado nutrition we can say that this fruit become the important fruit that give you lots of nutrition. For many years this substance is believed that its has large amount of fat which make people who doing on weight reducing programs often stay away from this fruits, but one thing that they don’t know that those sentence are totally myth, in fact the all nutrition and monounsaturated fats that contain in the fruits help you to increase basal metabolic rate which can help people reduce their appetite that prevent them from over eating.

The other nutrition that gives your body mineral supply is the potassium, as we know that banana has large amount of potassium, but in avocado you can find larger amount of potassium which is 3 times more, and another mineral that will be used for blood development, iron, phosphorus and magnesium. Avocados also categories an ideal fruit for diabetic people and can treat hypoglycemic. Even though you can treat for hypoglycemic, this fruits categorized as low glucose fruits therefore you can use it for diabetic people and patients.

Last but not least, avocados has lots of vitamin which not only useful for the body but also useful for the skin, because they are rich in vitamin E which can make your skin younger if you use it regularly. Not forget to mention that the vitamin B and the other vitamins that will help you take care of your skin and hair.

Learning about Avocado Nutrition Facts for Better Health

Many people love avocados yet many people hate them. Avocadoes are often blamed for its calories content. Yes, even tough not so many people know avocado nutrition facts, they like accusing it as a bad food. For years people assume that the fat in this substance may ruin diet that somebody is getting involved in. How bad avocados are actually? Well, they are not as bad as what people out there might think. This food is enriched with so many important nutrients for human body. The nutrients in one avocado are almost 20. Potassium, vitamin E, folic acid, fiber, B-vitamins, and vitamin C are some of the important nutrients for human body and they can be found in an avocado.

Avocado is often assumed as exotic fruit and it is often served in dinner menu as main menu. According to recent research, avocados are good for diet. Yes, even researchers recommend them to be put in the healthy diet menu. Although 90% of avocado calories are fat, the monounsaturated fat is proved to improve human metabolism. The perceptions that they help you gaining weight now is changed into that they are good for reducing weights. If you are in diet, eating avocados will keep your stomach feeling full longer than low fat biscuits you eat. Overeating can be diminished if you have them around you. Seeing its nutrition facts will trigger you more to increase the avocados consumption. Apart from weigh issue, they are also getting involved in cardiovascular issue. Yes, the researchers find that they can reduce the risk of somebody getting cardiovascular disease. The American Heart association (AHA) Dietary Guidelines suggests people to have diets which contain only 30% calories from fat. Avocado is completely suit for you who want to follow the AHA’s suggestion.

There is no excuse anymore for you not to consume avocados. These fruits are good for keep your heart healthy and they are good also to reduce weights if you are focusing on losing some weights. Learn more about the nutrition facts so that you can boost the use of avocado well for your health.

Calories In An Avocado

Avocado is mainly a fruit filled with many nutrients which are helpful for the healthy growth of the human body. Some of the important nutirents present in this fruit are Vitamin E, vitamin B, C, D, and K along with folic acid, potassium, riboflavin, biotin, niacin, thiamin, pantothenic acid and fiber content. Avocados are nutrient boosters and mainly help in absorbing the fat soluble nutrients like betacarotene, alpha and lutein. There are calories in an avocado along with most essential nutrients. These fresh and healthy diet fruits are rich in flavor and help in fighting against many health ailments.

The presence of monosaturated fats in avocados help in reducing the cholesterol levels in the body. Folate and potassium help in promoting the tissue development and healthy cells. Potassium helps in building the body muscles, controlling the blood pressure level, fighting against circulatory diseases and plays a vital role in metabolism. These fruits are very low in sodium and sugar content. Avocados can be eaten on their own or can be added to salads, soups, slices or sandwiches depending upon the taste. They can be even blended for forming a base of sauce.

One cup of sliced avocado contains about 234 calories along with 2.9 grams of proteins, 9.8 grams of fiber, 12.4 grams of carbohydrates and 21.5 grams of fat. These calories can be burnt either by running for 25 minutes or by walking for about 38 minutes. 100 grams of avocados contain around 144 which is high when compared with other fruits. So approximately it is estimated that there are nine calories per gram present in this fruit along with energy gaining vitamins and minerals. A medium sized avocado contains 300 calories, but the amount of calories differs depending upon the size and weight.

Avocados do contain high levels of polyunsaturated fats and mono-unsaturated fats and are very good for maintaining healthy skin. They help in fighting against depression and fatigue. Fresh avocados which do not have any dark spots present on them and have slight neck instead of being round should be selected and stored in a refrigerator to maintain its freshness.

Get Your Appetite with Avocado Recipes

Avocado contains so many vitamins such as B6, E, C, and magnesium. This fruit has more 60% more potassium than banana. It is a good fruit for your health especially for the one who get anemia. Even it contains 30 gram of fat in one time serve, it is still good for body. It is because this fruit contains monounsaturated fat. Because this fruit is good to be consumed, there are so many avocado recipes that are created by chef.

There are some tips of how to choose it before you start to think of avocado recipes. The fact is unique. This fruit can’t get ripped if you left it on the tree. This fruit can get ripped after you cut it out from its tree and left it for about 3-5 days. If you leave them on its tree, avocado can stand for about 7 months. After you cut this fruit out, you have to keep it in above 40 degrees F to prevent avocado to be rotten. Other variety of avocadoes even has to be kept in above 50 degrees F. For your information, don’t choose avocado that has so many dots on its skin. If you want to eat after you buy, you have to choose the one that easy to be press from the skin. It shows to be closed to ripe.

Now start the recipe, one bowl of avocado soup will warmth your day. First, you have to choose two ripe avocadoes, chicken stock, salt, and pepper. Put all of them on the table. Now, peel of the skin of ripe avocado and chop it. After you chop it in small pieces, blend it with electric blender. Put in your blender half a half, don’t put it all. It will ruin the taste of your soup. After the texture is soft, take out it from the blender. Put it in a bowl. Add chicken stock into the bowl. Cook both of them in short time with small fire. While you stir the avocado with chicken stock, add hot pepper and salt. Don’t forget to taste it after you add them. Add them bit by bit.

The last is the way of serving. You can serve it in hot or cold. If you like to eat in cold, just put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours. After that, take it out and you can taste how delicious it is. Try the recipe now and that what heaven taste is.

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