4 Proactive rules to adopt.


Individuals who are realistic and proactive about dealing with life are more likely to manage their lives with less frustration than people who are reactive. The following 4 rules are useful in terms of helping you live a proactive and less stressful life.


Although it’s tempting to blame someone else for everything that is going wrong, it’s more useful and logical to take responsibility for your actions. When you realize how your actions or inaction may be contributing to a situation, then it’s easier to change the situation and manage things more effectively. That is not to say that, you may be justified to blame someone for your current situation. It may not be you, nonetheless, focusing on blaming them will not solve anything. Either way, try not to blame anyone but look for a sensible solution that will get you out of your sadomasochistic rut.


The most convenient reason that many people will not do anything or avoid a complex situation is that they believe that it’s either, out of their control or they think it’s too late to take any action to remedy a situation. For example, avoiding a head on confrontation is better than feeding into a heated argument, especially when you are feeling misunderstood and helpless. Take charge and figure out what you need to do to alleviate a situation. Things do not have to go from bad to worse.


It may sound like a contradiction to prepare for the worst while expecting the best. It isn’t. It is simply being wise enough to mitigate things that may not be within your control. When you prepare for the worst, what you are doing is  being proactive. This in turns helps to mitigate negative situations and avoid things that are an unnecessary interruption to your life.


Adopting a positive attitude irrespective of what’s going on, is essential if you are going to press on and survive a temporary storm in your life. Individuals who are able to realise that, most difficult situations are temporary and that it’s possible to have a breakthrough tomorrow, are more likely to hang in and press on. Even when things seem to be very bleak, the reality is that things can and will get better with time.

By Clara
Author of “Are you ready to walk down the aisle?”
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