Apple Cider Vinegar for High Blood Pressure


In the realm of chemistry, pH (the potential of Hydrogen) is the gauge of the basicity, alkalinity or acidity of a solution. Water that is pure for instance, is believed to be neutral with a pH near 7.0 at 25ºC (77ºF). Measurements using pH quotients are essential in areas such as civil engineering, oceanography, medicine and food science to name a few.

High blood pressure is a condition that occurs when the force or pressure against blood vessels is great, resulting in artery rupture affecting the brain, heart, cataract and kidney operations. Acidosis is a state where the blood is highly acidic and can cause diseases to fester within that biological ecosystem.

These two conditions, acidosis and high blood pressure (hypertension), are noted because both can go undetected for long periods and wreak havoc on the body’s ability to perform optimally.

A highly acidic environment in the body is usually the result of high saturated fats and mucus-forming foods. These foods create a toxic world within you that bring about various types of diseases, which thrive in an acidic state.

Generally, foods are alkaline in nature, however many foods today are processed making them acidic. It is said that a balanced meal should be 75% alkaline to 25% acidic for good health maintenance.

An ideal pH is around 6.4., north of that is alkaline and south of that number is acidic. Your daily dietary intake should include foods conducive to balancing your pH..

This is particularly important for people who suffer from hypertension because symptoms can be non-existent yet affect one’s overall health. To achieve balance, it’s a good idea to know what your body needs are and the correct way to prepare whole foods. Avoiding overeating and choosing the right types of foods that are nutritious can be of immense help for diabetics and hypertensives.

Chlorophyll-rich plants and whole grains and vegetables are excellent choices for those who want a healthy pH balance and normal blood pressure. Remember the 75/25 rule as it can help you in the long run in keeping your body functioning at an optimal level. Foods that are slightly acidic yet helpful would be legumes and grains such as millet and roasted buckwheat. Conversely, soy and lima beans are very alkalizing.

Your body should always be a bit more alkaline than acidic for best performance of daily tasks. Other examples of alkalizing foods with hypertension-prone people in mind are fruits and vegetables of course, sprouts, cereal grasses and herbs. However for best results, brown rice and whole grains and legumes are mildly acidic and thus should be soaked prior to cooking them as this gives them an alkalizing effect.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has many benefits, such as weight loss and acne treatment, one of which is managing high blood pressure. Many users including this author, typically apply two tablespoons or teaspoons 2-3 times a day with a tall glass of pure water. (12-16oz.) These doses have proved effective in keeping blood pressure at safe levels in as little as 2 weeks.(120/80.)

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) contains magnesium, a cellular tonic and key mineral in the functioning of the heart. It has also been noted for thinning the blood, thus reducing clots. ACV contains pectin, a soluble fiber that may not only maintain a healthy digestive tract, but may lower blood cholesterol and glucose levels as well. It contains potassium, which the kidney needs to function efficiently. Furthermore, although pure ACV has about 5% acidity, when ingested, the saliva in your mouth with water dilution turns it into an alkaline which is great for pH balance. Studies are still being conducted on the many uses of this ancient folk remedy.

It turns out our mothers knew best when telling us to chew our foods thoroughly as saliva is an alkaline fluid that initiates the digestive process. Proper pH balance is vitally important for hypertensives for if achieved with a cardiovascular exercise routine, could potentially end the lifespan of that monster we know as “The Silent Killer.”

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