Acute Tonsillitis


Of all the diseases of the throat is the most painful acute inflammation with bacteria in your throat. This article will tell you what exactly acute inflammation of the throat is, how to prevent it and how to treat it if we are infected.

What Are The Causes of Acute Tonsillitis?

The reasons for this type of sore throat are many – from colds and flu to contamination with bacteria, especially streptococcus bacteria. Here we should note that different types of acute inflammation are treated differently and by different means. They differ in appearance and pain you cause is also different.

Symptoms and Signs

The best solution for the treatment of such disease is in its beginning. Then the bacteria are not sufficiently developed and we can stop their spread is much easier as opposed to already developed a disease. Typically, the disease passes several days to several weeks. For your rapid recovery depends on your body and method of treatment that you choose. Treatment with medication is more effective than natural methods, but likely to be infected in future is much greater because your body has developed immunity to the disease as opposed to natural methods only when the body cope with the problem and will be very difficult to catch again in the future.

Treatment Methods and Treatment of Acute Tonsillitis

First I will tell you a short, what are the most effective natural methods that you can use at home and without taking the medication. Here are some foods that will be useful:

  • Toasted bread – toast in combination with oil, salt and red pepper (preferably cayenne) are very effective for acute inflammation and pus in your throat. They prey on deposits in throat and help relieve pain.
  • Garlic and onions – as all bulbs garlic and onions are very rich in valuable nutrients for the body and vitamins they also have very useful anti-bacterial effect.
  • Lemon and citrus fruits – buy lemonade from the store, take two lemons and squeeze them into a cup, fill with remaining lemonade. The result is a very effective natural juice, which acts as a killer of bacteria in your throat.

Distinguishing Between Different Types of Tonsillitis

As already mentioned, there are many types of sore throat. Here are two basic types:

  • 1. Bacterial infection of the throat with strep bacteria that is highly contagious and painful. Basic way to recognize a tonsillitis and persistent severe pain.
  • 2. Acute inflammation caused by colds and flu – in this case the pains are not constant, but the infected person experiencing difficulty speaking, swallowing and voice changes. In this case, the patient may not understand that there is a cold and throat problems until they awoke in the morning and felt a sharp pain in swallowing. We recommend that you immediately to stock the necessary nutrients and vitamin C.

In both cases you will need to take steps for speedy recovery from the disease because complications can cause you much trouble and long-term illness.

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