7 Ways to Give your Self-Image a Facelift


By Laurel House

Feel like your self-image could use a face lift? It’s easy to see yourself in a new and improved light if you just spend a little time each day focused on you. We talked with Zen Gray, an ExerciseTV trainer with a totally inspiring perspective rooted in her candid attitude that she hysterically displays on her straight talk fitness lifestyle show “The Skinny,” on how taking time for yourself each day can make you a happier more positive person. Check out her episode “How to Look Good Naked” below— for a little more insight on how self image and self esteem infuses and can improve, yes, even the sex life.

Here’s a list of 7 new healthy lifestyle tips you can do for yourself this week (1 thing for each day this week) that just might help to enrich your experience of life, improve your body image, or just plain make you feel good:

1. Stay curious.

I don’t know of a better way to build enthusiasm for life, love, your body, your career than developing a ferocious curiosity about things. Ask yourself “What more can I do today? Can I push myself a little harder? What can I learn? Given optimal circumstances, who could I become? How can I get better circumstances? How can I increase my energy? How can I spice up my life?” Staying curious develops wonderful momentum and not only pushes you beyond your comfort zone, but helps you to enjoy the process.

2. Visualize.

If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, visualize how your life will be in 5 or 10 years if you DON’T make any changes. If it’s painful, then use that pain to motivate you! Really be honest with yourself if you feel like you’re not living up to your potential. Then imagine how awesome life could be if you made those changes you’ve been wanting to make. How will your life be different if you drop those few pounds you’ve been meaning to shed? If you ate better, how much more energy would you have for your family and friends? What fun stuff COULD you do that you’re missing out on because of bad habits? Think about the bad stuff and make it so painful that you NEED to change. Then think about all the good stuff that will come into your life when you are good to yourself.

3. A New Sense of Yoga.

Deepen your yoga experience by selecting and focusing on one sense (sound, touch, taste, smell, sight) ex: Sound- Practice Yoga at the beach or in a forest and listen to the sounds of nature. Try to coordinate your inhalation and exhalation to the rhythm of the ocean’s waves or wind’s howl. No nature nearby? Enjoy your favorite soundtrack during your home practice.

4. Try a Chocolate Meditation.

Place a chocolate chip in your mouth. Let the chocolate dissolve slowly. For the duration of time that the chocolate is in your mouth, focus on your mantra (ex: I am beautiful, I am happy, I am whole). What better way to enjoy two naturally endorphin-releasing feel-good things!

5. Make Your Dinner More Exciting By Adding Eye Candy.

For an extra serving of eye candy, serve each person’s dish on a different plate. Okay, so I admit that I am a bit of a plate purist and I have to say that I believe that food is optimally displayed on plain white plates. But sometimes you have got to change it up in order to keep it interesting… So go ahead, live a little! Take a trip to an antique shop and pick up a random collection of retro plates (or whatever style you’re your fancy) and let the colors come to life as your guests consume their meal.

6. Don’t Forget to Exercise Your Face.

Like the muscles in your legs, arms and stomach, if you ignore the muscles in your face they tend to go slack. Contorting those facial muscles in order to flex them, then completely releasing them in order to relax them has actually be shown to encourage the flow of clean oxygenated blood while increasing facial muscular strength, therefore uplifting the muscles and the skin that sits on top of them. Try a Cheek Pinch to revitalize your apples:

-Just like grandma used to do! Use your thumbs and index fingers to grab small chunks of cheek and gently squeeze.

-Continue all over your cheeks until each fleshy section has been pinched and your apples are slightly flushed.

7. Move like a Natural Woman.

The style of movement that we equate to that of exotic dancers can actually be traced back to cave drawings of undulating women. In fact, it originated as a fertility dance believed to have the power to fertilize the ground. When we moved into a more patriarchal society, the sensual movements turned into a dance to arouse men. Now it is returning to its roots thanks to a handful of “exotic” movements that not only look good, but feel good. Allow yourself to move like a natural woman (no need to do it for show for anyone else), feel your hips sway and your waist curve, and you will discover that the movements aren’t erotic at all, in fact they are organic – the way a natural woman is supposed to move.

Here’s the thing: If you do something for yourself, even if it’s just taking 30 minutes of me-time, you will slightly change your perspective, skewing your self-image to a more positive light and improving your confidence. View me-time as fuel, the more you’re fueled, the more you will be able to give to those around you. After all, you have to have something to give in order to give.

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